Shows Sponsored by krisk

The following is a list of all shows sponsored by krisk . 

Show Date Judge Breed Entries
Jan21.2017 GSD Specialty Show 1/21/2017 William Jones German Shepherd Dog 20
Jan17.2017 GSD Specialty Show 1/17/2017 Genevieve Cyr German Shepherd Dog 36
Jan14.2017 GSD Specialty Show 1/14/2017 Debbie Vaughn German Shepherd Dog 23
Jan10.2017 GSD Specialty Show 1/10/2017 Steven Bolton German Shepherd Dog 31
End of December GSD Specialty 12/30/2016 Anthony Lara German Shepherd Dog 48
GSD Boxing Day Specialty 12/26/2016 Crystal Ramsey German Shepherd Dog 51
GSD Christmas Specialty 12/25/2016 Richard Wilson German Shepherd Dog 49
Twas The Night Before Christmas GSD Specialty 12/24/2016 Debbie Vaughn German Shepherd Dog 53
GSD Specialty Four 12/21/2016 Maria Mohr German Shepherd Dog 55
GSD Specialty Three 12/17/2016 Myron Carlo German Shepherd Dog 52
GSD Specialty Two 12/14/2016 Randal Harris German Shepherd Dog 48
GSD Specialty One 12/12/2016 Patricia Allen German Shepherd Dog 50
Show Time GSD 12/7/2016 Maria Mohr German Shepherd Dog 45
November Ends 11/29/2016 Alexander Crossland German Shepherd Dog 29
Wrap it Up Specialty 8/30/2015 Patricia Stevens German Shepherd Dog 20
Day After Specialty 8/27/2015 Erik Morris German Shepherd Dog 19
Steppin Out 3/30/2013 Donna Fox German Shepherd Dog 22
Castle in the Clouds 3/23/2013 Thomas Moore All 125
I Believe I Can Fly 3/1/2013 Leona Kiley German Shepherd Dog 22
Steppin Out With My Baby 2/17/2013 Daniel Foster All 209
Get Moving GSDs 11/28/2006 Petar Amelia German Shepherd Dog 89
Remember Gamble 9/24/2006 Petar Amelia All 507
Lucky Day 9/7/2006 James Link Norwegian Elkhound 30
New Month Show 9/1/2006 Andy Astor All 612
Ends Here 8/30/2006 Bryan Walston Norwegian Elkhound 25
Look Mom No Hands 8/26/2006 Lean Hoeffner Norwegian Elkhound 27
Summer Shine Show 8/21/2006 Jimmy James All 608
S.Poodles Dancin In The Street 12/17/2005 Otto Oswald Standard Poodle 66
Poodles Day to Shine 12/15/2005 Petar Amelia Standard Poodle 63
Spectacular Standards 12/14/2005 Brian Oatman Standard Poodle 63
Elkhounds Time To Shine 12/1/2005 James Link Norwegian Elkhound 19
Bedlington Special 8/26/2005 Mickey Bysshe Bedlington Terrier 15
GSDs Fun In The Sun 8/3/2005 Pat Baldwin German Shepherd Dog 129
GSDs Fun In The Sun IV 8/2/2005 JT Howden German Shepherd Dog 106
GSDs Fun In The Sun III 7/28/2005 James Link German Shepherd Dog 113
GSDs Fun In The Sun II 7/26/2005 Petar Amelia German Shepherd Dog 109
July Standard Specialty VIII 7/24/2005 Holly Schroeder Standard Poodle 53
July Standard Specialty VII 7/23/2005 JT Howden Standard Poodle 44
July Standard Specialty VI 7/22/2005 Sam Moss Standard Poodle 43
July Standard Specialty V 7/21/2005 Brian Oatman Standard Poodle 45
July Standard Specialty IV 7/20/2005 Deforrest Aaren Standard Poodle 42
July Standard Specialty II 7/18/2005 Grady Aristophanes Standard Poodle 36
July Standard Specialty I 7/17/2005 Paul Caraway Standard Poodle 37
Goodbye Never Give Up 7/2/2005 Jared Weiderhold Norwegian Elkhound 28
End of The Month GSD Specialty 6/29/2005 James Link German Shepherd Dog 163
GSD Specialty 06/28/05 6/28/2005 Kerrie Orval German Shepherd Dog 69
GSD Specialty 06/27/05 6/27/2005 Finn McKay German Shepherd Dog 102
June 26th GSD Specialty 6/26/2005 Mickey Bysshe German Shepherd Dog 114
June 25th GSD Specialty 6/25/2005 Stevie Davy German Shepherd Dog 109
June 24th Specialty 6/24/2005 Mendy Menzie German Shepherd Dog 98
June 23rd Specialty 6/23/2005 Grady Aristophanes German Shepherd Dog 88
22th GSD Specialty 6/22/2005 Blake Hugh German Shepherd Dog 127
Imagine Specialty Show 6/21/2005 Lean Hoeffner Standard Poodle 49
21th GSD Specialty 6/21/2005 JT Howden German Shepherd Dog 125
19th GSD Specialty 6/19/2005 Sarah Smith German Shepherd Dog 116
NE Specialty Show 6/14/2005 Sarah Smith Norwegian Elkhound 19
Summer Storm Specialty 6/12/2005 Brian Oatman German Shepherd Dog 89
Kris B-Day GSD Specialty 5/23/2005 Mendy Menzie German Shepherd Dog 75
April Showers GSD specialty 5/22/2005 Pat Price German Shepherd Dog 68
Wolfhound Specialty 4/29/2005 Donny Marsh Irish Wolfhound 69
Xmas GSD Specialty 12/25/2004 Brian Oatman German Shepherd Dog 94
October First Elkhound Show 10/1/2004 Travis Hunter Norwegian Elkhound 24
Brothers Norwegian Elkhound Show 9/25/2004 Mark Sayers Norwegian Elkhound 23
Brothers GSD Show 9/25/2004 Mendy Menzie German Shepherd Dog 118
Norwegian Elkhound Show 8/26/2004 Amanda Young Norwegian Elkhound 25
GSD Speciality Show 8/26/2004 Mendy Menzie German Shepherd Dog 112
July Elkhound Specialty 7/7/2004 Holly Schroeder Norwegian Elkhound 19
Be Mine Retirement Show 6/26/2004 Ryan Juliesen German Shepherd Dog 68
Sweethearts GSD Specialty 2/10/2004 Holly Schroeder German Shepherd Dog 65
"Joker" Memorial GSD Specialty 2/7/2004 Holly Schroeder German Shepherd Dog 0
Feb.4/04 Norwegian Elkhound Specialty 2/4/2004 Amanda Young Norwegian Elkhound 21

Did you know?
Judges are generally certified to judge one or several breeds, usually in the same group, but a few "all-breed" judges have the training and experience to judge large numbers of breeds.