Mystique Kennel Concentrating on Rottweiler's and Shiba Inu's.
We are also dabbling in a 3rd breed from time to time trying to find a fit for our kennel. Fairly new to the game so working my way up.

GCH CH Mystiques Kiss the Nines Chow Chow
Mystiques Blu Cream Charmer Chow Chow
Mystiques Bold Baby (Bold) Chow Chow
Mystiques Mauvelous Kisses (Kissy) Chow Chow
Mystiques Nine Xs Blu Hope (Hope -Blu Carrier) Chow Chow
New Puppy #3 (watch) Chow Chow
CDHNC2 Blue 16203903 Great Dane
CDMystiques Blackberry Blu Great Dane
Mystiques Blu Dreams on Point (watch) Great Dane
CDMystiques Harlequin On Point (flawless) Great Dane
CDMystiques Midnite Perfection Great Dane
CDMystiques Spot on Super Blu (Sue- Blu carrier) Great Dane
Mystiques Backdraft Blizzard Shiba Inu
Mystiques Chance of Pearls (change) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Glory Whipp (Wip) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Red Winter (rosy) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Snow Creme Whipp (Cremm) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Whipp the Flurrie (Flurrie) Shiba Inu
New Puppy #3 (watch) Shiba Inu

CH Mystiques Bold in Black (Black- Blu carrier) Chow Chow
CH Mystiques Bold Mauvelous Chow Chow
GCH CH Mystiques Nine Xs the Ambition (Niner -blu carry) Chow Chow
CDHNC2 Blue 16215228 Great Dane
CDMystiques Gustof Perfection Great Dane
Mystiques Super Blu Spot (spot- Blu Carrier) Great Dane
Mystiques Back to Winter (change) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Krazee Snow Glory Shiba Inu
Mystiques Red Snow Kraze (watch) Shiba Inu

By Ch Artesia Blame It On The Rain out of Mystiques Nine Xs Blu Hope.
(9 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Chow Chow
Mystiques Blame it on Hope (Bitch) Chow Chow
By Ch Mystiques Bold Mauvelous out of Mystiques Ice Blu Storm.
(9 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Chow Chow
Mystiques Bold Ice Storm (Bitch) Chow Chow

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None at this time.
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Prestige: 50.9 (#331)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 8/25/2010
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 4/25/2018
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Upcomming Litters
CD Mystiques Harlequin On Point
Due 4/28/2018 to ESAN Zorro II
CD HNC2 Blue 16203903
Due 4/28/2018 to HNC2 Blue Boy 16178015
Mystiques Bold Baby
Due 4/30/2018 to Artesia Frozen Assets
Mystiques Nine Xs Blu Hope
Due 4/30/2018 to Artesia Powder Blue
Mystiques Blu Cream Charmer
Due 4/30/2018 to Mystiques Bold Mauvelous