Boxer Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH KaCees Ultimate Warrior 98.5 Fawn KaCee Boxers $200
GCH CH Summerwind Double Shot 98.4 Fawn Summerwind Kennels $200
GCH CH Palmetto Chase Manhattan 98.4 Fawn Palmetto Kennels $150
GCH CH Black Diamonds Macho Man 98.4 Flashy Fawn ftkarens $150
GCH CH Black Diamonds Bob at Halcyon 98.1 Fawn Halcyon Delight $100
GCH CH HSs Special Dream 98.4 Flashy Fawn HSKennel $100
GCH CH Summerwind Midnight Edition 98.4 Flashy Brindle Summerwind Kennels $100
GCH CH Icequake Mr Kensington 98.1 Brindle Dexters Boxers $50
GCH CH Summerwind Manhattan 98.3 Flashy Brindle Dexters Boxers $50
GCH CH Summerwind Masterpiece 98.4 Fawn Bullenbeissier Boxers $25
CH Summerwind Inferno 98.4 Brindle Summerwind Kennels $200
CH Summerwind Take Notice 98.5 Fawn Summerwind Kennels $200
CH Summerwind Gathering Storm 98.3 Flashy Brindle Summerwind Kennels $150
CH Summerwind Latin Fever 98.2 Flashy Brindle Dexters Boxers $150
CH Black Diamonds Dream Machine 98.5 Flashy Brindle ftkarens $150
CH Palmetto Polar Ice 98.4 White Palmetto Kennels $150
CH Palmetto Midnight Sins 98.3 Brindle Palmetto Kennels $100
CH HSs 3:10 to Yuma 98.3 Fawn HSKennel $100
CH Halcyon Magnificence 98.3 Flashy Fawn Halcyon Delight $100
CH Dreams Get it While its Hot 98.2 Fawn Dream What May $100
CH HSs Circus Comes To Town 98.4 White Dexters Boxers $100
CH HSs Time For Another 98.2 Flashy Fawn Norris Boxers $100
CH Summerwind Midnight Shadows 98.2 Flashy Brindle Stonehill Kennels $100
CH HSs Summer Solstic 98.3 Flashy Brindle Dexters Boxers $50
CH Summerwind Bright Star Of HS 98.2 Flashy Brindle Dexters Boxers $25
CH Dexters Love Em and Leave Em 98.0 Flashy Brindle Dexters Boxers $25
CH Storybrooke Prince Charming 98.2 Flashy Fawn Storybrooke $25
Hyde Parks Rip Roaring 98.5 Brindle Hyde Park $200
Hyde Parks The Odds Are Good 98.3 Fawn Hyde Park $150
Hyde Parks Sebastian 98.3 Fawn Hyde Park $150
Hyde Parks King Cobra 98.3 Fawn Hyde Park $150
KaCees DaVinci Code 98.4 Fawn KaCee Boxers $150
KaCees One Man Band 98.1 Fawn KaCee Boxers $150
KaCees Eagle Warrior 98.4 Fawn KaCee Boxers $150
Black Diamonds Watchful Eye 98.3 Brindle ftkarens $150
Black Diamonds Bold Move 98.2 Fawn ftkarens $150
KaCees Eagle Eye 98.3 Fawn KaCee Boxers $150
KaCees Rough Rider 98.4 Fawn KaCee Boxers $150
Summerwind The Chill Factor 98.4 Flashy Fawn Summerwind Kennels $150
B Box Connoisseurs Choice 98.5 Fawn Bullenbeissier Boxers $100
B Box Renaissance Master Work 98.4 Flashy Fawn Bullenbeissier Boxers $100
Summerwind Simon at Halcyon 98.3 Brindle Halcyon Delight $100
HSs Even Temper 98.3 Flashy Brindle HSKennel $100
Palmetto Hilfiger 98.2 Fawn Palmetto Kennels $100
Black Diamonds Going Rogue 98.3 Flashy Fawn ftkarens $25
GoT A Feast For Crows 98.0 Brindle Game of Thrones $25
GoT Winter Is Coming 98.0 Fawn Game of Thrones $25
GoT Drogo 98.1 Brindle Game of Thrones $25
Dexters Best Foot Forward 98.1 Flashy Brindle Dexters Boxers $25
Storybrooke Baelfire 98.2 Flashy Brindle Storybrooke $25
Storybrooke Rumpelstiltskin 98.3 White Storybrooke $25

The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.