Spanish Water Dog Colors

Color Examples

Beige & White w/Black Nose

Beige & White w/Brown Nose

Beige w/Black Nose

Beige w/Brown Nose


Black & White


White & Beige w/Black Nose

White & Beige w/Brown Nose

White & Black

White & Brown

White w/Black Nose

White w/Brown Nose

Brown & White

Color Genes

Color ABES
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESiSw
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSiSw
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSiSw
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESiSw
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSiSw
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSiSw
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESiSi
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESiSw
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSiSi
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSiSw
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSiSi
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSiSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSSw
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESS
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESSi
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESSw
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSS
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSSi
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSSw
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSS
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSSi
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSSw
Black AABbEeSS
Black AABbEeSSi
Black AABbEeSSw
Black AAyBBEeSSi
Black AAyBBEeSSw
Black AAyBbEESSi
Black AAyBbEESSw
Black AAyBbEeSS
Black AAyBbEeSSi
Black AAyBbEeSSw
Black & White AABBEESiSi
Black & White AABBEESiSw
Black & White AABBEeSiSi
Black & White AABBEeSiSw
Black & White AABbEESiSi
Black & White AABbEESiSw
Black & White AABbEeSiSi
Black & White AABbEeSiSw
Black & White AAyBBEESiSi
Black & White AAyBBEESiSw
Black & White AAyBBEeSiSi
Black & White AAyBBEeSiSw
Black & White AAyBbEESiSi
Black & White AAyBbEESiSw
Black & White AAyBbEeSiSi
Black & White AAyBbEeSiSw
Brown AAbbEESS
Brown AAbbEESSi
Brown AAbbEESSw
Brown AAbbEeSS
Brown AAbbEeSSi
Brown AAbbEeSSw
Brown AAybbEESS
Brown AAybbEESSi
Brown AAybbEESSw
Brown AAybbEeSS
Brown AAybbEeSSi
Brown AAybbEeSSw
Brown & White AAbbEESiSi
Brown & White AAbbEESiSw
Brown & White AAbbEeSiSi
Brown & White AAbbEeSiSw
Brown & White AAybbEESiSi
Brown & White AAybbEESiSw
Brown & White AAybbEeSiSi
Brown & White AAybbEeSiSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESwSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSwSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSwSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESwSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSwSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSwSw
White & Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESwSw
White & Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSwSw
White & Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSwSw
White & Black AABBEESwSw
White & Black AABBEeSwSw
White & Black AABbEESwSw
White & Black AABbEeSwSw
White & Black AAyBBEESwSw
White & Black AAyBBEeSwSw
White & Black AAyBbEESwSw
White & Black AAyBbEeSwSw
White & Brown AAbbEESwSw
White & Brown AAbbEeSwSw
White & Brown AAybbEESwSw
White & Brown AAybbEeSwSw
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSiSi
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSiSw
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSS
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSSi
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSSw
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSwSw
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSiSi
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSiSw
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSS
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSSi
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSSw
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSwSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSiSi
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSiSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSS
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSSi
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSwSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSiSi
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSiSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSS
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSSi
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSwSw
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSiSi
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSiSw
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSS
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSSi
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSSw
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSwSw
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSiSi
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSiSw
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSS
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSSi
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSSw
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSwSw

Did you know?
The two largest American dog shows after Westminster are the National Dog Show (which is televised on Thanksgiving Day by NBC, usually after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.