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Here at WishMaker I am striving to breed the very best and put some new blood into the Sammy pool. So thats why I decided to start my own line. I hope in the future to make WishMaker Kennels the place to come for puppies of a very unique linelaugh :D.

WishMaker Audrey Hepburn (50) Samoyed
WishMaker Bette Davis (50) Samoyed
WishMaker Cygnus (49) Samoyed
WishMaker Elizabeth Taylor (50) Samoyed
WishMaker Vivien Leigh (50) Samoyed
WishMaker Figure Skating (51) Samoyed
WishMaker Julia Roberts (50) Samoyed
WishMaker Marilyn Monroe (50) Samoyed
WishMaker Pleione (49) Samoyed
WishMaker Rana (49) Samoyed
WishMaker Softball (51) Samoyed
WishMaker Tennis (51) Samoyed
WishMaker Teralyn (49) Samoyed
WishMaker Volleyball (51) Samoyed

WishMaker Al Pacino (50) Samoyed
WishMaker David Duchovny (50 S) Samoyed
WishMaker Marlon Brando (50) Samoyed
WishMaker Richard Gere (50 S) Samoyed

By WishMaker David Duchovny out of WishMaker Teralyn.
(0 days)
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Samoyed
By WishMaker David Duchovny out of WishMaker Pleione.
(2 days)
WishMaker Baseball (51 S) (Dog) Samoyed
WishMaker Opera (Bitch) Samoyed
By WishMaker Richard Gere out of WishMaker Vivien Leigh.
(3 days)
WishMaker Cheerleader (51) (Bitch) Samoyed
By WishMaker Richard Gere out of WishMaker Julia Roberts.
(5 days)
WishMaker Basketball (51 S) (Dog) Samoyed
By WishMaker David Duchovny out of WishMaker Aquila.
(6 days)
WishMaker Football (51 S) (Dog) Samoyed
WishMaker Ballet (51) (Bitch) Samoyed
By WishMaker Al Pacino out of WishMaker Rana.
(7 days)
WishMaker Ice Skating (51) (Bitch) Samoyed

Retirement Couch
GCH CH WishMaker Cold Wind (48 S) Samoyed
GCH CH WishMaker Draco (49 S) Samoyed
CH WishMaker Frosty Morning (48 S) Samoyed
CH WishMaker Pegasus (49 S) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Rocky (46 blu) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Silver Surfer (42 blu) Samoyed
UDWishMaker Soldier Bean (44 blu) Samoyed
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WishMaker Bette Davis
Due 3/6/2015 to WishMaker Richard Gere
WishMaker Elizabeth Taylor
Due 3/6/2015 to WishMaker Al Pacino
WishMaker Marilyn Monroe
Due 3/7/2015 to WishMaker David Duchovny
WishMaker Rana
Due 3/9/2015 to WishMaker Marlon Brando