Shows Sponsored by Whatadog

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Whatadog . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
All American K9 Extravaganza 9/21/2018 Donny Marsh All 486
Whatadogz Crested Specials Invitational 8/3/2018 Bruce Bass Chinese Crested Dog 19
Americas Best K9 7/21/2018 Johnnie Robinson All 324
Always Bring Your Best 5/20/2018 Angel Yeung All 487
Whatadogz Spring Fling 3/7/2018 Martin Lee All 463
Whatadogz Land of the Enchanted 9/4/2017 Anthony Lara All 623
Whatadogz Paws-atively PawSome 5/17/2017 Eileen Miller All 536
Whatadogz Happy Anniversary 4/8/2017 Maura Ryan All 520
Sonshines 19th Birthday Spectacular 6/16/2008 Brian Oatman Chinese Crested Dog 34
Whatadogz 21st Anniversary Crested Show 4/18/2008 Paul Caraway Chinese Crested Dog 34
Whatadogz Be Mine Chinese Crested Specialty 2/14/2008 Jacob Dews Chinese Crested Dog 31
Whatadogz Sonshines Sixteen Bday Specalty 11/25/2007 Leif Law Chinese Crested Dog 32
Whatadogz Sonshines 18th Birthday Blast 6/16/2007 Petar Amelia Chinese Crested Dog 21
Whatadogz Happy 20th Anniversary Celebration 4/18/2007 Frederica Katalin Chinese Crested Dog 53
Whatadogz Texas Sized Crested Celebration 3/2/2007 Pat Price Chinese Crested Dog 55
Whatadogz Its My Birthday and its Special 1/8/2007 Mark Sayers Chinese Crested Dog 42
Whatadogz Thank God Its Christmas Spectacular 12/25/2006 Ryan Juliesen Chinese Crested Dog 48
Stolis 8th BDay Extravaganza 12/8/2006 Mickey Bysshe Chinese Crested Dog 66
Sonshines 15th BDay Spectacular 11/25/2006 Andy Astor Chinese Crested Dog 107
In Honor of Heros Chinese Crested Specialty 9/11/2006 Sarah Smith Chinese Crested Dog 61
Whatadogz Happy 19th Anniversary Celebration 4/18/2006 Mike Dixon Chinese Crested Dog 46
Whatadogz Be My Valentine Sweetheart CC Specialty 2/14/2006 Jared Weiderhold Chinese Crested Dog 52
Mamas Birthday Crested Bash 1/17/2006 Ryan Juliesen Chinese Crested Dog 73
Stolis Shining Star Crested Specialty 12/8/2005 Travis Hunter Chinese Crested Dog 43
Jasons Birthday Bonanza Chinese Crested Bash 11/25/2005 James Link Chinese Crested Dog 67
Whatadogz Happy Anniversary Celebration 4/29/2005 Mike Dixon All 1,114
Im So Lucky Im Irish 3/17/2005 Travis Hunter Chinese Crested Dog 64
Happy Birthday My Little Turkey Crested Specialty 11/25/2004 Donny Marsh Chinese Crested Dog 66
Sonshine Spectacular 6/16/2004 Ryan Juliesen Chinese Crested Dog 70
Happy Birthday Granpa! Chinese Crested Specialty 5/22/2004 Finn McKay Chinese Crested Dog 45
My Best Friend Chinese Crested Specialty 5/4/2004 Jared Weiderhold Chinese Crested Dog 54

Did you know?
In the United Kingdom, the international championship show Crufts was first held in 1891.