Welcome to Taymyr Kennels.
Taymyr Kennels is named after the Taymyr Peninsula in Siberia. Some of the inhabitants of this area are The Nenets people, also known as Samoyeds and The Nganasan people who are an indigenous Samoyedic people.

This kennel is specializing in Samoyeds, thank you to Iceridge for helping me set up.
This kennel will be showing in a limited way, but has been mainly set up for colour breeding whites, creams and biscuits.

Foundation stud
GCH Lunatic Mystery Sun

Foundation bitches
CH Lunatic Sunny Day Rainbow
Noverias Parlor Tricks
Iceridge Popcorn N Peanuts

Champions bred
CH Taymyr Sunlit Ice
CH Taymyr Sunny Mystery
CH Taymyr Cotton Candy
CH Taymyr Drifting Snow

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CH Taymyr Lady of the Snows (97.25b) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Sun on Snow (97.50b) Samoyed
Taymyr Anabelle (-87.40w) Samoyed
Taymyr Coffee Sonata (97.40b) Samoyed
Taymyr Gypsy Queen (97.40wb) Samoyed
Taymyr Koko (91.70c) Samoyed
Taymyr Lily (88.65w) Samoyed
Taymyr Lolita (-85.85w) Samoyed
Taymyr Magic Touch (97.60wb) Samoyed
Taymyr Maple Candy (97.45b) Samoyed
Taymyr Moon in June (97.45wb) Samoyed
Taymyr Moonstruck (-97.85wb) Samoyed
Taymyr Mysterious Star (-97.60wb) Samoyed
Taymyr Mystery Lady (-97.30b) Samoyed
Taymyr Princess Barton (92.55c) Samoyed
Taymyr Sinfully Sweet (97.30wb) Samoyed
Taymyr Sugar Baby (-97.70wb) Samoyed
Taymyr Summer Snow (97.40b) Samoyed
Taymyr Sweetie (90.80c) Samoyed
Taymyr Tempest (-97.65wb) Samoyed
Taymyr Toffee (89.65c) Samoyed

CH Taymyr Cappuccino King (97.45b) Samoyed
CH Taymyr High Plains Wanderer (97.40wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Mystery Knight (97.30wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Under a Winter Sun (97.65b) Samoyed
Taymyr Alpine (-87.35w) Samoyed
Taymyr Banksia (85.65w) Samoyed
Taymyr Barista (97.60wb) Samoyed
Taymyr Conspirator (-89.4) Samoyed
Taymyr Harvey (92.25c) Samoyed
Taymyr King Barton (90.50c) Samoyed
Taymyr Mage King (-97.50wb) Samoyed
Taymyr Magician (-97.30wb 10H) Samoyed
Taymyr Mystery Lord (-97.55wb K) Samoyed
Taymyr Touch of Winter Sun (-97.40b K) Samoyed

By Taymyr King Barton out of Taymyr Minnie Mouse.
(5 days)
Taymyr Donald (Dog) Samoyed
By Taymyr Magician out of Ch Taymyr Hobo Queen.
(5 days)
New Puppy #4 (-97.60wb) (Bitch) Samoyed
Taymyr Miss Minnie (Bitch) Samoyed
By Taymyr Touch of Winter Sun out of Taymyr Princess Barton.
(5 days)
Taymyr Peony (-92.75c) (Bitch) Samoyed
By Taymyr Illusionist out of Taymyr Mysterious Star.
(12 days)
Taymyr Miss Maude (Bitch) Samoyed
Taymyr Miss Mary (Bitch) Samoyed
New Puppy #3 (-97.5) (Dog) Samoyed
Taymyr Miss Marie (Bitch) Samoyed
By Ch Taymyr Mysterious Mr Quin out of Taymyr Sweetie.
(12 days)
Taymyr Pagan (-94.00c) (Dog) Samoyed
Taymyr Jupiter (Dog) Samoyed
Taymyr Sera (94.40c) (Bitch) Samoyed
By Taymyr I*m a Hobo out of Ch Taymyr Touch of Wealth.
(13 days)
Taymyr Gypsy Lass (97.55wb) (Bitch) Samoyed
Taymyr Wealthy Girl (Bitch) Samoyed
Taymyr Jewel (-97.70 wb) (Bitch) Samoyed

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Lunatic Mystery Sun (King) Samoyed
CH Lunatic Sunny Day Rainbow (Sunny) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Billion Dollar Hobo (-97.70wb) Samoyed
GCH CH Taymyr Border Lord (97.15wb - Lord) Samoyed
GCH CH Taymyr Candy Floss (97.25wb - Missie) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Circus Baron (96.95b - Baron) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Cotton Candy (Peanut) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Crying Wind (97.00wb - Crista) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Crystal Lord (97.20wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Crystal Princess (97.15wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Crystal Slipper (97.00wb fh) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Drifting Snow (Cilla) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Hobo Queen (97.30wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Little Bit of Mystery (97.15wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Lord of Illusions (97.20b) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Mysterious Magician (-97.00b) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Mysterious Mr Quin (97.35b) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Northern Illusion (-97.05b) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Northern Wanderer (97.25wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Peanut Brittle (96.95b) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Princess Poppy (Dottie) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Ravens Moon (97.25wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Santa Paws (97.10b) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Secret Santa (97.10b) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Summer Moon (97.30wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Sunlit Ice (Lily) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Sunny Mystery (Sunkist) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Thunder from the North (96.95b - Nobbie) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Touch of Mystery (97.25b) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Touch of Wealth (97.35wb) Samoyed
GCH CH Taymyr Vagabond Clown (97.40wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Wandering Vagabond (97.35wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Winter Sun (97.10wb) Samoyed
CH Taymyr Wizard of Mystery (97.00b) Samoyed
Iceridge Popcorn N Peanuts (Petal) Samoyed
Taymyr Candy Corn (-97.35b) Samoyed
Taymyr Sad Clown Crying (Bobo) Samoyed
Taymyr Sugar Sugar (97.10b FH) Samoyed
Valacy Washington Apple (Antonia) Samoyed
General Info
Prestige: 85.3 (#94)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 9/9/2016
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 4/26/2017
Community Rank: 371st
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Upcomming Litters
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Due 4/27/2017 to Taymyr Banksia
Taymyr Lily
Due 4/27/2017 to Taymyr King Barton
Taymyr Lolita
Due 4/27/2017 to Taymyr Prince Barton
Taymyr Mystery Lady
Due 4/27/2017 to Taymyr High Plains Wanderer
Taymyr Mysterious Star
Due 4/27/2017 to Taymyr Cappuccino King
CH Taymyr Lady of the Snows
Due 4/27/2017 to Taymyr Magician