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If I have a dog up for sale on approval, it is because the bitch is pregant and you will receive the bitch after her litter is whelped.

Dogs Finished

CH VB Flue Firework Diva --Doberman Pinscher
CH VB Northern Starlett -- Doberman Pinscher
CH Kleenex Armudgeona -- Collie

CH Kleenex Armudgeona (Gina 97.20 G1) Collie
CH VB Blue Firework Diva (Diva 99.25 G3) Doberman Pinscher
GCH CH VB Fawn Devilish Illusion (99.25 G1 4/23) Doberman Pinscher
CH VB Northern Starlett (99.30 4/23 G1) Doberman Pinscher
Kleenex Wi Die (Bella 97.15 G2) Collie
TV Slip Sliding Away (Paula 97.05 G3) Collie
TV Trial by Fire (Trina 96.85 G2) Collie
TV California Angel (Kara 99.30 G1) Doberman Pinscher
TV Egyptian Gypsy (Gypsy 99.35 G3) Doberman Pinscher
TV Media (Media 99.35 G2) Doberman Pinscher
TV Per Chance to Dream (Chance 99.35 G3) Doberman Pinscher
Khabbs Tansylvania (Tannie 88.35 OB) German Shepherd Dog
TV Steal Your Thunder (Thunder 84.20 OB) German Shepherd Dog

GCH CH CDAlibi Escapade (CD 4/18 G2) Collie
CH VB Power of the North (99.35 4/22 G1) Doberman Pinscher
TV Fawns Early Light Anatolian Shepherd
TV Sweet Little Lies Anatolian Shepherd
Kleenex Dark Might (Raider 97.35 G2) Collie
Kleenex Sable Fyre (Match 97.10 G2) Collie
Kohl Weather Warning Via Media (Warning 96.90 G1) Collie
TV Absolute Power (PJ 99.20 G3) Doberman Pinscher
TV Lost in California (Cal 99.40 G1) Doberman Pinscher
TV Optical Elusion (Augen 99.35 G2) Doberman Pinscher
TV Starry Starry Night (Vincent 99.20 G3) Doberman Pinscher
TVGrand Master (Master 99.35 G1) Doberman Pinscher
Khabbs capTan (Captain 92.15 OB) German Shepherd Dog

By TVGrand Master out of Ch VB Fawn Devilish Illusion.
(0 days)
New Puppy #6 (Bitch) Doberman Pinscher
New Puppy #5 (Dog) Doberman Pinscher
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Doberman Pinscher
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Doberman Pinscher
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Doberman Pinscher
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Doberman Pinscher
By LBK Vapor Cloud out of TV Lyn.
(4 days)
TV Cigarette (Bitch) Anatolian Shepherd
TV Electronic Cloud (Dog) Anatolian Shepherd
TV Red Sky in the Morning (Bitch) Anatolian Shepherd
TV Smoke (Dog) Anatolian Shepherd
TV Lyns Prayer for Rain (Bitch) Anatolian Shepherd
TV Cloud Chaser (Dog) Anatolian Shepherd
TV Funnel Cloud (Bitch) Anatolian Shepherd
By Ch Missouri River Morris out of Ch Missouri River Cheetah.
(9 days)
TV Dancing with Wolves (Wolf 97.80 G1) (Dog) Anatolian Shepherd

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Upcomming Litters
TV Trial by Fire
Due 4/22/2018 to Alibi Escapade
CH VB Northern Starlett
Due 4/23/2018 to ESAN Topaz