I am a small breeder. I will sell to anyone including basic if they have been on for at least a week. I try to sell at affordable prices. If you see a dog that you like and it is not for sale just ask and I may sell it. In memory of my Beagle Shiloh, gone but not forgotten.

CH AppleCreek Hannah Chaplin Beagle
GCH CH AppleCreek On A Rampage Chihuahua
AppleCreek Laura Chaplin Beagle
AppleCreek Olivia Crush Beagle
AppleCreek Cindy Cinder Chihuahua
AppleCreek Creole Line Out Pomeranian
AppleCreek I Like It Hot Pomeranian
AppleCreek Just My Honey Pomeranian
AppleCreek Enchanted Bambi Yorkshire Terrier
AppleCreek I Promise Yorkshire Terrier
AppleCreek Winnie Blue Yorkshire Terrier
Waggs Minnie Mouse Yorkshire Terrier

CH AppleCreek Special News Beagle
CH AppleCreek Spike Chaplin Beagle
GCH CH AppleCreek Dressed To Kill Chihuahua
CH AppleCreek Rough N Tumble Chihuahua
CH AppleCreek Love Creole Pomeranian
GCH CH AppleCreek Dante Yorkshire Terrier
GCH CH AppleCreek Utopia On The Rise Yorkshire Terrier
AppleCreek Peanut Chew Beagle
AppleCreek The Dude Beagle
AppleCreek Little Man Chihuahua
AppleCreek Mister Ed Chihuahua
AppleCreek Romeo In Danger Chihuahua
AppleCreek Creole Dandy Pomeranian
AppleCreek Working On Life Pomeranian
AppleCreek Alex Yorkshire Terrier
AppleCreek Dante Will Yorkshire Terrier

By AppleCreek Prince William out of Ch AppleCreek Hannah Chaplin.
(4 days)
AppleCreek Hard Rock (Dog) Beagle
AppleCreek Lady Laura (Bitch) Beagle
AppleCreek Prince Charles (Dog) Beagle
AppleCreek Shy Rita (Bitch) Beagle
By Ch Carons Rising Tide out of Ch AppleCreek Carrie Ann.
(11 days)
AppleCreek Nadia (Bitch) Beagle
AppleCreek All In One (Bitch) Beagle
AppleCreek Daniel (Dog) Beagle
AppleCreek Carrie Anna (Bitch) Beagle

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