Show Record - Shining Rusty

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Show Handler Placing Judge
Alchemy 35 - (Puppy) Julie Patton Best of Opposite Sex
(3 pts)
Andrew Nicholson 8/18/2017
Summer Sun Show - (Puppy) Jessa McKinnley Best of Opposite Sex
(2 pts)
Debbie Vaughn 8/19/2017
Clwyds Mid Summer All Breed Show - (Puppy) Bob Golub Best in Breed
(5 pts)
Crystal Ramsey 8/20/2017
Summer Holiday 4 - (Puppy) Roxanne Leatherwood Best in Breed
(2 pts)
William Hernandez 8/21/2017
Steph It Up - (Puppy) Ellen Schroeder Best of Opposite Sex
(1 pts)
William Hernandez 8/22/2017
Ozlok All Breed 3 - (Puppy) Julie Patton 2nd in Group
(5 pts)
Scott Pham 8/23/2017
Highland Games 77 - (Champions) Jessa McKinnley Best of Opposite Sex
(1 GC pts)
Brandon Gagnon 8/24/2017
Aardvark Retirement Show - (Champions) Greg Alexander Best in Breed
(5 GC pts)
Scott Jackson 8/25/2017
August 2017 World Cup - (Champions) Owner 4th in Breed Randal Harris 8/31/2017

Entries that resulted in less than Best in Breed are deleted after two months.

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The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.