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Breeding Your Dogs

Breeding Your Dogs
Naming Standards
Whelping and Show Bitches
Stud Approvals
Genetics on Showdog.com
Puppy Stats
Placing Dogs Up for Stud
Average Litter Size
COI % and Inbreeding
Gestation period
Pregnancy Limit

Buying/Selling Dogs

Offer to Buy a Dog
Selling A Dog
Reasons You May Be Unable to Offer On A Dog
Reclaiming Dogs
Dog Purchase Limits Between Accounts
Limits on Sales Between Accounts


Obedience Trial Entry Limits
Training for Obedience Events

Getting Started

Simulation Rules
Dog Traits
Common Abbreviations
Simulation Time Frame
Introduction for Premium Users
Introduction for Basic Users
Getting Your First Dogs
When Other Users Refuse Your Offers on Dogs . . .
Sending Dogs to Forever Homes
Dog Limits
Staying Out of Debt


Archival Policy
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Chat Room
The Alpha Dog Forum
Deleting Accounts/Cancelling Subscriptions
Copyright Infringement
Etiquette on ShowDog.com
ShowDog.com Kennel Sitting Policy
All-Breed Show Sponsorship Costs
Sire Merits
Looking Up Unnamed Dogs
Dam Merits
Customizing Your Kennel
Breed Rankings

Raising Your Dogs

Exercising Your Dogs
Grooming Your Dogs
Dog Food Prices
Dog Food Suppliers
Raising A Dog's Condition
The Retirement Couch
Dogs in Abandoned/Banned Kennels
Call Names
Feeding Your Dogs
Why Certain Breeds Take Longer to Session
Session Trading
Bulk Session Tool
Dutch Auctions
Removing Dogs from Over the Limit Basic Kennels
Dog Death
Kennel Assistants

Showing Your Dogs

Show Dog Age Limits
Schedule of Points
Show Entry Limits
Show Entry Fees and Payouts
Show Placings
Showdog.com World Cup
Entering Shows
Dog Show Classes
Finishing a Championship
Telling If A Dog Is Show Quality
All-Breed and Specialty Shows
Standards of Points
Entry Cancellation Fees
Excessive Handler Usage Fee
Adding Payouts
National Specialties
Ring Dismissal
Show Judging
Using Handlers
Judge Personality Traits
Earning Titles
Invitational Dog Shows


Upgrading to Family
Changing Paypal Funding Source

Did you know?
Additional points may be awarded to the Best of Winners, or a class dog that goes Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex, again depending on the number of dogs competing