Welcome to Esandar Collies
Collies in Rough and Smooth - Sable, Blue Merle and Tricolor. The occasional white pops up from time to time. I have puppies and adults occasionally. Due to space constraints most dogs and puppies are FHed. If you are interested in a puppy or brood bitch, sending me a PM is your best bet.

All dogs are put up at public stud with fees as follows:
Color/Low SOP: $25 Unfinished: $50 CH: $100 GCH $150 GCH+BISS: $200
If you see a dog not posted at stud, just send me a note.

CH Esandar American Cowgirl (95.80 BM&W/R ) Collie
CH Esandar Flawless Alibi Collie
CH Esandar Love Her Madly Collie
CH Esandar Moonlight Madness (95.65 MM&W/S ) Collie
CH Esandar Painted Moon (95.60 Tri/S) Collie
GCH CH Esandar Private Audition (95.70 M&W/R) Collie
GCH CH Esandar Silver Heirloom (96.05 - BINS!) Collie
CH Esandar In A Flash (95.25 ***) Papillon
GCH CH Esandar Merci Beaucoup (94.95 ) Papillon
GCH CH Esandar Rebellious Belle (95.15 BISS SlvrGCH) Papillon
GCH CH Esandar Sancerre Rouge Papillon
CH Esandar Star Kissed Miss Papillon
CH Esandar Starry Eyed Belle Papillon
Esandar Bold Aphrodite Collie
Esandar Simply Captivating (96.15 M&W/R ***) Collie
New Puppy #2 (white factored) Collie
New Puppy #3 Collie
New Puppy #4 Collie
New Puppy #4 Collie

GCH CH Esandar BlueMoon Over Kentucky (*BISS* BM&W/S) Collie
GCH CH Esandar Moonwalk (95.85 * Jackson) Collie
GCH CH Esandar Platinum Playboy (BISS MM&W/R ) Collie
CH Esandar Gemini Dragoon ( ) Papillon
CH Esandar Rebel At Heart (95.35 ***) Papillon
GCH CH Esandar Rebellious Garçon (95.25) Papillon
CH Esandar Whiskey Rebellion (95.40 ***) Papillon
Esandar Rebellious Rogue Papillon

By Alibi Pontiac out of Ch Esandar Flawless Alibi.
(11 days)
New Puppy #7 (Dog) Collie
New Puppy #6 (Bitch) Collie
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Collie
By Alibi Pontiac out of Ch Esandar Moonlight Madness.
(11 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Collie
By Ch Esandar Platinum Playboy out of Esandar Bold Aphrodite.
(11 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Collie

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Esandar Shooting Star (BISS) Papillon
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Upcomming Litters
CH Esandar Painted Moon
Due 2/28/2017 to Esandar BlueMoon Over Kentucky
GCH CH Esandar Merci Beaucoup
Due 2/28/2017 to Esandar Whiskey Rebellion