GCH CH Thunderroll Mingling (WBWCG3) Australian Terrier
CH Thunderroll Tactical Speed (RWBWCG4) Australian Terrier
GCH CH TR Over The Rainbow (BBWCG1MG2G3MG4) Australian Terrier
CH Thunderroll Devils Dance Swedish Vallhund
GCH CH Thunderroll Rain Shaft Swedish Vallhund
CH TR Dont Be Selfish Swedish Vallhund
CH TR Mine All Mine Swedish Vallhund
Thunderroll Dolce Lemone Australian Terrier
Thunderroll Get Set GO!!! Australian Terrier
Thunderroll Significant Form Australian Terrier
TR Dont Furget 2 Enter Australian Terrier
TR Kiss And Make Up Australian Terrier
Thunderroll After The Rose Swedish Vallhund
Thunderroll Cherished Swedish Vallhund
Thunderroll Dolce Lili Swedish Vallhund
TR I Will Follow Him Swedish Vallhund

CH Thunderroll Reign On Swedish Vallhund
GCH CH TR Give Me Liberty (4thinShowG1G4) Swedish Vallhund
CH TR Ninja Warrior Swedish Vallhund
CH TR Share N Share Alike Swedish Vallhund
Thunderroll Elusive Quality Australian Terrier
Thunderroll On The Muscle Australian Terrier
Thunderroll On Your Mark Australian Terrier
TR Best Two Minutes (2ndinBreedWC) Australian Terrier
TR Trading Shifts Australian Terrier
Thunderfoll Complicit Swedish Vallhund
Thunderroll Makin Lemonade Swedish Vallhund
Thunderroll Meteor Shower Swedish Vallhund
TR Luck of the Draw Swedish Vallhund
TR Two Minutes To Post (WDSS) Swedish Vallhund

By Ch Lanakila Connor MacLeod out of TR I Will Follow Him.
(9 days)
Thunderroll Splish Splash (Bitch) Swedish Vallhund
TR Fear No Evil (Bitch) Swedish Vallhund
TR Speak No Evil (Dog) Swedish Vallhund
By Ch Thunderroll Reign On out of Ch TR Mine All Mine.
(9 days)
Thunderroll Michael (Dog) Swedish Vallhund
By Ch Firestoaker Not For Sale out of Ch TR Over The Rainbow.
(9 days)
Thunderroll Quiet Now (Bitch) Australian Terrier
Thunderroll War Front (Dog) Australian Terrier

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