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GCh ShowCavs Chance Of A Lifetime-4th in show, 10xBiG,17xBoB
CH ShowCavs Literal BreakThrough-4th in Show,2xBiG,13xGP,33xBob, #58 All Time CKCS
CH ShowCavs Panthers Master Piece- 3xBiG, 9xGP, 31xBoB
CH ShowCavs Mr. Panther- Bronze Sire, 12xGP, 30xBoB, #66 All time CKCS
71 Champions


-Never going to sell a dog that is not for sale
-All sales are final
-Basics welcome
-If youre starting out in the breed PM me about leasing bitches happy :)
Thanks to Classica for my starting dogs!
Special thanks to Rayre for the kennel upgrade!

Have a great day!

New Puppy #1 Borzoi

CH Gaylanns Walter (19) (W) Weimaraner
Halcyon Throw Back (98.35//19.8) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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