Standard Poodle Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH Treun Darth Vader 98.6 Black Treun $150
GCH CH Treun Avalanche 98.5 Cream Treun $100
GCH CH BK Hello From The Other Side.! 98.5 Brown Boodie Kennels $100
GCH CH BK Always Stay Bright By Suvay 98.4 White Boodie Kennels $100
GCH CH Valiente Storm Trooper 98.6 Cream Valiente $100
GCH CH Envisage Nocturne 98.5 Cream Envisage $100
GCH CH Beach Dunes Heartbreaker 98.4 Cream Beach Dunes $50
CH BK You Look Like A Movie.! 98.4 Brown pemdane $200
CH Senkrah mind games 97.5 Blue Senkrah $100
CH CDSundance Mind Your Manners 97.6 Black Senkrah $100
CH KaPri Moon Shadow 98.5 Cream KaPri $100
CH JustAbout Amazing Argus 98.3 Cream Just About Farms $100
CH JustAbout Hot Bench 98.1 Cream Just About Farms $100
CH JustAbout Shades of Trust 98.4 Apricot Just About Farms $100
CH Kalynda Define Yourself 98.4 Cafe Au Lait Envisage $100
CH BK Hello With Love 98.5 Brown Envisage $100
CH BK No Oui Without You And I.! 98.6 Blue Boodie Kennels $100
CH BK Water Under The Bridge.! 98.6 Cream Boodie Kennels $50
CH BK Clearly Doesnt Tear U Apart 98.5 Cafe Au Lait Pinkz Poodlz $50
CH Senkrah escape to the country 97.7 Cream Senkrah $50
CH CDKalyndas May The Force 98.4 Blue Senkrah $50
CH Beach Dunes Thunder Bolt 98.5 Apricot Beach Dunes $50
CH Kalyndas Magic Club 98.5 Cream Pinkz Poodlz $50
CH PP Hes All That 98.4 Cream Pinkz Poodlz $50
RMK Waking Dream 98.7 Cream Rocky Mt. Kennel $200
RMK Head of the Class 98.5 Cream Rocky Mt. Kennel $100
Treun Lucifer 98.5 Black Breacan $100
Beach Dunes If You Do 98.6 Blue Beach Dunes $100
Lottie-Da Wookie 98.6 Brown Lottie-Da $100
Treun Banker 98.6 Cream Treun $100
RMK Flashing Lights 98.6 Cream Lottie-Da $100
Lottie-Da Uppity Jump 97.1 Cream Lottie-Da $50
Lottie-Da Oh Anakin 98.5 Cream Lottie-Da $50
Lottie-Da Both 98.5 Cream Lottie-Da $50
Lottie-Da Mos Eisley Cantina 98.4 Cream Lottie-Da $50
Envisage Jeepers Keepers 98.3 White Envisage $50
Kalyndas Class Clown 98.5 Cream Kalynda $50
Lottie-Da That Was Scary 98.4 Apricot Lottie-Da $50
Noverias Dreaming Big Again 98.2 Cream Noveria $25
Beach Dunes Take Me Down 98.5 Brown Beach Dunes $25
GSK Take It Easy Man 98.4 White Grand Strand Kennels $25
CotedAzur Dauphin de Viennois 98.1 Cream Pom Adore $25
GSK Break Over 98.2 Silver Grand Strand Kennels $25

Did you know?
At least two wins must be a set of three or more points ("majors"), under two different judges; at least one additional win under a third judge is also required.