Breeder of 143 Champions and muliple Best in Show winners.

Lukius Dalmatians is a part of the "Play Fair / Play Square" club. Those kennels who are members of the Play Fair / Play Square club vow to be ethical in all our dealings with others and to play the game fairly.

Yes, I sell to Basic's. I only ask that if you no longer want to be apart of the game, or decide that you dont want the dog anymore (including Forever homing) to offer them back to me FIRST. Also that you "session" the dog before showing them.

I am always happy to help newcomers. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

To see my real life Dalmatians, visit my website at:

CH Lukius Into The Forest Dalmatian
CH UDLukius Justice At Last (OB) Dalmatian
CH Lukius Kind Of Different Dalmatian
GCH CH Lukius Mistress Of The Dark Dalmatian
GCH CH Lukius Overly Imaginative Dalmatian
CH Lukius Peering Into The Abyss Dalmatian
CH Lukius Run to Paradise Dalmatian
GCH CH Lukius Running In Circles Dalmatian
CH CDXLukius Sign Of The Times (OB) Dalmatian
CH Lukius Time Is Up Dalmatian
CH Lukius Under Scrutiny Dalmatian
CH Lukius Veil Of Light Dalmatian
CH Lukius Wishful Thinking Dalmatian
CH Lukius Zingara Dalmatian
Lukius Alchemy Dalmatian
Lukius Amazon Dalmatian
Lukius Xenia Dalmatian
Lukius Yellow Daffodil Dalmatian

CH Lukius Master Of The Light Dalmatian
GCH CH Lukius Never Again Dalmatian
CH Lukius Over The Abyss Dalmatian
CH Lukius Quest Of Chaos Dalmatian
GCH CH Lukius Quest Of the Moon Dalmatian
GCH CH Lukius Times Are Changing Dalmatian
Lukius Aplomb Dalmatian
Lukius Blue Blaze Dalmatian

By Ch Lukius Quest Of the Moon out of Ch Lukius Into The Forest.
(5 days)
Lukius Forest For The Trees (Dog) Dalmatian
Lukius Forest Of Embers (Bitch) Dalmatian
By Ch Lukius Times Are Changing out of Ch Lukius Running In Circles.
(6 days)
Lukius End Of Dreams (Bitch) Dalmatian
By Ch Lukius Quest Of the Moon out of Ch Lukius Justice At Last.
(12 days)
Lukius Circle Of Life (Bitch) Dalmatian
By Ch Lukius Times Are Changing out of Ch Lukius Peering Into The Abyss.
(12 days)
Lukius Days Of Change (Bitch) Dalmatian
Lukius Day After Never (Bitch) Dalmatian

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