Bull Terrier Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH Amoroso En Mis Pantalones 93.6 Black & Tan King Blazzo Kennels $150
GCH CH Brickhouse Amorous Buck 92.6 Fawn northywoods $100
GCH CH Ammo Aztec Weaponry 92.7 Red Ammo $50
GCH CH Amoroso Heartbreaker 92.4 Fawn HammerBullies $50
GCH CH CDAmoroso Come Out And Play 91.9 White HammerBullies $50
GCH CH Amoroso Two Step 92.6 Black & Tan HammerBullies $50
GCH CH Amoroso Over The Top 93.6 Fawn Silk N Denim Terriers $50
CH ShelB Whiteout Wilbur 91.2 White Shelburne 2 $100
CH Brickhouse Capt Picard 92.3 Red northywoods $100
CH Brickhouse Stomper 92.2 Black & Tan northywoods $100
CH Brickhouse Promise 92.4 Fawn northywoods $100
CH Brickhouse White Russian 92.8 White northywoods $100
CH Carylls Nautilus 92.2 White Caryll $100
CH Dempseys Codger 92.5 Fawn Dempsey $100
CH Dempseys Eulogy 91.9 Fawn & White Dempsey $50
CH Hammers Dawn of the Dead 92.4 Black & Tan HammerBullies $50
CH Ammo Drawing Flak 93.0 Red Ammo $50
CH Ammo Top Gun 93.0 Black & Tan Ammo $50
CH Hammers TX Chainsaw Massacre 92.2 Black & Tan HammerBullies $50
CH Demons Drop Dead Laughing 93.1 White Newwave $25
CH Carylls Phil 92.6 Fawn Caryll $25
Ammo Howitzer 92.8 White Demon Spawn $100
Crystalline Mandrakon 92.8 White Demon Spawn $100
Demons Master Mage 92.7 White Crystal Cave $100
Demons Diesel Drive 93.2 Black & Tan Collectors Cabinet $50
Amoroso High School Dropout 92.7 White Demon Spawn $50
Ammo Tango Down 93.3 Black Tan & White Ammo $50
Ouzo Jack-a-Dandie 91.3 White Ouzo $50
Ouzo Karl 91.8 White Ouzo $50
Dempseys Frenchie 91.7 Black & Tan Dempsey $25
Blazons Black-Pearl 91.8 White Blazon Bull Terriers $25
Blazons Tinsel-Tesla 90.4 Black Tan & White Blazon Bull Terriers $25
Hammers Rolls Royce 91.9 Red HammerBullies $25
Blazons Tsutey 92.5 Red Blazon Bull Terriers $25
Blazons Made-to-Last 91.8 Fawn Blazon2 $25
Blazons Sept-Speedster 91.5 Fawn & White Blazon2 $25
Blazons Get-To-Know 91.9 Red Blazon4 $25
Blazons Hydro-Plane 91.4 White Blazon4 $25
Blazons Duece-Coupe 91.2 Black Tan & White Blazon4 $25

Did you know?
There are about 900 breeds of sheep in the world.
Did you know?
The figure 8 exercise requires the team to heel in a figure 8 pattern either on or off leash. Generally two of the ring stewards will assist the judge with this exercise by acting as "posts", standing 8 feet apart, that the team walks around to form the loops of the figure 8.
Did you know?
Additional points may be awarded to the Best of Winners, or a class dog that goes Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex, again depending on the number of dogs competing