Dachshund Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH Amethyst Hard Game Of Love 96.0 Isabella & Tan (WH) Lace Dreams $100
GCH CH Amethyst Little Joe 96.1 Red (WH) Lace Dreams $100
GCH CH Amoroso Smooth Ride 95.9 Red (WH) Carolyn $50
GCH CH Amoroso Street Cred 96.3 Red (WH) Amoroso $50
GCH CH Shining Movin On Up 96.3 Chocolate & Tan (WH) Narnia $50
GCH CH Carnewf Spitfire 95.8 Chocolate & Tan (WH) Carolyn $50
GCH CH Masterfull Your Hired 95.8 Red (WH) Rivertown $25
CH Sparkling King of the Streets 96.6 Wildboar (WH) Sparkling Pistachio $50
CH Tikis Banana Joe 95.2 Red Sable (LH) TufENuf $50
CH Shining Dopey 96.1 Wildboar (WH) Narnia $50
CH Amethyst Hey Joe 95.9 Red (WH) Lace Dreams $50
CH Masterfull In For Life 95.8 Chocolate & Tan (WH) Rivertown $25
CH Carnewf Cecil 96.0 Red (WH) Carolyn $25
Tikis On Time 93.4 Red Sable (LH) TufENuf $50
Tikis Big Bro 94.7 Red Sable (LH) TufENuf $50
Astoria Flash of Lightning 96.1 Red (WH) Astoria2 $50
Astoria Night on the Town 96.2 Isabella & Tan (WH) Astoria2 $50
Tikis For Fame 94.2 Red Sable (LH) TufENuf $50
Amethyst Soft Lips 94.6 Chocolate & Tan (SH) Kiss Of Summer $25
Amethyst Captain Good Times 94.1 Wildboar (SH) Kiss Of Summer $25
Amethyst A Thing Called Love 94.1 Wildboar (SH) Kiss Of Summer $25
Amethyst Friday Night In Dixie 95.8 Isabella & Tan (WH) Kiss Of Summer $25
Rivertown Twin ORama 95.9 Wildboar (WH) Rivertown $25
Rivertown Clam Bake 96.0 Wildboar (WH) Rivertown $25
Amethyst Blood On My Hands 94.4 Chocolate & Tan (SH) Kiss Of Summer $25
Carnewf Reese 95.8 Red (WH) Carolyn $25
Amethyst Nothing But The Blood 95.5 Red (LH) Lace Dreams $25
Amethyst Carolina Morning 96.1 Red (LH) Lace Dreams $25

Did you know?
The third obedience title is a UD, or "Utility Dog", which is earned through competition in the Utility obedience class