Congratulations to:

Our Best In Show Tibetan Terriers
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Time (BISx4)

and her son
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Dread
(BISx29, total dogs beaten 22,756)
Died at 495 days on 1/10/11 - RIP

and his son
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Crime (BISx3)

and Dread's granddaughter
Ch. Xizang Unknown World (BISx2/SBISx2)
who was also the winner of the first Dog of the Month competition and won her second Best in Show
at the age of 116 days. She retired having beaten 11,237 dogs.

Congratulations to our Tibetan Terriers
Ch. Aldeberan Who's Your Daddy
Ch. Xizang Moment of Truth
Ch. Xizang Living Daylights
Ch. Xizang Polygraph
Ch. Xizang Sad But True
Ch. Xizang Who's Your Baby
Ch. Xizang Pretty Hot
Ch. Xizang Jaded Mandolin
Ch. Xizang Tibetan Snow
Ch. Xizang Gone Like Buddha
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Time (BIS)
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Dread (BISS/BIS)
Ch. Xizang Going for Luck - BRONZE SIRE
Ch. Xizang Run With Fire
Ch. Xizang Once Upon A Match
Ch. Xizang Once On Fire
Ch. Xizang Unknown Luck
Ch. Xizang Unknown World
Ch. Xizang Running Bear
Ch. Xizang Firebreak
Ch. Xizang Slow Burn
Ch. Xizang Running Shoes
Ch. Xizang Hot Pink
Ch. Xizang Dream Big
Ch. Xizang Dancing in Dreams
Ch. Xizang Dream On
Ch. Xizang Perfect Dance
Ch. Xizang Dreams in Color
Ch. Xizang Here for the Beer
Ch. Xizang Rubber Soul
Ch. Xizang Black and Whitewash
Ch. Xizang Bank on It
Ch. Xizang Soul Sister

GCH CH Patchouli Eclipse the Stars (99.30/10 *) Afghan Hound
GCH CH Velvet`s Sign My Name (99.25/3-3-5) Boxer
CH Velvet`s Turbulence (99.30/4-4-4) Boxer
New Puppy #4 (-99.10/12) Afghan Hound
Patchouli Domino Tea (-99.05/9) Afghan Hound
Patchouli Jontue IIV (99.05/11) Afghan Hound
Patchouli Trou Noir (-99.15/9) Afghan Hound
Tarot Spin A Web (-99.10) Afghan Hound
New Puppy #1 (99.35/4-4-3) Boxer
New Puppy #3 (-99.45/3-4-4 FO) Boxer
New Puppy #5 (99.35/3-4-4) Boxer
Velvet`s Right On! (-99.30/3-3-3) Boxer
Velvet`s Striped Denim (-99.30/3-2-5 sz) Boxer
Velvet`s Twinkletoes (-99.20/4-4-2 ft) Boxer
Xizang Earth Angel (95.85) Tibetan Terrier
Xizang Golden Peach (-95.75) Tibetan Terrier

GCH CH Patchouli Canis Major (99.25/11) Afghan Hound
GCH CH Patchouli Starbound (99.30/8) Afghan Hound
CH Kohl We Are Soldiers (99.45/4-4-3) Boxer
CH Velvet`s Trip to Antarctica (99.35/3-3-3) Boxer
Patchouli Back to the Stars (99.20/10) Afghan Hound
Patchouli Jovan IIX (-99.05/11) Afghan Hound
Patchouli Madigan IV (99.10/11) Afghan Hound
Tarot What Goes Up (99.20/10) Afghan Hound
Velvet`s Double Booked (99.35/4-3-4) Boxer
Velvet`s Travel Ban (-99.35/3-2-4) Boxer
Xizang Ace of Cakes (95.65) Tibetan Terrier
Xizang Black Gold (95.90) Tibetan Terrier

By Ch Kohl We Are Soldiers out of Ch Velvet`s Sign My Name.
(0 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Boxer
New Puppy #1 (99.45) (Bitch) Boxer
By Summerwind Southern Moon out of Velvet`s Striped Denim.
(3 days)
New Puppy #6 (99.30/10) (Dog) Boxer
Velvet`s Striped Velvet (-99.35/3-2-4) (Dog) Boxer
New Puppy #2 (99.30/3-3-4) (Bitch) Boxer
By Tarot What Goes Up out of Patchouli Domino Tea.
(3 days)
New Puppy #5 (-99.15/10) (Dog) Afghan Hound
By Ch KiSt Cool Hand Luke out of Tarot Spin A Web.
(3 days)
New Puppy #7 (-99.05/11) (Dog) Afghan Hound
By Ch Summerwind Perfectly Iced out of Velvet`s Right On!.
(8 days)
Velvet`s Unlucky Day (-99.40/3-3-4) (Dog) Boxer

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 70.7 (#194)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 3/31/2008
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 10/21/2017
Community Rank: 15th
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