Dachshund Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH Amoroso Nightmare Before Xmas 93.7 Isabella & Tan (WH) Amoroso $50
GCH CH Astoria Breakthrough 93.1 Black & Tan (WH) Astoria2 $50
GCH CH Astoria Triple Threat 93.3 Blue & Tan (WH) Astoria2 $50
GCH CH **SD Rise n Shine 93.1 Red (WH) Sizzling Danes $50
GCH CH **SD Stratagy 93.3 Red (WH) Sizzling Danes $25
GCH CH Gief Reborn 92.8 Red (WH) gief $25
CH Shining Vanderbilt 93.5 Black & Tan (WH) Narnia $100
CH Shining Stallone 93.4 Red (WH) Narnia $100
CH **SD Blizzard 93.6 Red (WH) Sizzling Danes $100
CH Astoria Pushing Daisies 93.8 Blue & Tan (WH) Astoria2 $50
CH Carons Simply Simon 92.5 Wildboar (WH) Cwm Ddu $50
CH Gief Taratata 93.0 Blue & Tan (WH) gief $25
CH Carnewf Trooper 92.9 Blue & Cream (WH) Carolyn $25
Shining Boca 93.3 Wildboar (WH) Narnia $50
Narnias Grunt 93.1 Red (WH) Narnia $50
Narnias Warhol 93.1 Red (WH) Narnia $50
Carons Iolo 92.1 Wildboar (WH) Cwm Ddu $50
Carons American Idol 92.8 Chocolate & Tan (WH) Cwm Ddu $50
Carons Wild Cherry 92.9 Isabella & Tan (WH) Cwm Ddu $50
Smiling Brindle Boy 19.8 Black & Tan Brindle (LH) linlin23 $25
Starlights Atlas 92.6 Black & Tan (WH) Starlight Dachshunds $25
AgilWn White Chocolate 29.0 Chocolate & Cream Dapple (SH) AgilWn $25
Vivente Smooth Chocolate 91.1 Chocolate & Tan Dapple (SH) AgilWn $25
AgilWn Wishin Wild 62.6 Wildboar (SH) AgilWn $25
Amoroso Rock Around The Clock 92.2 Red Sable (LH) Amoroso $25
AgilWn Abra Cadabra 53.4 Isabella & Cream Dapple (LH) AgilWn $25
AgilWn The Magician 54.6 Blue & Tan Dapple (SH) AgilWn $25
AgilWn Chocolate Flame 68.7 Cream Sable (LH) AgilWn $25
Carons Freeway 92.3 Chocolate & Tan (WH) Cwm Ddu $25
Carnewf Bredly 92.5 Red (WH) Carolyn $25
Carnewf Up N On 92.8 Red (WH) Carolyn $25
Nephrite Lets Get Happy 92.4 Blue & Tan (WH) Starlight Dachshunds $25
Starlights Not About Angels 91.5 Cream Sable (LH) Starlight Dachshunds $25

Did you know?
There are about 900 breeds of sheep in the world.
Did you know?
In the United Kingdom, the international championship show Crufts was first held in 1891.
Did you know?
In the American Kennel Club, a dog needs 15 points to become a Champion, with each win gaining anywhere from zero to five points depending on the number of dogs competing and the area where the show is held.