White Dove Kennels

MoonBay - A Place To Dance (97.30/20) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Bowl Of Cherries (97.20/20) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Change Of Heart American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Dash Of Salt (97.35/20) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Papyrus (97.40) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - String Of Pearls (97.30/20) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Ticket to Paradise (97.20/20) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Twilight Symphony (97.25/20) American Cocker Spaniel
WhiteDove Sweet Liberty American Staffordshire Terrier
WhiteDove The Light of Truth (94.35/20) Italian Greyhound
WhiteDove Let It Shimmer (99.70/20 S) Standard Poodle

Foxleys More Words (97.35/20) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Bear Valley (97.30) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Behold a Hero (97.30/20) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Brave New World (97.25/20) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Escape the Vault (97.45/20 S) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Master of Secrets (97.35/20) American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Rapid Change (97.35/20) American Cocker Spaniel
WhiteDove The Hunt Is On (99.35/20) American Staffordshire Terrier
WhiteDove Last of the Knights (94.15/20) Italian Greyhound
WhiteDove Hero of the Day (99.70/20) Standard Poodle
WhiteDove Path to Greatness (99.70/20) Standard Poodle
WhiteDove Rebel With A Cause (99.70/20 S) Standard Poodle

By Ch Emeralde Troubadour out of Intrinsicc Precious Dollars.
(5 days)
WhiteDove Clowning Around (94.35/20) (Dog) Italian Greyhound

Retirement Couch
CH Amoroso Capricious American Cocker Spaniel
CH Amoroso Pray For Humanity American Cocker Spaniel
CH Degree Wild Blue American Cocker Spaniel
CH Halcyon Heavy Light American Cocker Spaniel
CH Kohl Shout Out To My Ex American Cocker Spaniel
CH MoonBay - I Am Legend American Cocker Spaniel
CH MoonBay - Tears From Heaven American Cocker Spaniel
CH Shadowrun Vanilla Chai at Kohl American Cocker Spaniel
CH Armament Karl-Gerät American Staffordshire Terrier
CH Festives Legacy American Staffordshire Terrier
CH WhiteDove Nothing To Lose American Staffordshire Terrier
CH Azzurra Iuliana Italian Greyhound
CH D Rose Getting Even Italian Greyhound
CH Intrinsic Power Play Italian Greyhound
CH Intrinsicc Brigadoon Italian Greyhound
CH Intrinsicc Darth Vader Italian Greyhound
CH Intrinsicc Dom Deluise Italian Greyhound
CH Intrinsicc Jedi Night Italian Greyhound
GCH CH Intrinsicc Jungle Doctor Italian Greyhound
GCH CH Intrinsicc Shaman Italian Greyhound
GCH CH Makavelis His Last Vow Italian Greyhound
CH Mystiques Stream of Ribbons Italian Greyhound
CH SPN Gabriel Italian Greyhound
CH BK DJ Khaled To The Max Standard Poodle
CH Grays What Wickedness at Kohl Standard Poodle
CH WhiteDove Looks Like A Rebel Standard Poodle
MoonBay - Above The Clouds American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - City In The Sky American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Here Comes The Rain American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Hot Gossip American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - IWannaBeACowboy American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Magic In The Sky American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Must Be Thunder American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Night Symphony American Cocker Spaniel
MoonBay - Tell Me Your Secrets American Cocker Spaniel
Armament Jaivana American Staffordshire Terrier
Galliums Rhapsody American Staffordshire Terrier
WhiteDove Chase The Blues Away American Staffordshire Terrier
WhiteDove Gamble Of Chance American Staffordshire Terrier
WhiteDove Sacred Emotion American Staffordshire Terrier
WhiteDove Under A Spell American Staffordshire Terrier
Azzurra Selvaggia Italian Greyhound
Intrinsicc 50 Shades Of Blue Italian Greyhound
Intrinsicc Avi Maria Italian Greyhound
Intrinsicc Caught On Tape Italian Greyhound
Intrinsicc Foreigner Italian Greyhound
Intrinsicc Heart Song Italian Greyhound
Intrinsicc Precious Dollars Italian Greyhound
Intrinsicc Remote View Italian Greyhound
Intrinsicc Shadows Emerge Italian Greyhound
Intrinsicc Sim Card Italian Greyhound
Shadowstorm Bambi Italian Greyhound
Shadowstorm Monse Italian Greyhound
BK Honestly Tell Me Standard Poodle
BK Remembering My Fallen Men Standard Poodle
BK Would U Still Luv Me Standard Poodle
Envisage Au Revoir Standard Poodle
Forever Shabby Chic Standard Poodle
GrannyCoon Taking Selfies Standard Poodle
KIC Blue Lagoon Standard Poodle
WhiteDove Dreaming Of Sunshine Standard Poodle
WhiteDove Emerald Island Standard Poodle
General Info
Prestige: 61.3 (#288)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 11/3/2013
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 11/18/2017
Community Rank: 131st
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Upcomming Litters
MoonBay - String Of Pearls
Due 11/20/2017 to MoonBay - Behold a Hero
WhiteDove Sweet Liberty
Due 11/20/2017 to UTs Gettysburg
MoonBay - Change Of Heart
Due 11/23/2017 to MoonBay - Escape the Vault
MoonBay - Bowl Of Cherries
Due 11/23/2017 to MoonBay - Behold a Hero