Mystique Kennel Concentrating on Rottweiler's and Shiba Inu's.
We are also dabbling in a 3rd breed from time to time trying to find a fit for our kennel. Fairly new to the game so working my way up.

CH Mystiques Midnite Twilight (Ebony) Beauceron
CH CDMystiques Denver Lane (Laney) Rottweiler
CH CDMystiques Midnite Maple (Maple) Rottweiler
CH Mystiques Whisper in the Rain (Whisp) Rottweiler
CH Mystiques Droppin the Victory (gossip) Shiba Inu
GCH CH Mystiques Shes a Hot Mess (Hottie) Shiba Inu
Mystiques Midnite Bleu Noire (Noire) Beauceron
Mystiques Midnite Noire (Black) Beauceron
CDMystiques Dark Magic Maker (Magi) Rottweiler
Mystiques Devils Temptation (Sinna) Rottweiler
Mystiques Indy Late Night (party) Rottweiler
Mystiques Time for Temptation (Tempest) Rottweiler
West Coast Mysti Dancer (Danca) Shiba Inu
West Coast Mysti Morning (Mysti) Shiba Inu

CH RRoxs Rocky (Rocky) Beauceron
GCH CH Mystiques Fear No Midnite (Knight) Rottweiler
CH Mystiques Starrs Over Texas (Texx) Rottweiler
GCH CH Makavelis Drop It Like Its Hot (scorch) Shiba Inu
CH Mystiques Defense in the Storm (Deffy) Shiba Inu
CH Mystiques Silver Skip to Gold (Stone) Shiba Inu
Augustus of Bloodbear Beauceron
Mystiques Lost in Darkness (Drako) Beauceron
Mystiques Magdalene Dragon (Dragon) Beauceron
Mystiques Are we There Again (Pete) Rottweiler
Mystiques Temptation Advocate (Temmy) Rottweiler
Mystiques Defend the tantrum (tram) Shiba Inu

By Indigo Starrs King Of Icarus out of Ch Mystiques Midnite Maple.
(4 days)
Mystiques Midnite Optimus (Prime) (Dog) Rottweiler
Mystiques Midnite Whisper (Whisp) (Bitch) Rottweiler
By Ch Roo Noire de armeé Fourlorn out of Ch Mystiques Midnite Twilight.
(9 days)
Mystiques Bleu Twilight Moon (Luna) (Bitch) Beauceron
By Ch RRoxs Waffle out of Ch Mystiques Midnite Cooler.
(9 days)
Mystiques Midnite Replacement (Dawn) (Bitch) Beauceron

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None at this time.
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Upcomming Litters
CH Mystiques Whisper in the Rain
Due 4/26/2017 to Mystiques Fear No Midnite
West Coast Mysti Morning
Due 4/26/2017 to Makavelis Drop It Like Its Hot
GCH CH Mystiques Shes a Hot Mess
Due 4/26/2017 to Mystiques Defense in the Storm
CH Mystiques Midnite Twilight
Due 4/30/2017 to RRoxs WOW!
Mystiques Midnite Noire
Due 4/30/2017 to RRoxs Saturn