Welcome to the spinoff of the BSGkid kennel. Thoroughly addicted to Showdog, I started a second kennel to handle my secondary breeds, but you will find the same quality here as in my primary kennel. Currently showing champion Pugs.

CH BlueWillowPrincess Pug
CH BSG Flaming Liberty Pug
CH CDBSG Little Bit Of Brilliance (HSTN!!!) Pug
BSG Blustery Speech (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Brilliance For All (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Brilliant Queen (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Gusting Breeze (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Last Light (Hcsg!!!) Pug
BSG Last Winds (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Little Bit Of Breeze (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Little Bit Of Positivity (HStn!!!) Pug
BSG Little Bit Of Thinking (HStn!!!) Pug
BSG Magical Inn (HSTn!!!) Pug
BSG Magical Mind Games (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Magical Thinking (ADB) Pug
BSG Positively Driven (Hstgn!!!) Pug
BSG Positively Spinning (HStn!!!) Pug
BSG Seeking Freedom (ADB) Pug
BSG Strong Mind Games (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Weather The Storm (ADB) Pug
BSG Whirling Thoughts (Hstn!!!) Pug

BSG Blue Earthshine (HStn!!!) Pug
BSG Brilliant Companion (Hfsn!!!) Pug
BSG Brilliant Prince (Hst!!!) Pug
BSG Brilliant Weather (Hfst!!!) Pug
BSG Crazy Winds (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Driven Prince (Hsftn!!!) Pug
BSG Free Speech (Hsn!!!) Pug
BSG Freedom Of The Wind (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Gusty Resort (Hsgn!!!) Pug
BSG Insane Flames (Hstgn!!!) Pug
BSG Insane Resort (Hstgn!!!) Pug
BSG Liberty Rules (Hstgn!!!) Pug
BSG Lighthearted Liberty (Ch Only) Pug
BSG Little Bit Of Chaos (HsTn!!!) Pug
BSG Little Bit Of Force (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Positively Brilliant (HStn!!!) Pug
BSG Spectacular Companion (ADB) Pug
BSG Spectacular Speech (Hstn!!!) Pug
BSG Thoughtful Noble (HSt!!!) Pug
BSG Whirling Embers (ADB) Pug
BSG Willowy Prince (HSTn!!!) Pug

By Ch BSG Spectacular Weather out of Ch BSG Magical Brilliance.
(7 days)
BSG Magical Weather (ADB) (Dog) Pug
BSG Magical Breeze (HSt!!!) (Bitch) Pug
By Ch BSG Spectacular Noble out of Ch BlueWillowPrincess.
(10 days)
BSG Noble Willow (HStn!!!) (Bitch) Pug

Retirement Couch
CH CDBSG Blue Willow Inn Pug
CH CDBSG Brilliant Princess Pug
GCH CH CDBSG Winds Of Liberty Pug
General Info
Prestige: 91.9 (#24)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 6/3/2004
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 6/25/2019
Community Rank: 526th

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CH BSG Flaming Liberty
Due 6/27/2019 to BSG Blue Earthshine
CH BlueWillowPrincess
Due 6/27/2019 to BSG Spectacular Weather
BSG Little Bit Of Positivity
Due 6/28/2019 to BSG Spectacular Noble
CH CD BSG Little Bit Of Brilliance
Due 6/28/2019 to BSG Spectacular Noble
BSG Seeking Freedom
Due 6/28/2019 to BSG Spectacular Noble