Shows Sponsored by Whatadog

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by Whatadog . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
All American K9 Extravaganza 9/21/2018 Donny Marsh All 486
Whatadogz Crested Specials Invitational 8/3/2018 Bruce Bass Chinese Crested Dog 19
Americas Best K9 7/21/2018 Johnnie Robinson All 324
Always Bring Your Best 5/20/2018 Angel Yeung All 487
Whatadogz Spring Fling 3/7/2018 Martin Lee All 463
Whatadogz Land of the Enchanted 9/4/2017 Anthony Lara All 623
Whatadogz Paws-atively PawSome 5/17/2017 Eileen Miller All 536
Whatadogz Happy Anniversary 4/8/2017 Maura Ryan All 520
Sonshines 19th Birthday Spectacular 6/16/2008 Brian Oatman Chinese Crested Dog 34
Whatadogz 21st Anniversary Crested Show 4/18/2008 Paul Caraway Chinese Crested Dog 34
Whatadogz Be Mine Chinese Crested Specialty 2/14/2008 Jacob Dews Chinese Crested Dog 31
Whatadogz Sonshines Sixteen Bday Specalty 11/25/2007 Leif Law Chinese Crested Dog 32
Whatadogz Sonshines 18th Birthday Blast 6/16/2007 Petar Amelia Chinese Crested Dog 21
Whatadogz Happy 20th Anniversary Celebration 4/18/2007 Frederica Katalin Chinese Crested Dog 53
Whatadogz Texas Sized Crested Celebration 3/2/2007 Pat Price Chinese Crested Dog 55
Whatadogz Its My Birthday and its Special 1/8/2007 Mark Sayers Chinese Crested Dog 42
Whatadogz Thank God Its Christmas Spectacular 12/25/2006 Ryan Juliesen Chinese Crested Dog 48
Stolis 8th BDay Extravaganza 12/8/2006 Mickey Bysshe Chinese Crested Dog 66
Sonshines 15th BDay Spectacular 11/25/2006 Andy Astor Chinese Crested Dog 107
In Honor of Heros Chinese Crested Specialty 9/11/2006 Sarah Smith Chinese Crested Dog 61
Whatadogz Happy 19th Anniversary Celebration 4/18/2006 Mike Dixon Chinese Crested Dog 46
Whatadogz Be My Valentine Sweetheart CC Specialty 2/14/2006 Jared Weiderhold Chinese Crested Dog 52
Mamas Birthday Crested Bash 1/17/2006 Ryan Juliesen Chinese Crested Dog 73
Stolis Shining Star Crested Specialty 12/8/2005 Travis Hunter Chinese Crested Dog 43
Jasons Birthday Bonanza Chinese Crested Bash 11/25/2005 James Link Chinese Crested Dog 67
Whatadogz Happy Anniversary Celebration 4/29/2005 Mike Dixon All 1,114
Im So Lucky Im Irish 3/17/2005 Travis Hunter Chinese Crested Dog 64
Happy Birthday My Little Turkey Crested Specialty 11/25/2004 Donny Marsh Chinese Crested Dog 66
Sonshine Spectacular 6/16/2004 Ryan Juliesen Chinese Crested Dog 70
Happy Birthday Granpa! Chinese Crested Specialty 5/22/2004 Finn McKay Chinese Crested Dog 45
My Best Friend Chinese Crested Specialty 5/4/2004 Jared Weiderhold Chinese Crested Dog 54

Did you know?
Since its centenary year in 1991, Crufts has officially been recognised as the world's largest and most prestigious dog show by the Guinness Book of Records, with a total of 22,973 dogs being exhibited that year.