Wind Cove Kennel


- Currently 1st in american eskimo dogs ~ April 26, 2011
- Currently 4th in spinone italianos ~ April 15, 2011

Check back for more news and updates


- At times I will lease out a bitch for breeding but only to premi kennels. Message me for details
- All of my males are up for stud


-Sessioning Only $150
-Showing Only $150-200
-Sessioning and Showing $200-250

*Please email me for more details

Open Spots:

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open


- If you have any questions about the breeds I'm in or about the game feel free to email me. I will always answer within 12-24 hours.
- Banner sources DeviantArt for background and wikimedia commons for both dogs

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Thanks to

Mandy (Genesis Kennels) for the wonderful banner

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