Chihuahua Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH afterfire Fifth Harmony 94.1 Smooth Blue afterfire $50
GCH CH afterfire Rodgers Reel 93.2 Smooth Fawn Backwoods Kennel $25
GCH CH afterfire I Am The Sun 93.7 Smooth Blue afterfire $25
CH YY That is My Forte 92.7 Smooth Fawn Yippee Yahoo Kennels $100
CH YY In the Spotlight 92.9 Smooth Fawn Yippee Yahoo Kennels $50
CH YY Fire the Afterburners 92.6 Smooth Blue Yippee Yahoo Kennels $25
CH YY Night Skies 91.0 Long-Haired Black HereWeGo $25
CH afterfire One Dimension 93.6 Smooth Blue & Tan afterfire $25
CH afterfire Kingdom Of Lies 93.7 Smooth Black & Tan afterfire $25
CH afterfire One Last Night 93.8 Smooth Black afterfire $25
CH Dagum Everybody Dance Now 93.1 Smooth Fawn Backwoods Kennel $25
CH PinkChiSongOfChestnuts 92.6 Smooth Blue PinkChihuahua $25
CH afterfire Here We Are 93.7 afterfire $25
Keaira Aclepiades 91.2 Long-Haired Black Keaira $50
Dagum Orestes at Keaira 92.2 Long-Haired Black and Tan Keaira $50
BWD Blind Descent of Afterfire 92.7 Smooth Black & Tan Bennett Working Dogs $50
Keaira Ochesius 91.9 Long-Haired Blue and Tan Keaira $50
Keaira Xenophanes 55.8 Smooth Chocolate & Tan Keaira $25
Keaira Pleistarchos 91.0 Long-Haired Fawn Keaira $25
Keaira Kallikles 91.2 Long-Haired Red Keaira $25
Keaira Aeolus 49.9 Smooth Chocolate Keaira $25
HWG Reese CnT 25.8 Smooth Chocolate & Tan HereWeGo $25
HWG Morning Sunshine 89.9 Long-Haired Black and Tan HereWeGo $25
HWG River Rock C/B 34.3 Smooth Chocolate Blue HereWeGo $25
HWG Volcano LH Red 91.1 Long-Haired Red HereWeGo $25
Dagum Prince of Morals 93.3 Smooth Blue Backwoods Kennel $25
Dagum High Horse 93.4 Smooth Blue Bennett Working Dogs $25
AppleCove Peanut 26.9 Long-Haired Chocolate HereWeGo $25
HWG Granite LH C/B 35.8 Long-Haired Chocolate Blue HereWeGo $25
Keaira Radamanthos 60.1 Smooth Cream Keaira $25
YY Grand Symphony 93.1 Smooth Fawn Yippee Yahoo Kennels $25
Keaira Pheidippides 59.8 Smooth Chocolate Blue Keaira $25
Keaira Cytorissos 91.9 Smooth Red Keaira $25
Keaira Abascantus 55.0 Long-Haired Chocolate Keaira $25
Keaira Helgesippos 58.1 Long-Haired Chocolate Blue and Tan Keaira $25
PinkChiStylist 92.4 Smooth Black & Tan PinkChihuahua $25
afterfire The Fall Of Men 93.8 afterfire $25
BWD Thriller of Afterfire 92.6 Smooth Black & Tan Bennett Working Dogs $25
BWD Perfect Execution 92.9 Smooth Black Bennett Working Dogs $25
BWD Firewater 92.3 Smooth Blue Gordon Working Dogs $25
GW Superstorm 92.1 Smooth Blue & Tan Gordon Working Dogs $25
GW Fire Line 92.7 Smooth Blue & Tan Gordon Working Dogs $25
YY Clouds in The Sky 89.2 Long-Haired Blue HereWeGo $25
HWG Thunderclouds Blk/Tan 63.0 Smooth Black & Tan HereWeGo $25
HWG Ice Cream 39.4 Smooth Cream HereWeGo $25
PinkChiBrightonBoy 92.4 Smooth Blue PinkChihuahua $25
PinkChiHappyMan 92.3 Smooth Blue PinkChihuahua $25
PinkChiBrightFuture 92.6 Smooth Fawn PinkChihuahua $25
PinkChiNewStart 92.8 Smooth Blue PinkChihuahua $25
YY Crash N Burn 91.9 Smooth Blue & Tan $25
YY Sea Of No Cares 92.3 Smooth Black & Tan $25
HWG Milk Chocolate CB 13.2 Smooth Chocolate Blue HereWeGo $25
HWG Pepper Black 46.0 Long-Haired Black HereWeGo $25
HWG Frappucino CBnT 8.7 Smooth Chocolate Blue and Tan HereWeGo $25
HWG Fuzzybutt CBnT 6.3 Long-Haired Chocolate Blue and Tan HereWeGo $25
Dagum Jinkies 93.1 Smooth Blue & Tan Yippee Yahoo Kennels $25
YY Blue Blood 91.3 Smooth Blue Yippee Yahoo Kennels $25

Did you know?
A specialty show may be regional or national. A "Best in Show" win at a national specialty show is tremendously prestigious, indicating that the winning dog or bitch triumphed at a contest which attracted entries from the most serious fanciers of that breed in the country or continent. Some specialty shows attract international entries.