Boxer Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH KaCees Costa Rica 99.1 Fawn KaCee Boxers $150
GCH CH KaCees Trade Wars 99.1 Fawn KaCee Boxers $150
GCH CH Summerwind Rajin* Cajun 98.9 Brindle Summerwind Kennels $100
GCH CH Velvet`s One Direction 98.9 Brindle XiZang $100
GCH CH HSs Love To Dream 99.0 Fawn HSKennel2 $25
CH HSs Dreamcatcher 99.2 Fawn HSKennel $150
CH KaCees Triple Sized 99.0 Fawn KaCee Boxers $100
CH Kohl What Is The Price Of Fame 99.0 Fawn Grasslans** $100
CH HSs Time Moves On 99.0 Fawn Timber Creek Boxers $100
CH HSs Time To Work 99.0 Brindle HSKennel $100
CH Halcyon Puppy Pot 98.8 Flashy Fawn Halcyon Delight $100
CH Summerwind Make Mine Magic 99.0 Fawn Summerwind Kennels $100
CH Summerwind Heartbreak Hotel 98.9 Flashy Brindle Summerwind Kennels $50
CH KaCees Trade Secrets 98.9 Fawn Marquise $25
CH KaCees Ramblin Man 98.9 Fawn Marquise $25
CH Halcyon Dynamic 98.8 Fawn Halcyon Delight $25
CH Halcyon Run With the Pack 98.8 Flashy Brindle Halcyon Delight $25
CH Halcyon Toro 98.7 Fawn Halcyon Delight $25
CH Halcyon Joseph Conrad 98.9 Flashy Fawn Halcyon Delight $25
CH Summerwind Ghost Pepper 98.9 Brindle MGK Kennels $25
CH Dexters Brown Sugar Sunrise 98.9 Fawn Dexters Boxers $25
CH Dexters Steppin Out 99.0 Fawn Dexters Boxers $25
CH Halcyon Dire Straits 98.8 Fawn Halcyon Delight $25
KaCees Times Square 99.0 Fawn KaCee Boxers $150
KaCees Raise The Roof 99.0 Fawn KaCee Boxers $100
Summerwind Rogue One 99.0 Flashy Fawn Summerwind Kennels $100
KaCees Superman 99.0 Fawn KaCee Boxers $100
Storybrooke Excalibur 98.8 Fawn Storybrooke $100
Summerwind HS Walk In The Snow 99.0 Fawn Summerwind Kennels $100
Kohl Things We Do Not Mention 98.9 Brindle XiZang $100
Black Diamond Showtime 98.9 Flashy Brindle ftkarens $100
Black Diamond Sizable Stake 99.0 Flashy Fawn ftkarens $100
Storybrooke Oz 98.9 Flashy Brindle Storybrooke $50
Storybrooke Gideon 98.8 Brindle Storybrooke $50
Dexters Size Does Matter 98.7 Fawn Dexters Boxers $25
Dexters A Quarter Past 9 98.8 Fawn Dexters Boxers $25
Dexters Simply Amazing 98.9 Brindle Dexters Boxers $25
Halcyon Newness 98.8 Fawn Halcyon Delight $25
Storybrooke Crocodile 98.7 Brindle Storybrooke $25

Did you know?
The third obedience title is a UD, or "Utility Dog", which is earned through competition in the Utility obedience class