Shows Sponsored by Sienna`s Spitz

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Sienna`s Spitz . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
CMD 20 10/20/2018 Ronald Schmidt Caucasian Mountain Dog 8
CCC 19 10/19/2018 Jonathan Jackson Cane Corso 16
CCC 15 10/15/2018 George Kennedy Cane Corso 20
CCC 12 10/12/2018 Joseph Flanagan Cane Corso 17
Siennas Laekenois Show 7/18/2018 Brenda Taylor Belgian Laekenois 11
10.000 V Dogs 3/1/2011 Brooks Wasson Doberman Pinscher 26
Sienna`s Doberman Show 2 2/10/2011 Betty Price Doberman Pinscher 16
Sienna`s Doberman Show 1 2/5/2011 Frank Gonzalez Doberman Pinscher 14

Did you know?
Judges are generally certified to judge one or several breeds, usually in the same group, but a few "all-breed" judges have the training and experience to judge large numbers of breeds.