CH UDPaws Black Running Girl (Ruffian) Newfoundland
CH UDPaws Christmas Coal (Coal) Newfoundland
CH CDXPaws Picturesque Beauty (Beauty) Newfoundland
CH Paws Wave Maker (Orca) Newfoundland
ESAN Black Coffee (Moka) Newfoundland
UDPaws A Hint of Chocolate (Malkia) Newfoundland
Paws Beauty and Intelligence (Magpie) Newfoundland
Paws Dark Truffle (Truffle) Newfoundland
Paws Down Under Girl (Teneile) Newfoundland
UDPaws Foggy Morning (Vixen) Newfoundland
UDPaws Gray Lady (Nyota) Newfoundland
Paws Hershey Kiss (Kiss) Newfoundland
UDPaws Mark in the Stone (Auralia) Newfoundland
Paws Maroon Fox (Tokala) Newfoundland
Paws Prettiest Girl In Town (Sakura) Newfoundland
Paws Spirit of the Dove (Catori) Newfoundland
Zollhaus Toffee Penny (Penny) Newfoundland

CH UDPaws Autumn Shield (Shield) Newfoundland
CH UDPaws Immovable Force (Tank) Newfoundland
CH Paws Ink Spot (Ink) Newfoundland
CH Paws Romance is in the Air (Pepe Le Pew) Newfoundland
CH UDPaws Straight and True Arrow (Arrow) Newfoundland
CH UDPaws Tall Drink of Water (Manolo) Newfoundland
ESAN Invictus Newfoundland
New Puppy #7 Newfoundland
Paws First Born Son (Junior) Newfoundland
CDXPaws Gray Back (Gray) Newfoundland
Paws KitKat Bar (Kit) Newfoundland
CDXPaws Mud Puddle (Mudkip) Newfoundland
Paws Snickers At You (Snickers) Newfoundland
Paws Straight Dark Roast (Java) Newfoundland
Paws Swift Thunder (Buck) Newfoundland
CDXPaws Volcanic Eruption (Ash) Newfoundland

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