Shows Sponsored by Caulfeilds Kennels

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Caulfeilds Kennels . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Caulfeilds Eve Of The Ides All Breed Show 3/14/2019 Brian Thomas All 29
Caulfeilds Valentines Eve All Breed Show 2/13/2019 Donald Bennett All 596
Caulfeilds Tribute To Merle All Breed Show 2/6/2019 Mendy Menzie All 614
Caulfeilds Mid January ACS Specialty 1/15/2019 Carla Martinez American Cocker Spaniel 27
Caulfeilds Jan 14 All Breed Show 1/14/2019 Roosevelt Bomar All 1,018
Caulfeilds Dec 28 All Breed Show 12/28/2018 Brooks Wasson All 307
Caulfeilds Dec 13 All Breed Show 12/13/2018 Jeanene Brown All 722
Caulfeilds US Thanksgiving All Breed Show 11/22/2018 Joseph Myles All 296
Caulfeilds Remembrance Day All Breed Show 11/11/2018 Yong Burris All 388
Caulfeilds Oct 25 All Breed Show 10/25/2018 Deborah Walker All 512
Caulfeilds Tribute To Dream of Maxen Wledig Show 10/13/2018 Scott Pham All 654
Caulfeilds Come Get Your Majors Here Specialty 10/10/2018 Herb Hagge Belgian Laekenois 20
Caulfeilds Sept 20 All Breed Show 9/20/2018 Martin Lee All 723
Caulfeilds Aug 17 All Breed Show 8/17/2018 Kristen Wiggs All 593
Caulfeilds BC Day ASC Specialty 8/6/2018 Kelly St Peter American Cocker Spaniel 15
Caulfeilds WSS Birthday Specialty 7/26/2018 Jacob Dews Welsh Springer Spaniel 14
Caulfeilds June 29 all Breed Show 6/29/2018 Joseph Jones All 462
Caulfeilds June 29 ACS Specialty show 6/29/2018 Dianne Hall American Cocker Spaniel 19
Caulfeilds April 24 All Breed Show 4/24/2018 Scott Jackson All 659
Caulfeilds March 7 All Breed Show 3/7/2018 Matthew Phillips All 1,026
Caulfeilds Gone To the Dogs 5 All Breed Show 1/16/2018 Randal Harris All 1,368
Caulfeilds Time Change All Breed Show 11/5/2017 Jennifer Green All 667
Caulfeilds August 1 All Breed Show 8/1/2017 Chad Hill All 1,050
Pt. Atkinson Cocker Specialty 6/28/2017 Genevieve Cyr American Cocker Spaniel 51
Caulfeids Get Yr Points Here Specialty 6/14/2017 Patricia Allen American Cocker Spaniel 36
Caulfeilds Gone to The Dogs 4 All Breed Show 12/22/2016 Richard Wilson All 712
Caulfeilds Remembrance Day Cocker Specialty 11/11/2016 Anthony Lara American Cocker Spaniel 35
Caulfeilds Gone to The Dogs 3 All Breed Show 9/25/2016 Edward Fincher All 1,022
Caulfeilds Gone To The Dogs2 All Breed Show 6/9/2016 Patricia Stevens All 862
Caulfeilds Mothers Day All Breed Show 5/8/2016 Myron Carlo All 502
Caulfeilds April 15 All Breed 4/15/2016 Myron Carlo All 740
Easter Monday Cocker Specialty 3/28/2016 Lois Lund American Cocker Spaniel 31
Caulfeilds Gone To The Dogs All Breed Show 3/15/2016 Jeff Dunbar All 797
Caulfeilds Valentines Day All Breed Show 2/14/2016 Charles Britton All 645
Its a New Year Cocker Specialty 1/5/2016 Maria Campbell American Cocker Spaniel 30
American Thanksgiving Cocker Specialty 11/26/2015 Edward Thomas American Cocker Spaniel 41
Remembrance Day Cocker Specialty 11/11/2015 Amanda Nava American Cocker Spaniel 37
Caulfeild`s October Cocker Specialty 10/8/2015 Autumn Fuller American Cocker Spaniel 32
Caulfeilds All Breed Show 8/11/2015 Edward Thomas All 413
Aug 1 Cocker Specialty 8/1/2015 Edward Fincher American Cocker Spaniel 42
Clwyd`s Birthday Am Cocker Specialty 7/26/2015 Earl White American Cocker Spaniel 27
July 5 Cocker Specialty 7/5/2015 Linda Schubert American Cocker Spaniel 31
Mid June Cocker Specialty 6/15/2015 Bruce Bass American Cocker Spaniel 44
Caufeilds All Breed Show 6/14/2015 Eileen Miller All 426
Get Points Cocker Specialty 5/29/2015 Amanda Nava American Cocker Spaniel 40
Yet Another Cocker Specialty 5/20/2015 Eileen Miller American Cocker Spaniel 38
Another May Cocker Specialty 5/15/2015 Bruce Bass American Cocker Spaniel 31
May Day Cocker Specialty 5/1/2015 Maria Mohr American Cocker Spaniel 27
I Love You Cocker Specialty 2/14/2015 Marjorie Moore American Cocker Spaniel 30
End Of January Cocker Specialty 1/30/2015 Charlene Spiegel American Cocker Spaniel 25
Caulfields First 2014 WSS Specialty 1/17/2014 Jeff Dunbar Welsh Springer Spaniel 11
Caulfeilds WSS Specialty Show 8/22/2013 Donald Bennett Welsh Springer Spaniel 0
WSS New Years Day Specialty 1/1/2010 Gary Thompson Welsh Springer Spaniel 23
Full Moon Welshie Party 2/21/2008 Blake Hugh Welsh Springer Spaniel 29
Boxing Day Cocker Bash for Cockers 12/26/2007 Mickey Bysshe American Cocker Spaniel 68
ACS Line Breeders Specialty Show 6/29/2007 Jimmy James American Cocker Spaniel 75
Welsh Are The True Celts Show 3/17/2007 Mendy Menzie Welsh Springer Spaniel 36
Maverick Retirement Party 2/2/2007 Mendy Menzie Welsh Springer Spaniel 50
Caulfields Gettem While They`re Hot 1/23/2007 Lean Hoeffner American Cocker Spaniel 83
Caulfeilds Showem What Ya Got 1/15/2007 Ryan Juliesen Sussex Spaniel 41
Caulfeilds Jan 2007 Springer Bash 1/10/2007 Deforrest Aaren Welsh Springer Spaniel 43
Fair N Square Sussex Party 12/4/2006 Gregg Merrill Sussex Spaniel 40
Lets Get Those Points 11/29/2006 Herb Hagge Sussex Spaniel 37
Caulfeilds Springer Summer Fling 8/1/2006 Pat Price Welsh Springer Spaniel 42
Canada Day Welshie Party 7/1/2006 Kerrie Orval Welsh Springer Spaniel 44
Caulfeilds June Day Specialty 6/1/2006 Lean Hoeffner Welsh Springer Spaniel 49
Welsh Full Moon Party 5/13/2006 Amanda Young Welsh Springer Spaniel 43
Welsh Springer May Day Party 5/1/2006 Germogen Dominique Welsh Springer Spaniel 60
Wedding Anniversary Specialty Show 4/25/2006 Frederica Katalin Welsh Springer Spaniel 47
RHODRIs Retirement party 4/15/2006 Amanda Young Welsh Springer Spaniel 55
Heart of Gold Day Before Retirement Show 4/14/2006 Finn McKay American Cocker Spaniel 64
Caulfeilds April Showers Specialty 4/7/2006 Pat Price American Cocker Spaniel 61
Caulfeilds Tartan Specialty 4/6/2006 Andy Astor Welsh Springer Spaniel 55
Caulfeilds April Fools Show 4/1/2006 Lynn Jackson American Cocker Spaniel 74
Caulfeilds Full Moon Specialty 3/14/2006 Bryan Walston Welsh Springer Spaniel 37
Caulfeilds Gone To The Dogs 2 All Breed Show 1/1/1900 Randal Harris 0

Did you know?
In the American Kennel Club, a dog needs 15 points to become a Champion, with each win gaining anywhere from zero to five points depending on the number of dogs competing and the area where the show is held.