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Show Handler Placing Judge
Never Forget - (Puppy) Dan Adams 2nd in Class Carlos Spann 9/2/2019
Seasar All Breed 67 - (Puppy) Flozell Tucker 2nd in Class Bryan Walston 9/3/2019
Seasar All Breed 68 - (Puppy) Reberol Pattison 2nd in Class Charlene Spiegel 9/4/2019
KDH All Breed 84 - (Puppy) Robert Pouk 3rd in Breed
(2 pts)
Brooks Wasson 9/5/2019
Are you ready for some football - (Puppy) Jene Moak Reserve Winners Bitch Earl Feinstein 9/6/2019
Stop tossing cash at it - (Puppy) Huntert Dawe 3rd in Breed
(2 pts)
Jared Weiderhold 9/7/2019
KDH All Breed 86 - (Puppy) Bill Meyer 3rd in Breed
(1 pts)
Deforrest Aaren 9/8/2019
Pekellen All Breed Show V - (Puppy) Robert Pouk Best of Opposite Sex
(1 pts)
Gloria Driscoll 9/9/2019
KDH All Breed 88 - (Puppy) Jos Harter Best of Opposite Sex
(2 pts)
Raymond Valdez 9/11/2019
Krieghund Summer Show 21 - (Puppy) Ellen Schroeder Best of Opposite Sex
(3 pts)
Gregg Merrill 9/12/2019
All Breeds Spectacular 47 - (Puppy) Owner 2nd in Class Colton Kunkle 9/14/2019
Seasar All Breed 72 - (Puppy) Greg Alexander Best of Opposite Sex
(3 pts)
Kevin Taylor 9/16/2019
Rossetts Sept 17 All Breed Show - (Puppy) Logan Ray Reserve Winners Bitch Elliott Mcclean 9/17/2019
GaylanStudio 2019-09-18 All Breed Show - (1 to 1 1/2 Months) Roxanne Leatherwood Best of Opposite Sex
(2 pts)
Patrick Tatum 9/18/2019
Rivacre September Show - (Champions) Maret Gentile 4th in Breed Kristen Wiggs 9/19/2019
Seasar All Breed 74 - (Champions) Owner DNP Maria Hopkins 9/20/2019
RKs True Love - (Champions) Owner DNP Maura Ryan 9/25/2019
September 2019 World Cup - (Champions) Owner 4th in Breed Stevie Davy 9/30/2019
GaylanStudio 2019-10-01 All Breed Show - (Champions) Bob Golub 4th in Breed Chad Hill 10/1/2019
Happy Birthday to Rivacre - (Champions) Owner Best in Breed
(5 GC pts)
Chad Hill 10/2/2019
All Breeds Spectacular 50 - (Champions) Owner DNP Andrew Nicholson 10/3/2019
All Breeds Spectacular 51 - (Champions) Owner Best in Breed
(5 GC pts)
Gerry Salazar 10/4/2019
All Breeds Spectacular 52 - (Champions) Owner 3rd in Breed Barbara Munoz 10/5/2019
GaylanStudio 2019-10-06 All Breed Show - (Champions) Kristen Gowin Best in Breed
(5 GC pts)
Kurt Harvin 10/6/2019
October 2019 P.B.G.V Nationals - (Champions) Owner 4th in Specialty Show Hugo Cazares 10/7/2019
Decoys All Breed 11 - (Champions) Owner Best of Opposite Sex
(2 GC pts)
Rosa Collins 10/8/2019
Cks dallas jamboree - (Champions) Owner 2nd in Breed Stevie Davy 10/9/2019
GaylanStudio 2019-10-10 All Breed Show - (Champions) Ellen Schroeder Best in Breed
(5 GC pts)
Leif Law 10/10/2019
All Breeds Spectacular 56 - (Champions) Owner Best of Opposite Sex
(2 GC pts)
Maria Brandt 10/11/2019
- Taylynn All Breed 22 - - (Champions) Jessa McKinnley Best of Opposite Sex
(2 GC pts)
Paul Perry 10/12/2019
Australian All Breed 3 - (Champions) Owner 4th in Breed Forest Gillespie 10/13/2019
Under the Southern Cross 9 - (Champions) Owner DNP Blake Hugh 10/14/2019
- Taylynn All Breed 23 - - (Champions) Owner DNP Maria Hopkins 10/15/2019
KDH All Breed 103 - (Champions) Owner DNP Kathy Schoonover 10/16/2019
October 2019 World Cup
(Current Entries)
Owner Gerry Salazar 10/31/2019

Entries that resulted in less than Best in Breed are deleted after two months.

**Show dates for entries are updated once per hour.  If the dates for some of your entries show up as N/A please check back in an hour or two.

Did you know?
A specialty show may be regional or national. A "Best in Show" win at a national specialty show is tremendously prestigious, indicating that the winning dog or bitch triumphed at a contest which attracted entries from the most serious fanciers of that breed in the country or continent. Some specialty shows attract international entries.