CH VD Adventure of a Lifetime (G2MG4) Ibizan Hound
CH VD I Need a Hero (G2G3MG4) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH VikingDog A Miracle (4thShowG1G2MG3G4) Ibizan Hound
CH ESAN Princess Lhea (MG2G3G4) Newfoundland
CH ESAN Royal Lady of York Newfoundland
CH Vikingdog Mercy Seat Swedish Vallhund
VD Fairy Tale Bliss Ibizan Hound
VikingDog In Her Fashion Ibizan Hound
VikingDog Mama Cass Ibizan Hound
New Puppy #8 Newfoundland
VD Is It Friday Yet Newfoundland
VikingDog At An Impass Newfoundland
VikingDog I Dare You Newfoundland
VD Security Clearance Swedish Vallhund
VikingDog Saint Mary Swedish Vallhund
VikingDog Seeking Asylum Swedish Vallhund

CH VD Family Work Freedom Ibizan Hound
GCH CH VD Mayhem Like Me (3rdinShowMG1MG3) Ibizan Hound
GCH CH VikingDog Contagious (2ndinShowG1MG4) Ibizan Hound
CH VikingDog Walk The Line Ibizan Hound
CH ESAN Royal Earl of Cambridge Newfoundland
GCH CH VD Keeping You In The Dark (G2) Newfoundland
GCH CH VikingDog Legal Counsel (G4) Swedish Vallhund
CH VikingDog Repatriate Swedish Vallhund
GCH CH VikingDog Southern Comfort (G4) Swedish Vallhund
ESAN Royal Wonderland Newfoundland
VikingDog At Silver Lake Newfoundland
VikingDog One Dimensional Newfoundland
VikingDog Odds On Favorite Swedish Vallhund
VikingDog Roadster Swedish Vallhund

By Ch VikingDog Contagious out of VikingDog Mama Cass.
(10 days)
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Ibizan Hound
By PP Fancy Diamond Back out of VikingDog Seeking Asylum.
(10 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Swedish Vallhund

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