Shelleon Kennels

Homebred Ch Older than 10 Years


Ch Sheleon Clear Moon
Ch Sheleon Clear Beckham
Ch Sheleon Beckham Boy
Ch Sheleon Scorpio Boy
Ch Sheleon Waechter Clear
Ch Sheleon Waechter Dark
Ch Sheleon Redbrown Waechter
Ch Sheleon Waechter Boy
GrdCh Shelleon Cashmere Start
GrdCh Sheleon Hooligan White
Ch Sheleon Linus Oak
Ch Sheleon Linus Sage
Ch Sheleon Jaegers White
CH Sheleon Linus White
GrdCh Sheleon Jaegers Malibu
Ch Sheleon Llinus Calypso
GrdCh Shelloen Linus Cashmere
GrdCh Shelleon Linus Gang
Ch Shelleon Linus Cap
Silver GrdCh Shelleon Linus Vertigo
Ch Shelleon Linus Willow
Ch Shelleon Gulliver Cashmere
Ch Shelleon Gulliver Rich
GrdCh Shelleon Jaegers Thunder
GrdCh Shelleon Gulliver Calypso
Ch Shelleon Gulliver Denim
Ch Shelleon Gulliver Light
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Linus
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Neptune
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Roman
Ch Shelleon Gulliver Linus
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Havana
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Light
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Hooligan
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Lie
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Jam
Ch Shelleon Jaegers JJ
Ch Shelleon Gulliver Bon
Ch Shelleon Gulliver Gent
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Junior
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Royal
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Gerry
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Tiger
GrdCh Shelleon Jaegers Atlantis
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Jasper
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Black
GrdCh Shelleon Jaegers Hurricane
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Hershey
Ch Shelleon Jaegers Kiwi
BISSCh Shelleon Jaegers Scotch
GrdCh Shelleon Jaegers Bo


Ch Sheleon Lil Pink Beckham
Ch Sheleon Lil Pink Girl
Ch Sheleon Ice Witch
Ch Sheleon Chamcord X owned by Weachter Leonbergers
Ch Sheleon Lil Gold Girl
Ch Sheleon Alone With The Clear
Ch Sheleon Gold Chamcord
Ch Sheleon Chamcord Waechter
Ch Sheleon White Start
Ch Sheleon White Jaegers
Ch Sheleon White Bentley
GrdCh Sheleon White Cashmere
Ch Sheleon White Willow
Ch Sheleon White Gang
GrdCh Sheleon White Havana
Ch Sheleon White Vertigo
Ch Sheleon White Rich
GrdCh Sheleon White Ziggy
Ch Sheleon White Cap
GrdCh Sheleon White Anew
Ch Sheleon White Pagie
BronzeGrdCh Sheleon White Panda
GrdCh Sheleon White Linus
GrdCh Sheleon Whtie Denim
Ch Sheleon White Pink
GrdCh Sheleon White Light
Ch Sheleon White Shazza
Bronze GrdCh Sheleon White Jaeger
GrdCh Sheleon White Bonnie
Ch Shelleon White Hooligan
Ch Shelloen White DJ
GrdCh Shelleon White Portia
Ch Shelleon White Lie
Ch Shelleon white Darla
Ch Shelleon White Royal
Ch Shelleon White Tigeress
Ch Shelleon White Thunder
Ch Shelleon White Jam
Ch Shelleon White Winter
Ch Shelleon White Damsel CD
Ch Shelleon White Bunny
GrdCh Shelleon White Berry
GrdCh Shelleon White Porsche
GrdCh Shelleon White
Ch Shelleon White Hurricane
GrdCh Shelleon White Market
GrdCh Shelleon White Abba
Ch Shelleon White Hershey
GrdCh Shelleon White Gidget
Ch Shelleon White Spellbinder
Ch Shelleon White Kiki
Ch Shelleon White Tiger
GrdCh Shelleon White Atlantis
Ch Shelleon White Safari

Bronze Dams

Shelleon At Whiteoak

Silver Dams

Sheleon Chamcord Synergy



Ch Naiads Stride To Shelleon
Ch MSF Walking On Ice
Ch "Drkn" Eclipse of the Moon
Ch Carat Beckham
4th IN BREED April World Cup
2nd IN BREED May World Cup
Ch Carat Smashing
Ch Knightlife Clear Brake


Ch MSF Ice Capades
Ch Naiads Chambord
Ch Carries Linette
Ch Carat Dreamer
Ch SS Alone in the Dark
GrdCh Chenlow At Shelleon

Shelleon Dogs owned by others

Ch Shelleon Linus O
Ch Shelleon Gulliver TT
Ch Shelleon White Tahahto


Ch Shelleon White Damsel CD


Sometimes available

95% - 95.5% $100
96% - 96.5% $150
97% - 9.5% $200

Anything under 94.00 will be FH, anything above 98.00 I will be keeping.

GCH CH Shelleon Abba Beau Leonberger
CH Shelleon Mink Bolero Leonberger
CH Shelleon White Banshee Leonberger
CH Shelleon White Binder Leonberger
CH Shelleon White Cimarron Leonberger
CH Shelleon White Ewok Leonberger
CH Shelleon White Jubilee Leonberger
Shelleon Abba Safari Leonberger
Shelleon Easter Safari Leonberger
Shelleon International Tooth Leonberger
Shelleon Paige Banzai Leonberger
Shelleon Paige Gusto Leonberger
Shelleon White Banzai Leonberger
Shelleon White Lady Leonberger
Shelleon White Lass Leonberger
Shelleon White Snow Leonberger
Shelleon White Woman Leonberger

CH Shelleon Thunder Bo Leonberger
CH Shelleon Toats Gusto Leonberger
Shelleon Thunder Banzai Leonberger
Shelleon Thunder Tooth Leonberger
Shelleon Winter Safari Leonberger

By Ch Shelleon Thunder Bo out of Shelleon White Lady.
(3 days)
Shelleon Thunder Gum (Dog) Leonberger
By Shelleon Thunder Banzai out of Ch Shelleon Mink Bolero.
(5 days)
Shelleon Mink Banzai (Bitch) Leonberger
Shelleon Mink Brittany (Bitch) Leonberger
By Shelleon Thunder Banzai out of Ch Shelleon White Binder.
(7 days)
Shelleon White Scamper (Bitch) Leonberger
By Shelleon Thunder Banzai out of Ch Shelleon White Ewok.
(8 days)
Shelleon Thunder Ewok (Dog) Leonberger
Shelleon White Charlotte (Bitch) Leonberger

Retirement Couch
CH Shelleon Abba Scotch (Retire) Leonberger
CH Shelleon Jaegers Banzai Leonberger
CH Shelleon Jaegers Boy Leonberger
CH Shelleon Jaegers Ewok Leonberger
GCH CH Shelleon Jaegers Tooth Leonberger
GCH CH CDShelleon White Cleo (Retire) Leonberger
GCH CH Shelleon White Tooth (Retire) Leonberger
General Info
Prestige: 43.7 (#399)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 6/29/2006
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: 7/23/2018
Community Rank: 860th

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Upcomming Litters
Shelleon White Lass
Due 7/25/2018 to Shelleon Thunder Banzai
Shelleon Abba Safari
Due 7/26/2018 to Shelleon Thunder Banzai