Welcome to Xi-Chi! I am working on developing a line of sourcebred Neapolitan Mastiffs in addition to working on breeding a champion in every breed. I originally started out working with random breeds, but have decided to get more organized by focusing on the Herding Group and work my way into the other groups from there.

Ch. ALNJ Beautiful Chaos - Alaskan Malamute
Ch. Makevelis Not Mine - Alakan Malamute
Ch. Fossgate Ali McGraw - Shiba Inu
Ch. Calms Lucky Force - English Setter
Ch. Analeyn Game Changer - Keeshond
Ch. HWK Best Wishes - Alaskan Malamute
Ch. WhiteStar Darkest Days - Alaskan Malamute
Ch. Tanami Moon in Mist - Norwegian Buhund
GCh. JiCD Shotgun Wedding - Norwegian Buhund
Ch. JiCD Bride of the Moon - Norwegian Buhund
GCh. Tarot Icee Hot

Ch. Xi-Chi Samhain Masquerade - Keeshond
GCh. Xi-Chi Haunted Palace - Alaskan Malamute
Ch. Xi-Chi Harvest Moon - Norwegian Buhund
GCh. Xi-Chi House of the Rising Sun - Alaskan Malamute
Ch. Xi-Chi Lost Change - Keeshond
Ch. Xi-Chi Radiance - Keeshond
Ch. Xi-Chi Angel Wishes - Alaskan Malamute
Ch. Xi-Chi Copperhead Road - Alaskan Malamute
Ch. Xi-Chi Cupid - Alaskan Malamute
Ch. Xi-Chi Perfectly Bad - Border Collie
Ch. Xi-Chi Seven Nation Army - Anatolian Shepherd
Ch. Xi-Chi Bottoms Up - Border Collie

GCh. Tarot Icee Hot - Afghan Hound

Ch. Xi-Chi Perfectly Bad - Border Collie

HSs Shame On Me - Australian Shepherd

Xi-Chi Turn Me On - Australian Shepherd

HSs Redrum - Australian Shepherd

Xi-Chi Break The Ice - Afghan Hound

Xi-Chi Silver Screen Romance - Afghan Hound

Xi-Chi Promise - Afghan Hound

Xi-Chi Walkin On The Sun - American Staffordshire Terrier

Xi-Chi Guillotine - Afghan Hound

Xi-Chi Ice Castle - Afghan Hound

LilGyp The Wanderer at Xi-Chi - Australian Shepherd

I list pups on approval to name them before they go to their new homes. Dogs that are listed for sale that are already named do not require approval to be purchased.

I list my stud dogs once they have earned their championship title. I also list studs with rare traits or colors that are untitled.

Thanks for stopping by!

Last Updated: 05-30-19

Tarot Broken Promises (BBD) Afghan Hound
Tarot Clear Ice (W) Afghan Hound
Xi-Chi Aiyana (CD Aiyana 99.70 4) Afghan Hound
Xi-Chi Ice Castle (Chenoa CBD d28 2/9) Afghan Hound
Xi-Chi Raise Your Glass (SBM Nova d13) Afghan Hound
Xi-Chi Tik Tok (SBM Talulah d12) Afghan Hound
Mamba Stefana (-96.35) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi B168725931 (B 3r Ballencia 1) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi B168725961 (B 4r Bella 9) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi B168754091 (B 5r Bardot 4) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi G168726031 (G 4r Brielle 7*) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi G168726111 (G 6r Beatrix 6*) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi G168754171 (G 3r Bentley 8) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi M168726211 (M 1r Baojin 3) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi M168726241 (M 3r Bayou 5) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi T168726371 (T 4r Bijoux10*) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi T168726431 (T 2r Bianca 2*) Neapolitan Mastiff

GCH CH Tarot Icee Hott (99.75*) Afghan Hound
CH Xi-Chi Guillotine (Kajika BBD d27 4/9) Afghan Hound
Xi-Chi Old Town Road (SBM Kanuna d14) Afghan Hound
Xi-Chi Hotel California (BMT d17 7/19) Australian Shepherd
Emily.Rose My Names Patrick! Neapolitan Mastiff
Mamba Thunderstruck at Xi-Chi (GB Raiden d8) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi B168725941 (B 6r Bain 2) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi G168726091 (G 4r Bastian 4) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi T168726221 (T 3r Bandit 1) Neapolitan Mastiff
Xi-Chi T168726401 (T 3r Bach 3) Neapolitan Mastiff

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
CH Xi-Chi Seven Nation Army (0r 1o HSzG d23 19/8) Anatolian Shepherd
GCH CH Xi-Chi Perfectly Bad (HQ C d18) Border Collie
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Prestige: 20.0 (#953)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 7/29/2012
Account Level: Basic
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