Breeding Poms & Pekes happy :)

To date we have bred numerous champions and grand champions, including toy group and specialty winners happy :)

We are proud of our Pekingese boy GCH CH JIDOKEY EGO

NO.2 TOY OF JULY 2014 happy :)

GCH CH Jidokey Angel Eyes (86.40GP) Pekingese
GCH CH Jidokey Niagara (85.85GP) Pekingese
CH Jidokey Roses Are Red (84.80) Pekingese
GCH CH Jidokey Sensational (85.50GP) Pekingese
GCH CH Jidokey Symphony (85.95GP) Pekingese
Jidokey Blue Lines (84.80) Pekingese
Jidokey Gentle Persuasion (85.80) Pekingese
Jidokey Good For Me (85.35) Pekingese
Jidokey Hot Stuff (84.50) Pekingese
Jidokey Primavera Di Amore (84.80/19.5) Pekingese
Jidokey Rock Me Gently (85.40/19.3) Pekingese
Jidokey Something Special (85.70) Pekingese
Jidokey Maggie (94.65) Pomeranian
Jidokey When I Think Of You (94.70) Pomeranian

CH Jidokey Abercrombie (85.20) Pekingese
CH Jidokey Amigo (84.85) Pekingese
GCH CH Jidokey Ego (85.60GP) Pekingese
GCH CH Jidokey It Feels Good (85.60/19.8) Pekingese
CH Jidokey Persistant (85.70GP) Pekingese
CH Jidokey Riding On The Storm (85.95) Pekingese
GCH CH Jidokey You Do Something To Me (85.55GP) Pekingese
CH Jidokey Keeping Up (94.45GW) Pomeranian
CH Jidokey Messanger (94.50/19.6GW) Pomeranian
CH Jidokey One Step Behind (94.35/19.9GW) Pomeranian
CH Jidokey Pleasure Principle (94.65GP) Pomeranian
Jidokey Audacious (86.30) Pekingese
Jidokey Supernatural (86.55) Pekingese
Hazygate Lights Are On (94.80) Pomeranian
Jidokey Hoping To Be (94.50) Pomeranian
Jidokey Warlock (94.55) Pomeranian

By Ch Traiag Bollinger out of Ch Jidokey Niagara.
(0 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Pekingese
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Pekingese
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Pekingese
By Ch Jidokey Ego out of Ch Jidokey Angel Eyes.
(0 days)
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Pekingese
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Pekingese
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Pekingese
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Pekingese
By Ch Jidokey Abercrombie out of Ch Jidokey Blurred Line.
(11 days)
Jidokey Annabelle (Bitch) Pekingese

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GCH CH Jidokey Sensational
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