Welcome to Esandar Collies
Collies in Rough and Smooth - Sable, Blue Merle and Tricolor. The occasional white pops up from time to time. I have puppies and adults occasionally. Due to space constraints most dogs and puppies are FHed. If you are interested in a puppy or brood bitch, sending me a PM is your best bet.

All dogs are put up at public stud with fees as follows:
Color/Low SOP: $25 Unfinished: $50 CH: $100 GCH $150 GCH+BISS: $200
If you see a dog not posted at stud, just send me a note.

CH Esandar American Cowgirl (95.80 BM&W/R ) Collie
CH Esandar Curious Cowgirl (95.6 BM&W/S) Collie
CH Esandar Moonlight Madness (95.65 MM&W/S ) Collie
CH Esandar Moonstruck Cowgirl (95.50 Tri/S ) Collie
CH Esandar Painted Moon (95.60 Tri/S) Collie
GCH CH Esandar Private Audition (95.70 M&W/R) Collie
CH Esandar C*est L*Amour (95.10 Lovie) Papillon
CH Esandar Gemini Rose (95.15 W&Blk Mimi) Papillon
GCH CH Esandar Merci Beaucoup (94.95 ) Papillon
CH Esandar My Rebellious Heart (95.10 ) Papillon
GCH CH Esandar Rebellious Belle (95.15 BISS SlvrGCH) Papillon
CH Esandar Rebellious Miss (95.25 -Liza) Papillon
GCH CH Esandar Shooting Star (BISS) Papillon
GCH CH Esandar Swingin On A Star (95.60 -Donna >Slv) Papillon
Esandar Bold Aphrodite Collie
Esandar Silver Heirloom (96.05 ***) Collie
Esandar Strictly Confidential (*) Collie
Esandar Careless Whisper Papillon
Esandar Gemini Rising ( 95.35 ***) Papillon

CH Esandar Close Confidant (95.80 M&W/R ***) Collie
GCH CH Esandar Platinum Playboy (95.80 MM&W/R ) Collie
CH Esandar Tallahassee Talisman (95.95 -Tri/S) Collie
GCH CH Esandar Danke Schön (95.40 >GCH) Papillon
CH Esandar Gemini Dragoon ( ) Papillon
GCH CH Esandar Rebel Yell (*BISS* -Billy) Papillon
GCH CH Esandar Rebellious Garçon (95.25) Papillon
Esandar BlueMoon Over Kentucky ( x) Collie
Esandar Moonwalk (95.85 * Jackson) Collie
Esandar Twist N Shout Papillon
Esandar Whiskey Rebellion (95.40 ***) Papillon

By Ch Esandar Danke Schön out of Ch Esandar Sonic Zoom.
(9 days)
New Puppy #1 (95.25 ***) (Bitch) Papillon

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