Spanish Water Dog Colors

Color Examples

Beige & White w/Black Nose

Beige & White w/Brown Nose

Beige w/Black Nose

Beige w/Brown Nose


Black & White


White & Beige w/Black Nose

White & Beige w/Brown Nose

White & Black

White & Brown

White w/Black Nose

White w/Brown Nose

Brown & White

Color Genes

Color ABES
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESiSw
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSiSw
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSiSw
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESiSw
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSiSw
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSiSi
Beige & White w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSiSw
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESiSi
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESiSw
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSiSi
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSiSw
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSiSi
Beige & White w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSiSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSSw
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSS
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSSi
Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSSw
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESS
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESSi
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESSw
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSS
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSSi
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSSw
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSS
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSSi
Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSSw
Black AABbEeSS
Black AABbEeSSi
Black AABbEeSSw
Black AAyBBEeSSi
Black AAyBBEeSSw
Black AAyBbEESSi
Black AAyBbEESSw
Black AAyBbEeSS
Black AAyBbEeSSi
Black AAyBbEeSSw
Black & White AABBEESiSi
Black & White AABBEESiSw
Black & White AABBEeSiSi
Black & White AABBEeSiSw
Black & White AABbEESiSi
Black & White AABbEESiSw
Black & White AABbEeSiSi
Black & White AABbEeSiSw
Black & White AAyBBEESiSi
Black & White AAyBBEESiSw
Black & White AAyBBEeSiSi
Black & White AAyBBEeSiSw
Black & White AAyBbEESiSi
Black & White AAyBbEESiSw
Black & White AAyBbEeSiSi
Black & White AAyBbEeSiSw
Brown AAbbEESS
Brown AAbbEESSi
Brown AAbbEESSw
Brown AAbbEeSS
Brown AAbbEeSSi
Brown AAbbEeSSw
Brown AAybbEESS
Brown AAybbEESSi
Brown AAybbEESSw
Brown AAybbEeSS
Brown AAybbEeSSi
Brown AAybbEeSSw
Brown & White AAbbEESiSi
Brown & White AAbbEESiSw
Brown & White AAbbEeSiSi
Brown & White AAbbEeSiSw
Brown & White AAybbEESiSi
Brown & White AAybbEESiSw
Brown & White AAybbEeSiSi
Brown & White AAybbEeSiSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEESwSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBEeSwSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBBeeSwSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEESwSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbEeSwSw
White & Beige w/Black Nose AyAyBbeeSwSw
White & Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEESwSw
White & Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbEeSwSw
White & Beige w/Brown Nose AyAybbeeSwSw
White & Black AABBEESwSw
White & Black AABBEeSwSw
White & Black AABbEESwSw
White & Black AABbEeSwSw
White & Black AAyBBEESwSw
White & Black AAyBBEeSwSw
White & Black AAyBbEESwSw
White & Black AAyBbEeSwSw
White & Brown AAbbEESwSw
White & Brown AAbbEeSwSw
White & Brown AAybbEESwSw
White & Brown AAybbEeSwSw
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSiSi
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSiSw
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSS
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSSi
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSSw
White w/Black Nose AABBeeSwSw
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSiSi
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSiSw
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSS
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSSi
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSSw
White w/Black Nose AABbeeSwSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSiSi
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSiSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSS
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSSi
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBBeeSwSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSiSi
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSiSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSS
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSSi
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSSw
White w/Black Nose AAyBbeeSwSw
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSiSi
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSiSw
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSS
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSSi
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSSw
White w/Brown Nose AAbbeeSwSw
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSiSi
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSiSw
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSS
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSSi
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSSw
White w/Brown Nose AAybbeeSwSw

The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.