Mystique Kennel Concentrating on Rottweiler's and Shiba Inu's.
We are also dabbling in a 3rd breed from time to time trying to find a fit for our kennel. Fairly new to the game so working my way up.

CH Mystiques Drop Dead Redd (GINGER) Shiba Inu
CH Mystiques shes Creme (crema) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Dark Dalia (Dalia) Rottweiler
Mystiques Indi Total Eclipse (Luna) Rottweiler
Mystiques Midnite Backdraft (Draft) Rottweiler
Mystiques Midnite Fire (Char) Rottweiler
Mystiques Midnite Trouble (Tru) Rottweiler
Mystiques Mother Nature Fury (Fury) Rottweiler
Mystiques Shadow of the King (Princess) Rottweiler
Mystiques Shes Midnite Irma (Irma) Rottweiler
Foxxrun FQ Sweetie (26FQ) Shiba Inu
Mitenten Go Toukonryuusou (MM) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Awesome Flurry (Flurry) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Black Flurry Blitz (Blitz) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Dirty Dancing (Baby) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Go Drop Dead (Diva) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Go Toukon Chances (Kon) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Mysti Hott Winter (Winnie) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Redd Creme Soda (Soda) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Shes a Flurry (Flake) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Shot to the Heart (Hart) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Toukon Heidi (Heidi) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Wide Open Blue (Sky) Shiba Inu

GCH CH Indigo Starrs Rock Of Ages (Aggie) Rottweiler
CH Mystiques Break Open the Dance (Dannie) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Gifts at Midnite (Pressers) Rottweiler
Mystiques Defenseless Chances (Chance) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Foxxtail Bluebelle (Beau) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Go Tou Shiba Krazee (Kray) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Wide Open Spaces (West) Shiba Inu
ShibaKrazee Blitz (Blitzen) Shiba Inu

By Ch Mystiques Break Open the Dance out of Mystiques Shes a Flurry.
(3 days)
Mystiques Flurry Dancer (Flurr) (Bitch) Shiba Inu
By Ch KCMMs I Want Some More Of It out of Mystiques Shadow of the King.
(4 days)
New Puppy #6 (Bitch) Rottweiler
Mystiques I want it ALL (Allie) (Bitch) Rottweiler
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Rottweiler
By Ch Indigo Starrs Fancy Seeing You out of Mystiques Dark Dalia.
(4 days)
Mystiques Here comes Trouble (Travis) (Dog) Rottweiler
Mystiques Starr of Dalia (Starr) (Bitch) Rottweiler
By West Coast Game Time out of Mystiques Found the Snow.
(4 days)
Mystiques Reindeer Games (Clarice) (Bitch) Shiba Inu

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
General Info
Prestige: 60.6 (#297)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 8/25/2010
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 9/19/2017
Community Rank: 186th
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Upcomming Litters
Mystiques Midnite Backdraft
Due 9/24/2017 to KCMMs Troubled Waters
Mystiques Midnite Fire
Due 9/24/2017 to Indigo Starrs Brass In Pocket
CH Mystiques shes Creme
Due 9/24/2017 to Mystiques Break Open the Dance
Mystiques Awesome Flurry
Due 9/24/2017 to ShibaKrazee Blitz