Boxer Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH MHN Double Symphony 97.3 Fawn Manhattan Spirit $150
GCH CH Summerwind Midnight Rush 97.1 Flashy Brindle Summerwind Kennels $100
GCH CH Summerwind Escapade 97.1 Flashy Fawn Summerwind Kennels $100
GCH CH Summerwind Trendsetter 97.1 Brindle Summerwind Kennels $100
GCH CH KaCees Premonition 97.1 Fawn KaCee Boxers $100
GCH CH Summerwind The Midnight Hour 96.8 Flashy Brindle Summerwind Kennels $50
GCH CH KaCees Double Jeopardy 97.0 Brindle Marquise $25
CH Summerwind KaCee Black Diamond 97.0 Fawn Summerwind Kennels $100
CH KaCees Survivor 97.0 Fawn Jonagold $100
CH KaCees Primal Instinct 96.9 Fawn Jonagold $100
CH KaCees The Voyager 96.9 Fawn KaCee Boxers $100
CH KaCees Silver Spoon 96.9 Fawn Manhattan Spirit $100
CH CRA Guardian Of The Ice 96.8 White Camp Run-Amok $50
CH Summerwind Back In Black 96.9 Flashy Brindle Camp Run-Amok $50
CH CRA Prince and Heir 96.9 White Camp Run-Amok $50
KaCees Bachelor at Jonagold 96.9 Brindle Jonagold $100
StormKing Alien Invasion 96.8 Fawn Storm King $100
Kaeleer Solar Wind 96.8 Flashy Fawn Kaeleer $100
Black Diamonds Tidal Wave 97.0 Brindle ftkarens $100
KaCees Woodstock 97.0 Brindle KaCee Boxers $100
Elations Silver Light 96.9 White ElationKennels $100
Black Diamonds High Five 96.8 Flashy Fawn ftkarens $100
KaCees Globetrotter 97.1 Brindle KaCee Boxers $100
Black Diamonds In The Clouds 96.6 Brindle ftkarens $100
KaCees Even Keel 96.7 Fawn Storm King $100
Elation Monte Cappello 96.9 Flashy Fawn ElationKennels $50
GoT Rhaegal 96.3 Flashy Fawn Game of Thrones $50
KaCees Acceleration v Jonagold 96.9 Flashy Brindle Jonagold $50
Summerwind Wallstreet 97.0 Brindle Summerwind Kennels $50
Elations Brindle Hour 96.8 Brindle ElationKennels $50
Elations Coach Style 96.7 Flashy Brindle ElationKennels $50
Elations Flashy Thief 96.7 Flashy Brindle ElationKennels $50
GoT Drogon 96.0 Flashy Brindle Game of Thrones $25

Did you know?
There are about 900 breeds of sheep in the world.
The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.
Did you know?
A specialty show may be regional or national. A "Best in Show" win at a national specialty show is tremendously prestigious, indicating that the winning dog or bitch triumphed at a contest which attracted entries from the most serious fanciers of that breed in the country or continent. Some specialty shows attract international entries.