Shelhond Kennels

Past Champions





Ch Shelhond Glazed Sulphur
Ch Shelhond Wild Glaze
Ch Shelhond Believe in Arkey (owned by Arkey3)
3rd in Group at June Showdog World Cup
Ch Shelhond Betta Believe It
3rd in Breed at July Showdog World Cup
Ch Shelhond Mr Trip
Ch Shelhond Mr Blue
Ch Shelhond Talking IY Galactic
Ch Shelhond Night Page
Ch Shelhond BS Vivien
Ch Shelhond BS A King
Ch Shelhond House Of News
Ch Shelhond Elkunirsa Duke
Ch Shelhond Rundas Chance
Ch Shelhond One House
Ch Shelhond Winter News
Ch Shelhond Gypsy Livin
Ch Shelhond Gypsy Day
Ch Shelhond Winter Play
Ch Shelhond Winter Russion


Ch Shelhond Bold Glaze
Ch Shelhond Bold Magician
Ch Shelhond Two Robins
Ch Shelhond Maybe A Pie
Ch Shelhond Maybe Asleep
Ch Shelhond Shes The One
Ch Shelhond Winterhearts Chance
Ch Shelhond Dangerous Hearts
Ch Shelhone Sheil Play
Ch Shelhond Dangerous Money



Ch FYB Silly Love Song
Ch Keez Lookin Mighty
Ch FYP Husker Red
Ch BBs Give Me A Call Is Everthin
Ch Colors Maple Glaze
Ch Gypsy Winds At Shelhond
3rd in Breed at June Showdog World Cup
Ch Arkay 3 Heathcliff
Ch Tyneside Time For Change
Ch Klassic City Twinkle
Ch PP Fable DIY At Shelhond
Ch Denkees Rundas
Ch Shelhond At Winterheaartstwo
Ch Gypsy Winds At Shelhondtwo
Ch Winterheart At Shelond


Ch Keez Lookin For A Fantasy
Ch Keez Look At The Crowd
Ch Tyneside Glorious Things
Ch GS Blue Mist
Ch Tyneside My Fair Lady
Ch Laurel Manor Breathless

Obedeince Titles

Ch FYB Silly Love Song CDX


Sometimes availabe.
95%-95.5% - $100
96%-96.5% - $200
97%-97.5% - $300
Anything under 95% I will be FH, puppies above 97% I will be mostly keeping,but they will sometimes be available.

CH Shelhond Dangerous Money Keeshond
Shelhond Sheil Be Money Keeshond
Shelhond Sheil Winter Keeshond
Shelhond Shes A Play Keeshond
Shelhond Shes A Gypsy (FH) Keeshond
Shelhond Shes A Win Keeshond
Shelhond Shes A Wind (FH) Keeshond
Shelhond Shes A Winner (Brood) Keeshond
Shelhond Shes The Money Keeshond
Shelhond Shes The Play Keeshond
Shelhond Shes Xmas Keeshond

CH Shelhond Gypsy Day Keeshond
CH Shelhond Winter Play Keeshond
CH Shelhond Winter Russion Keeshond
CH Winterheart At Shelond Keeshond
Shelhond Winter Card Keeshond
Shelhond Winter Catch Keeshond
Shelhond Winter Quit Keeshond
Winterheart At Shelkeys2 Keeshond

By Ch Shelhond Winter Russion out of Shelhond Shes A Winner.
(0 days)
Shelhond Winter R (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch Winterheart At Shelond out of Shelhond Shes The Winter.
(1 days)
Shelhond Shes The Razz (Bitch) Keeshond
By Ch Shelhond Gypsy Day out of Shelhond Shes A Wind.
(7 days)
Shelhond Gypsy Rasselas (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch Shelhond Gypsy Day out of Shelhond Shes A Gypsy.
(8 days)
Shelhond Shes A Reebok (Bitch) Keeshond
By Shelhond Winter Quit out of Ch Shelhond Sheil Play.
(9 days)
Shelhond Winter Q7 (Dog) Keeshond
Shelhond Winter Q6 (Dog) Keeshond
By Ch Shelhond Gypsy Livin out of Shelhond Shes The Money.
(10 days)
Shelhond Gypsy QQQ (Dog) Keeshond
By Winterheart At Shelkeys2 out of Ch Shelhond Dangerous Money.
(11 days)
Shelhond Winter Money (Dog) Keeshond
Shelhond Winter Q5 (Dog) Keeshond
By Shelhond Winter Danger out of Shelhond Shes A Winner.
(12 days)
Shelhond Winter Q4 (Dog) Keeshond
By Shelhond Winter Danger out of Shelhond Shes The Winter.
(13 days)
Shelhond Winter Q3 (Dog) Keeshond

Retirement Couch
CH Gypsy Winds At Shelhondtwo Keeshond
CH Shelhond At Winterheartstwo Keeshond
CH Shelhond Dangerous Hearts (Retire) Keeshond
CH Shelhond Dangerous News (Retire) Keeshond
CH Shelhond Gypsy Livin Keeshond
CH Shelhond Rundas Chance Keeshond
CH Shelhond Sheil Play (Retire) Keeshond
CH Shelhond Shes The One (Retire) Keeshond
CH Shelhond Winter News Keeshond
CH Shelhond Winterhearts Chance (Retire) Keeshond
General Info
Prestige: 46.8 (#400)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 6/29/2006
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 2/9/2016
Community Rank: 1,259th
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Upcomming Litters
CH Shelhond Dangerous Money
Due 2/9/2016 to Shelhond Winter Play
Shelhond Shes The Money
Due 2/10/2016 to Shelhond Winter Danger
Shelhond Shes A Gypsy
Due 2/12/2016 to Winterheart At Shelond
Shelhond Shes A Wind
Due 2/13/2016 to Winterheart At Shelond