CH FlapJacks Dark Out Here (Sable) Irish Wolfhound
KIC Mingzhu (Ming) Chinese Crested Dog
GBS Aisling Ariene (Aisling) Irish Wolfhound
GBS Caer Ibormeith (Caer) Irish Wolfhound
GBS Chu Dhub (Coo-Doo) Irish Wolfhound
GBS Morrigan (Morrigan) Irish Wolfhound
GBS Baileys Irish Cream (Bailey) Standard Poodle
GBS Miss Libbylou (Libbylou) Standard Poodle

CH Hazygate For Posterity HL (Duke) Chinese Crested Dog
CH Kohl Play That Music Loud (Moose) Irish Wolfhound
GBS Claymore (Claymore) Irish Wolfhound
Summers Black Drum (Tommy) Irish Wolfhound
GBS Milk In My Coffee (Beans) Standard Poodle
GBS Tennessee Fire (Red) Standard Poodle

By Ch Carados Rise Of Empire out of Whatadogz Smokinaces.
(3 days)
KIC Mel Mel (Bitch) Chinese Crested Dog
By Ch Grays Captain America out of Grays Tansy.
(3 days)
KIC James Buchanan Barnes (Bucky) (Dog) Standard Poodle
By Sundance Sarasota out of Gold Crowns Marvelous Lady.
(7 days)
KIC Cream Of The Crop (Cropper) (Dog) Standard Poodle
KIC Blue Lagoon (Brooke) (Bitch) Standard Poodle
By Brynfox Supervisor out of Ch FlapJacks Dark Out Here.
(9 days)
KIC King of The Unseelie (King) (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
KIC Pookas Playing Tricks (Pooka) (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
By Summers Black Drum out of GBS Aisling Ariene.
(9 days)
KIC Selkie (Selkie) (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
KIC Fear Gorta (Gordy) (Dog) Irish Wolfhound
KIC Will O The Whisp (Willow) (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound
By Ch Kohl Play That Music Loud out of GBS Caer Ibormeith.
(10 days)
KIC Grey Lady (Lady) (Bitch) Irish Wolfhound

Retirement Couch
CH Gray Day at Kalynda (Storm) Standard Poodle
CDSenkrah Frosty glow (Winter) Standard Poodle
General Info
Prestige: 47.9 (#414)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 7/1/2008
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 8/22/2017
Community Rank: 576th
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Upcomming Litters
GBS Caer Ibormeith
Due 8/22/2017 to GBS Claymore
GBS Chu Dhub
Due 8/23/2017 to Kohl Play That Music Loud
GBS Morrigan
Due 8/23/2017 to Summers Black Drum
GBS Aisling Ariene
Due 8/24/2017 to GBS Claymore
GBS Baileys Irish Cream
Due 8/25/2017 to GBS Tennessee Fire