Flat-Coated Retriever Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH Patricks Solo 92.4 Liver Patrick Kennels $50
GCH CH UDKioti Nautical Mile 91.2 Black Kioti $25
GCH CH Whitegold Sir George Carew 91.4 Liver Whitegold $25
GCH CH Patricks William 92.1 Liver Patrick Kennels $25
CH JD Cocopuff 91.1 Liver jdoyle $50
CH JD Rocky Road 91.6 Liver jdoyle $50
CH UDCravens American Pharoah 91.0 Black Kioti $25
CH Whitegold Three Blind Mice 91.6 Liver Whitegold $25
CH Whitegold Man Overboard 91.2 Black Whitegold $25
Solomons Calico 91.4 Liver Bernecliff $50
Whitegold Lordly 91.0 Liver Whitegold $25
Carnewf Nu 91.4 Black Carolyn $25
Whitegold Tossed Around 91.4 Liver Whitegold $25
Whitegold Stiff Neck 90.5 Liver Whitegold $25

Did you know?
There are about 900 breeds of sheep in the world.
Did you know?
A specialty show is a dog show which reviews a single breed, unlike other dog shows, particularly conformation shows, which are generally referred to as "all-breed" because they are open to all breeds recognized by the sponsoring kennel club.
Did you know?
A conformation dog show is not a comparison of one dog to another but a comparison of each dog to a judge's mental image of the ideal breed type as outlined in the individual breed's breed standard.