Shows Sponsored by Caulfeilds Kennels

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Caulfeilds Kennels . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Cauldeilds Aug 10 All Breed Show 8/10/2019 Paul Dougherty All 12
Caulfeilds BC Day All Breed Show 8/5/2019 Mary Lewis All 68
Caulfeilds July 25 All Breed Show 7/25/2019 Jonathon Magee All 57
Caulfeilds Share The Wealth All Breed Show 7/11/2019 Linda Schubert All 466
Caulfeilds Summer Fun All Breed Show 7/8/2019 Mike Dixon All 740
Caulfeilds The Day After All Breed Show 7/5/2019 Edward Moore All 548
Caulfeilds June 29 All Breed Extravaganza 6/29/2019 Stephen Butler All 290
Caulfeilds Celebrate The Sourcie All Breed Show 6/17/2019 Bruce Diaz All 598
Cauleilds June 5 All Breed Show 6/5/2019 Edward Moore All 444
Caulfeilds May 25 All Breed Show 5/25/2019 Lorie Nave All 989
Caulfeilds May 19 All Breed Show 5/19/2019 Luella Rogers All 205
CAULFEILDSMAY 6 ALL BREED SHOW 5/6/2019 Pamela Banks All 510
Caulfeilds April 29 All Breed Show 4/29/2019 Alexis Sides All 298
Caulfeilds 4-20 All Breed Show 4/20/2019 Stephen Long All 322
Caulfeilds April 13 All Breed Show 4/13/2019 Alisa Fillmore All 343
Caulfeilds April Fools All Breed Show 4/1/2019 Anthony Lara All 616
Caulfeilds Mar 20 All Breed Show 3/20/2019 Lorraine Horne All 400
Caulfeilds Eve Of The Ides All Breed Show 3/14/2019 Brian Thomas All 809
Caulfeilds Valentines Eve All Breed Show 2/13/2019 Donald Bennett All 596
Caulfeilds Tribute To Merle All Breed Show 2/6/2019 Mendy Menzie All 614
Caulfeilds Mid January ACS Specialty 1/15/2019 Carla Martinez American Cocker Spaniel 27
Caulfeilds Jan 14 All Breed Show 1/14/2019 Roosevelt Bomar All 1,018
Caulfeilds Dec 28 All Breed Show 12/28/2018 Brooks Wasson All 307
Caulfeilds Dec 13 All Breed Show 12/13/2018 Jeanene Brown All 722
Caulfeilds US Thanksgiving All Breed Show 11/22/2018 Joseph Myles All 296
Caulfeilds Remembrance Day All Breed Show 11/11/2018 Yong Burris All 388
Caulfeilds Oct 25 All Breed Show 10/25/2018 Deborah Walker All 512
Caulfeilds Tribute To Dream of Maxen Wledig Show 10/13/2018 Scott Pham All 654
Caulfeilds Come Get Your Majors Here Specialty 10/10/2018 Herb Hagge Belgian Laekenois 20
Caulfeilds Sept 20 All Breed Show 9/20/2018 Martin Lee All 723
Caulfeilds Aug 17 All Breed Show 8/17/2018 Kristen Wiggs All 593
Caulfeilds BC Day ASC Specialty 8/6/2018 Kelly St Peter American Cocker Spaniel 15
Caulfeilds WSS Birthday Specialty 7/26/2018 Jacob Dews Welsh Springer Spaniel 14
Caulfeilds June 29 all Breed Show 6/29/2018 Joseph Jones All 462
Caulfeilds June 29 ACS Specialty show 6/29/2018 Dianne Hall American Cocker Spaniel 19
Caulfeilds April 24 All Breed Show 4/24/2018 Scott Jackson All 659
Caulfeilds March 7 All Breed Show 3/7/2018 Matthew Phillips All 1,026
Caulfeilds Gone To the Dogs 5 All Breed Show 1/16/2018 Randal Harris All 1,368
Caulfeilds Time Change All Breed Show 11/5/2017 Jennifer Green All 667
Caulfeilds August 1 All Breed Show 8/1/2017 Chad Hill All 1,050
Pt. Atkinson Cocker Specialty 6/28/2017 Genevieve Cyr American Cocker Spaniel 51
Caulfeids Get Yr Points Here Specialty 6/14/2017 Patricia Allen American Cocker Spaniel 36
Caulfeilds Gone to The Dogs 4 All Breed Show 12/22/2016 Richard Wilson All 712
Caulfeilds Remembrance Day Cocker Specialty 11/11/2016 Anthony Lara American Cocker Spaniel 35
Caulfeilds Gone to The Dogs 3 All Breed Show 9/25/2016 Edward Fincher All 1,022
Caulfeilds Gone To The Dogs2 All Breed Show 6/9/2016 Patricia Stevens All 862
Caulfeilds Mothers Day All Breed Show 5/8/2016 Myron Carlo All 502
Caulfeilds April 15 All Breed 4/15/2016 Myron Carlo All 740
Easter Monday Cocker Specialty 3/28/2016 Lois Lund American Cocker Spaniel 31
Caulfeilds Gone To The Dogs All Breed Show 3/15/2016 Jeff Dunbar All 797
Caulfeilds Valentines Day All Breed Show 2/14/2016 Charles Britton All 645
Its a New Year Cocker Specialty 1/5/2016 Maria Campbell American Cocker Spaniel 30
American Thanksgiving Cocker Specialty 11/26/2015 Edward Thomas American Cocker Spaniel 41
Remembrance Day Cocker Specialty 11/11/2015 Amanda Nava American Cocker Spaniel 37
Caulfeild`s October Cocker Specialty 10/8/2015 Autumn Fuller American Cocker Spaniel 32
Caulfeilds All Breed Show 8/11/2015 Edward Thomas All 413
Aug 1 Cocker Specialty 8/1/2015 Edward Fincher American Cocker Spaniel 42
Clwyd`s Birthday Am Cocker Specialty 7/26/2015 Earl White American Cocker Spaniel 27
July 5 Cocker Specialty 7/5/2015 Linda Schubert American Cocker Spaniel 31
Mid June Cocker Specialty 6/15/2015 Bruce Bass American Cocker Spaniel 44
Caufeilds All Breed Show 6/14/2015 Eileen Miller All 426
Get Points Cocker Specialty 5/29/2015 Amanda Nava American Cocker Spaniel 40
Yet Another Cocker Specialty 5/20/2015 Eileen Miller American Cocker Spaniel 38
Another May Cocker Specialty 5/15/2015 Bruce Bass American Cocker Spaniel 31
May Day Cocker Specialty 5/1/2015 Maria Mohr American Cocker Spaniel 27
I Love You Cocker Specialty 2/14/2015 Marjorie Moore American Cocker Spaniel 30
End Of January Cocker Specialty 1/30/2015 Charlene Spiegel American Cocker Spaniel 25
Caulfields First 2014 WSS Specialty 1/17/2014 Jeff Dunbar Welsh Springer Spaniel 11
Caulfeilds WSS Specialty Show 8/22/2013 Donald Bennett Welsh Springer Spaniel 0
WSS New Years Day Specialty 1/1/2010 Gary Thompson Welsh Springer Spaniel 23
Full Moon Welshie Party 2/21/2008 Blake Hugh Welsh Springer Spaniel 29
Boxing Day Cocker Bash for Cockers 12/26/2007 Mickey Bysshe American Cocker Spaniel 68
ACS Line Breeders Specialty Show 6/29/2007 Jimmy James American Cocker Spaniel 75
Welsh Are The True Celts Show 3/17/2007 Mendy Menzie Welsh Springer Spaniel 36
Maverick Retirement Party 2/2/2007 Mendy Menzie Welsh Springer Spaniel 50
Caulfields Gettem While They`re Hot 1/23/2007 Lean Hoeffner American Cocker Spaniel 83
Caulfeilds Showem What Ya Got 1/15/2007 Ryan Juliesen Sussex Spaniel 41
Caulfeilds Jan 2007 Springer Bash 1/10/2007 Deforrest Aaren Welsh Springer Spaniel 43
Fair N Square Sussex Party 12/4/2006 Gregg Merrill Sussex Spaniel 40
Lets Get Those Points 11/29/2006 Herb Hagge Sussex Spaniel 37
Caulfeilds Springer Summer Fling 8/1/2006 Pat Price Welsh Springer Spaniel 42
Canada Day Welshie Party 7/1/2006 Kerrie Orval Welsh Springer Spaniel 44
Caulfeilds June Day Specialty 6/1/2006 Lean Hoeffner Welsh Springer Spaniel 49
Welsh Full Moon Party 5/13/2006 Amanda Young Welsh Springer Spaniel 43
Welsh Springer May Day Party 5/1/2006 Germogen Dominique Welsh Springer Spaniel 60
Wedding Anniversary Specialty Show 4/25/2006 Frederica Katalin Welsh Springer Spaniel 47
RHODRIs Retirement party 4/15/2006 Amanda Young Welsh Springer Spaniel 55
Heart of Gold Day Before Retirement Show 4/14/2006 Finn McKay American Cocker Spaniel 64
Caulfeilds April Showers Specialty 4/7/2006 Pat Price American Cocker Spaniel 61
Caulfeilds Tartan Specialty 4/6/2006 Andy Astor Welsh Springer Spaniel 55
Caulfeilds April Fools Show 4/1/2006 Lynn Jackson American Cocker Spaniel 74
Caulfeilds Full Moon Specialty 3/14/2006 Bryan Walston Welsh Springer Spaniel 37
Caulfeilds Gone To The Dogs 2 All Breed Show 1/1/1900 Randal Harris 0

Did you know?
The two largest American dog shows after Westminster are the National Dog Show (which is televised on Thanksgiving Day by NBC, usually after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.