Shows Sponsored by krisk

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by krisk . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Jan21.2017 GSD Specialty Show 1/21/2017 William Jones German Shepherd Dog 20
Jan17.2017 GSD Specialty Show 1/17/2017 Genevieve Cyr German Shepherd Dog 36
Jan14.2017 GSD Specialty Show 1/14/2017 Debbie Vaughn German Shepherd Dog 23
Jan10.2017 GSD Specialty Show 1/10/2017 Steven Bolton German Shepherd Dog 31
End of December GSD Specialty 12/30/2016 Anthony Lara German Shepherd Dog 48
GSD Boxing Day Specialty 12/26/2016 Crystal Ramsey German Shepherd Dog 51
GSD Christmas Specialty 12/25/2016 Richard Wilson German Shepherd Dog 49
Twas The Night Before Christmas GSD Specialty 12/24/2016 Debbie Vaughn German Shepherd Dog 53
GSD Specialty Four 12/21/2016 Maria Mohr German Shepherd Dog 55
GSD Specialty Three 12/17/2016 Myron Carlo German Shepherd Dog 52
GSD Specialty Two 12/14/2016 Randal Harris German Shepherd Dog 48
GSD Specialty One 12/12/2016 Patricia Allen German Shepherd Dog 50
Show Time GSD 12/7/2016 Maria Mohr German Shepherd Dog 45
November Ends 11/29/2016 Alexander Crossland German Shepherd Dog 29
Wrap it Up Specialty 8/30/2015 Patricia Stevens German Shepherd Dog 20
Day After Specialty 8/27/2015 Erik Morris German Shepherd Dog 19
Steppin Out 3/30/2013 Donna Fox German Shepherd Dog 22
Castle in the Clouds 3/23/2013 Thomas Moore All 125
I Believe I Can Fly 3/1/2013 Leona Kiley German Shepherd Dog 22
Steppin Out With My Baby 2/17/2013 Daniel Foster All 209
Get Moving GSDs 11/28/2006 Petar Amelia German Shepherd Dog 89
Remember Gamble 9/24/2006 Petar Amelia All 507
Lucky Day 9/7/2006 James Link Norwegian Elkhound 30
New Month Show 9/1/2006 Andy Astor All 612
Ends Here 8/30/2006 Bryan Walston Norwegian Elkhound 25
Look Mom No Hands 8/26/2006 Lean Hoeffner Norwegian Elkhound 27
Summer Shine Show 8/21/2006 Jimmy James All 608
S.Poodles Dancin In The Street 12/17/2005 Otto Oswald Standard Poodle 66
Poodles Day to Shine 12/15/2005 Petar Amelia Standard Poodle 63
Spectacular Standards 12/14/2005 Brian Oatman Standard Poodle 63
Elkhounds Time To Shine 12/1/2005 James Link Norwegian Elkhound 19
Bedlington Special 8/26/2005 Mickey Bysshe Bedlington Terrier 15
GSDs Fun In The Sun 8/3/2005 Pat Baldwin German Shepherd Dog 129
GSDs Fun In The Sun IV 8/2/2005 JT Howden German Shepherd Dog 106
GSDs Fun In The Sun III 7/28/2005 James Link German Shepherd Dog 113
GSDs Fun In The Sun II 7/26/2005 Petar Amelia German Shepherd Dog 109
July Standard Specialty VIII 7/24/2005 Holly Schroeder Standard Poodle 53
July Standard Specialty VII 7/23/2005 JT Howden Standard Poodle 44
July Standard Specialty VI 7/22/2005 Sam Moss Standard Poodle 43
July Standard Specialty V 7/21/2005 Brian Oatman Standard Poodle 45
July Standard Specialty IV 7/20/2005 Deforrest Aaren Standard Poodle 42
July Standard Specialty II 7/18/2005 Grady Aristophanes Standard Poodle 36
July Standard Specialty I 7/17/2005 Paul Caraway Standard Poodle 37
Goodbye Never Give Up 7/2/2005 Jared Weiderhold Norwegian Elkhound 28
End of The Month GSD Specialty 6/29/2005 James Link German Shepherd Dog 163
GSD Specialty 06/28/05 6/28/2005 Kerrie Orval German Shepherd Dog 69
GSD Specialty 06/27/05 6/27/2005 Finn McKay German Shepherd Dog 102
June 26th GSD Specialty 6/26/2005 Mickey Bysshe German Shepherd Dog 114
June 25th GSD Specialty 6/25/2005 Stevie Davy German Shepherd Dog 109
June 24th Specialty 6/24/2005 Mendy Menzie German Shepherd Dog 98
June 23rd Specialty 6/23/2005 Grady Aristophanes German Shepherd Dog 88
22th GSD Specialty 6/22/2005 Blake Hugh German Shepherd Dog 127
Imagine Specialty Show 6/21/2005 Lean Hoeffner Standard Poodle 49
21th GSD Specialty 6/21/2005 JT Howden German Shepherd Dog 125
19th GSD Specialty 6/19/2005 Sarah Smith German Shepherd Dog 116
NE Specialty Show 6/14/2005 Sarah Smith Norwegian Elkhound 19
Summer Storm Specialty 6/12/2005 Brian Oatman German Shepherd Dog 89
Kris B-Day GSD Specialty 5/23/2005 Mendy Menzie German Shepherd Dog 75
April Showers GSD specialty 5/22/2005 Pat Price German Shepherd Dog 68
Wolfhound Specialty 4/29/2005 Donny Marsh Irish Wolfhound 69
Xmas GSD Specialty 12/25/2004 Brian Oatman German Shepherd Dog 94
October First Elkhound Show 10/1/2004 Travis Hunter Norwegian Elkhound 24
Brothers Norwegian Elkhound Show 9/25/2004 Mark Sayers Norwegian Elkhound 23
Brothers GSD Show 9/25/2004 Mendy Menzie German Shepherd Dog 118
Norwegian Elkhound Show 8/26/2004 Amanda Young Norwegian Elkhound 25
GSD Speciality Show 8/26/2004 Mendy Menzie German Shepherd Dog 112
July Elkhound Specialty 7/7/2004 Holly Schroeder Norwegian Elkhound 19
Be Mine Retirement Show 6/26/2004 Ryan Juliesen German Shepherd Dog 68
Sweethearts GSD Specialty 2/10/2004 Holly Schroeder German Shepherd Dog 65
"Joker" Memorial GSD Specialty 2/7/2004 Holly Schroeder German Shepherd Dog 0
Feb.4/04 Norwegian Elkhound Specialty 2/4/2004 Amanda Young Norwegian Elkhound 21

Did you know?
The sit for exam is a modified version of the Stand for Exam. It is generally used in novice level classes and requires the handler to order the dog to sit and then to move away from the dog the length of the leash. The judge will then approach the dog and pet the dog's head.