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Khabbs capTan CD, (German Shepherd Dog)
TV Steal Your Thunder CD, (German Shepherd Dog)
CH Kleenex Armudgeona, (Collie)
CH Kleenex Wi Die, (Collie)
CH Kleenex Dark Might, (Collie)

CH SPF Undeniable Sparkle (Sparkle 96.45 G1) Flat-Coated Retriever
CH Bryers Spontaneous Road Trip (Pia 99.70 G3) Rottweiler
TV Pack Instinct (Trudy 97.70 G4) Anatolian Shepherd
TV Afterglow (Beth 97.55 G2) Collie
TV Darkest Hour (Josie 97.25 g5) Collie
TV Hold Your Fire (Robyn 97.00 G4) Collie
TV Paws for Thought (Tosh 97.50 G2) Collie
TV Voices in the Wind (Susie 97.50 G3) Collie
TV Black Onyx (Onyx 96.25 G4) Doberman Pinscher
TV California Girls (Melissa 99.45 G5) Doberman Pinscher
TV Devilish Mistress (Mistress 99.40 G3) Doberman Pinscher
TV Tuff ENuff (Dena 96.70 G1) Flat-Coated Retriever
TV Stolen Bases (Kacy 87.60 OB) German Shepherd Dog
TV Thunderclap (Trisha 87.10 OB) German Shepherd Dog
Shelleon Mink Brittany (Britt 95.95 G2) Leonberger
Above the Clouds of IronGate (Cloud 99.70 G2) Rottweiler
Under the Wings of IronGate (Angel 99.70 G2) Rottweiler
TV Desert Eagle (Ruth 94.15 G2) South African Boerboel

TV Auden (Auden 97.80 G5) Anatolian Shepherd
TV Circle Unbroken (George 97.80 G4) Anatolian Shepherd
TV Dancing with Wolves (G1 8/09) Anatolian Shepherd
TV Smoke Anatolian Shepherd
TV Wolf Man Jack (Jack 97.75) Anatolian Shepherd
Sideline V. Eschenbruch (Joey 6.60 G1) Belgian Malinois
Red Feeling the Love (Jacob 97.60 G1) Collie
TV Dark Descending (Marcus 97.05 g5) Collie
TV Insomnia (Razzle 97.60 G1) Collie
TV Paul Simon (Paul 97.40) Collie
TV Periodic (Luc 97.55 G3) Collie
TV Trial by Jury (Jury 97.10 G4) Collie
TV Angels and Demons Doberman Pinscher
TV Devils Right Hand (Nelson 99.30 G4) Doberman Pinscher
Wuppets Power Play (Sergei 99.40 G3) Doberman Pinscher
Puzzles College Bound (G3 8/11) Rottweiler
TV Eye of the Tiger (Sean 94.25 G3) South African Boerboel

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