Whippet Colors

Color Examples

Color Genes

Color CDKS
Black CCchDdKKSS
Black CCchDdKKSSi
Black CCchDdKKSSp
Black CCchDdKKSSw
Black CchCchDDKKSS
Black CchCchDDKKSSi
Black CchCchDDKKSSp
Black CchCchDDKKSSw
Black CchCchDdKKSS
Black CchCchDdKKSSi
Black CchCchDdKKSSp
Black CchCchDdKKSSw
Black Brindle CCDDKbrKbrSS
Black Brindle CCDDKbrKbrSSi
Black Brindle CCDDKbrKbrSSp
Black Brindle CCDDKbrKbrSSw
Black Brindle CCDdKbrKbrSS
Black Brindle CCDdKbrKbrSSi
Black Brindle CCDdKbrKbrSSp
Black Brindle CCDdKbrKbrSSw
Black Brindle CCchDDKbrKbrSS
Black Brindle CCchDDKbrKbrSSi
Black Brindle CCchDDKbrKbrSSp
Black Brindle CCchDDKbrKbrSSw
Black Brindle CCchDdKbrKbrSS
Black Brindle CCchDdKbrKbrSSi
Black Brindle CCchDdKbrKbrSSp
Black Brindle CCchDdKbrKbrSSw
Black Brindle CchCchDDKbrKbrSS
Black Brindle CchCchDDKbrKbrSSi
Black Brindle CchCchDDKbrKbrSSp
Black Brindle CchCchDDKbrKbrSSw
Black Brindle CchCchDdKbrKbrSS
Black Brindle CchCchDdKbrKbrSSi
Black Brindle CchCchDdKbrKbrSSp
Black Brindle CchCchDdKbrKbrSSw
Black Brindle Irish Marked CCDDKbrKbrSiSi
Black Brindle Irish Marked CCDDKbrKbrSiSw
Black Brindle Irish Marked CCDdKbrKbrSiSi
Black Brindle Irish Marked CCDdKbrKbrSiSw
Black Brindle Irish Marked CCchDDKbrKbrSiSi
Black Brindle Irish Marked CCchDDKbrKbrSiSw
Black Brindle Irish Marked CCchDdKbrKbrSiSi
Black Brindle Irish Marked CCchDdKbrKbrSiSw
Black Brindle Irish Marked CchCchDDKbrKbrSiSi
Black Brindle Irish Marked CchCchDDKbrKbrSiSw
Black Brindle Irish Marked CchCchDdKbrKbrSiSi
Black Brindle Irish Marked CchCchDdKbrKbrSiSw
Black Brindle Particolour CCDDKbrKbrSiSp
Black Brindle Particolour CCDDKbrKbrSpSp
Black Brindle Particolour CCDDKbrKbrSpSw
Black Brindle Particolour CCDdKbrKbrSiSp
Black Brindle Particolour CCDdKbrKbrSpSp
Black Brindle Particolour CCDdKbrKbrSpSw
Black Brindle Particolour CCchDDKbrKbrSiSp
Black Brindle Particolour CCchDDKbrKbrSpSp
Black Brindle Particolour CCchDDKbrKbrSpSw
Black Brindle Particolour CCchDdKbrKbrSiSp
Black Brindle Particolour CCchDdKbrKbrSpSp
Black Brindle Particolour CCchDdKbrKbrSpSw
Black Brindle Particolour CchCchDDKbrKbrSiSp
Black Brindle Particolour CchCchDDKbrKbrSpSp
Black Brindle Particolour CchCchDDKbrKbrSpSw
Black Brindle Particolour CchCchDdKbrKbrSiSp
Black Brindle Particolour CchCchDdKbrKbrSpSp
Black Brindle Particolour CchCchDdKbrKbrSpSw
Black Irish Marked CCDDKKSiSi
Black Irish Marked CCDDKKSiSw
Black Irish Marked CCDdKKSiSi
Black Irish Marked CCDdKKSiSw
Black Irish Marked CCchDDKKSiSi
Black Irish Marked CCchDDKKSiSw
Black Irish Marked CCchDdKKSiSi
Black Irish Marked CCchDdKKSiSw
Black Irish Marked CchCchDDKKSiSi
Black Irish Marked CchCchDDKKSiSw
Black Irish Marked CchCchDdKKSiSi
Black Irish Marked CchCchDdKKSiSw
Black Particolour CCDDKKSiSp
Black Particolour CCDDKKSpSp
Black Particolour CCDDKKSpSw
Black Particolour CCDdKKSiSp
Black Particolour CCDdKKSpSp
Black Particolour CCDdKKSpSw
Black Particolour CCchDDKKSiSp
Black Particolour CCchDDKKSpSp
Black Particolour CCchDDKKSpSw
Black Particolour CCchDdKKSiSp
Black Particolour CCchDdKKSpSp
Black Particolour CCchDdKKSpSw
Black Particolour CchCchDDKKSiSp
Black Particolour CchCchDDKKSpSp
Black Particolour CchCchDDKKSpSw
Black Particolour CchCchDdKKSiSp
Black Particolour CchCchDdKKSpSp
Black Particolour CchCchDdKKSpSw
Blue CCddKKSSi
Blue CCddKKSSp
Blue CCddKKSSw
Blue CCddKkSS
Blue CCddKkSSi
Blue CCddKkSSp
Blue CCddKkSSw
Blue CCchddKKSS
Blue CCchddKKSSi
Blue CCchddKKSSp
Blue CCchddKKSSw
Blue CCchddKkSS
Blue CCchddKkSSi
Blue CCchddKkSSp
Blue CCchddKkSSw
Blue CchCchddKKSS
Blue CchCchddKKSSi
Blue CchCchddKKSSp
Blue CchCchddKKSSw
Blue Brindle CCddKbrKbrSS
Blue Brindle CCddKbrKbrSSi
Blue Brindle CCddKbrKbrSSp
Blue Brindle CCddKbrKbrSSw
Blue Brindle CCchddKbrKbrSS
Blue Brindle CCchddKbrKbrSSi
Blue Brindle CCchddKbrKbrSSp
Blue Brindle CCchddKbrKbrSSw
Blue Brindle CchCchddKbrKbrSS
Blue Brindle CchCchddKbrKbrSSi
Blue Brindle CchCchddKbrKbrSSp
Blue Brindle CchCchddKbrKbrSSw
Blue Brindle Irish Marked CCddKbrKbrSiSi
Blue Brindle Irish Marked CCddKbrKbrSiSw
Blue Brindle Irish Marked CCchddKbrKbrSiSi
Blue Brindle Irish Marked CCchddKbrKbrSiSw
Blue Brindle Irish Marked CchCchddKbrKbrSiSi
Blue Brindle Irish Marked CchCchddKbrKbrSiSw
Blue Brindle Particolour CCddKbrKbrSiSp
Blue Brindle Particolour CCddKbrKbrSpSp
Blue Brindle Particolour CCddKbrKbrSpSw
Blue Brindle Particolour CCchddKbrKbrSiSp
Blue Brindle Particolour CCchddKbrKbrSpSp
Blue Brindle Particolour CCchddKbrKbrSpSw
Blue Brindle Particolour CchCchddKbrKbrSiSp
Blue Brindle Particolour CchCchddKbrKbrSpSp
Blue Brindle Particolour CchCchddKbrKbrSpSw
Blue Fawn CCddkkSS
Blue Fawn CCddkkSSi
Blue Fawn CCddkkSSp
Blue Fawn CCddkkSSw
Blue Fawn CCddKKbrSS
Blue Fawn CCddKKbrSSi
Blue Fawn CCddKKbrSSp
Blue Fawn CCddKKbrSSw
Blue Fawn CCchddkkSS
Blue Fawn CCchddkkSSi
Blue Fawn CCchddkkSSp
Blue Fawn CCchddkkSSw
Blue Fawn CCchddKKbrSS
Blue Fawn CCchddKKbrSSi
Blue Fawn CCchddKKbrSSp
Blue Fawn CCchddKKbrSSw
Blue Fawn CchCchddKkSS
Blue Fawn CchCchddKkSSi
Blue Fawn CchCchddKkSSp
Blue Fawn CchCchddKkSSw
Blue Fawn CchCchddkkSS
Blue Fawn CchCchddkkSSi
Blue Fawn CchCchddkkSSp
Blue Fawn CchCchddkkSSw
Blue Fawn CchCchddKKbrSS
Blue Fawn CchCchddKKbrSSi
Blue Fawn CchCchddKKbrSSp
Blue Fawn CchCchddKKbrSSw
Blue Fawn Brindle CCddkKbrSS
Blue Fawn Brindle CCddkKbrSSi
Blue Fawn Brindle CCddkKbrSSp
Blue Fawn Brindle CCddkKbrSSw
Blue Fawn Brindle CCchddkKbrSS
Blue Fawn Brindle CCchddkKbrSSi
Blue Fawn Brindle CCchddkKbrSSp
Blue Fawn Brindle CCchddkKbrSSw
Blue Fawn Brindle CchCchddkKbrSS
Blue Fawn Brindle CchCchddkKbrSSi
Blue Fawn Brindle CchCchddkKbrSSp
Blue Fawn Brindle CchCchddkKbrSSw
Blue Fawn Brindle Irish Marked CCddkKbrSiSi
Blue Fawn Brindle Irish Marked CCddkKbrSiSw
Blue Fawn Brindle Irish Marked CCchddkKbrSiSi
Blue Fawn Brindle Irish Marked CCchddkKbrSiSw
Blue Fawn Brindle Irish Marked CchCchddkKbrSiSi
Blue Fawn Brindle Irish Marked CchCchddkKbrSiSw
Blue Fawn Brindle Particolour CCddkKbrSiSp
Blue Fawn Brindle Particolour CCddkKbrSpSp
Blue Fawn Brindle Particolour CCddkKbrSpSw
Blue Fawn Brindle Particolour CCchddkKbrSiSp
Blue Fawn Brindle Particolour CCchddkKbrSpSp
Blue Fawn Brindle Particolour CCchddkKbrSpSw
Blue Fawn Brindle Particolour CchCchddkKbrSiSp
Blue Fawn Brindle Particolour CchCchddkKbrSpSp
Blue Fawn Brindle Particolour CchCchddkKbrSpSw
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CCddkkSiSi
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CCddkkSiSw
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CCddKKbrSiSi
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CCddKKbrSiSw
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CCchddkkSiSi
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CCchddkkSiSw
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CCchddKKbrSiSi
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CCchddKKbrSiSw
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CchCchddKkSiSi
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CchCchddKkSiSw
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CchCchddkkSiSi
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CchCchddkkSiSw
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CchCchddKKbrSiSi
Blue Fawn Irish Marked CchCchddKKbrSiSw
Blue Fawn Particolour CCddkkSiSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CCddkkSpSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CCddkkSpSw
Blue Fawn Particolour CCddKKbrSiSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CCddKKbrSpSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CCddKKbrSpSw
Blue Fawn Particolour CCchddkkSiSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CCchddkkSpSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CCchddkkSpSw
Blue Fawn Particolour CCchddKKbrSiSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CCchddKKbrSpSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CCchddKKbrSpSw
Blue Fawn Particolour CchCchddKkSiSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CchCchddKkSpSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CchCchddKkSpSw
Blue Fawn Particolour CchCchddkkSiSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CchCchddkkSpSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CchCchddkkSpSw
Blue Fawn Particolour CchCchddKKbrSiSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CchCchddKKbrSpSp
Blue Fawn Particolour CchCchddKKbrSpSw
Blue Irish Marked CCddKKSiSi
Blue Irish Marked CCddKKSiSw
Blue Irish Marked CCddKkSiSi
Blue Irish Marked CCddKkSiSw
Blue Irish Marked CCchddKKSiSi
Blue Irish Marked CCchddKKSiSw
Blue Irish Marked CCchddKkSiSi
Blue Irish Marked CCchddKkSiSw
Blue Irish Marked CchCchddKKSiSi
Blue Irish Marked CchCchddKKSiSw
Blue Particolour CCddKKSiSp
Blue Particolour CCddKKSpSp
Blue Particolour CCddKKSpSw
Blue Particolour CCddKkSiSp
Blue Particolour CCddKkSpSp
Blue Particolour CCddKkSpSw
Blue Particolour CCchddKKSiSp
Blue Particolour CCchddKKSpSp
Blue Particolour CCchddKKSpSw
Blue Particolour CCchddKkSiSp
Blue Particolour CCchddKkSpSp
Blue Particolour CCchddKkSpSw
Blue Particolour CchCchddKKSiSp
Blue Particolour CchCchddKKSpSp
Blue Particolour CchCchddKKSpSw
Cream CchCchDDkkSS
Cream CchCchDDkkSSi
Cream CchCchDDkkSSp
Cream CchCchDDkkSSw
Cream CchCchDdkkSS
Cream CchCchDdkkSSi
Cream CchCchDdkkSSp
Cream CchCchDdkkSSw
Cream Irish Marked CchCchDDkkSiSi
Cream Irish Marked CchCchDDkkSiSw
Cream Irish Marked CchCchDdkkSiSi
Cream Irish Marked CchCchDdkkSiSw
Cream Particolour CchCchDDkkSiSp
Cream Particolour CchCchDDkkSpSp
Cream Particolour CchCchDDkkSpSw
Cream Particolour CchCchDdkkSiSp
Cream Particolour CchCchDdkkSpSp
Cream Particolour CchCchDdkkSpSw
Fawn CCchDDkkSS
Fawn CCchDDkkSSi
Fawn CCchDDkkSSp
Fawn CCchDDkkSSw
Fawn CCchDdkkSS
Fawn CCchDdkkSSi
Fawn CCchDdkkSSp
Fawn CCchDdkkSSw
Fawn CchCchDDKkSS
Fawn CchCchDDKkSSi
Fawn CchCchDDKkSSp
Fawn CchCchDDKkSSw
Fawn CchCchDDKKbrSS
Fawn CchCchDDKKbrSSi
Fawn CchCchDDKKbrSSp
Fawn CchCchDDKKbrSSw
Fawn CchCchDdKkSS
Fawn CchCchDdKkSSi
Fawn CchCchDdKkSSp
Fawn CchCchDdKkSSw
Fawn CchCchDdKKbrSS
Fawn CchCchDdKKbrSSi
Fawn CchCchDdKKbrSSp
Fawn CchCchDdKKbrSSw
Fawn Brindle CchCchDDkKbrSS
Fawn Brindle CchCchDDkKbrSSi
Fawn Brindle CchCchDDkKbrSSp
Fawn Brindle CchCchDDkKbrSSw
Fawn Brindle CchCchDdkKbrSS
Fawn Brindle CchCchDdkKbrSSi
Fawn Brindle CchCchDdkKbrSSp
Fawn Brindle CchCchDdkKbrSSw
Fawn Brindle Irish Marked CchCchDDkKbrSiSi
Fawn Brindle Irish Marked CchCchDDkKbrSiSw
Fawn Brindle Irish Marked CchCchDdkKbrSiSi
Fawn Brindle Irish Marked CchCchDdkKbrSiSw
Fawn Brindle Particolour CchCchDDkKbrSiSp
Fawn Brindle Particolour CchCchDDkKbrSpSp
Fawn Brindle Particolour CchCchDDkKbrSpSw
Fawn Brindle Particolour CchCchDdkKbrSiSp
Fawn Brindle Particolour CchCchDdkKbrSpSp
Fawn Brindle Particolour CchCchDdkKbrSpSw
Fawn Irish Marked CCchDDkkSiSi
Fawn Irish Marked CCchDDkkSiSw
Fawn Irish Marked CCchDdkkSiSi
Fawn Irish Marked CCchDdkkSiSw
Fawn Irish Marked CchCchDDKkSiSi
Fawn Irish Marked CchCchDDKkSiSw
Fawn Irish Marked CchCchDDKKbrSiSi
Fawn Irish Marked CchCchDDKKbrSiSw
Fawn Irish Marked CchCchDdKkSiSi
Fawn Irish Marked CchCchDdKkSiSw
Fawn Irish Marked CchCchDdKKbrSiSi
Fawn Irish Marked CchCchDdKKbrSiSw
Fawn Particolour CCchDDkkSiSp
Fawn Particolour CCchDDkkSpSp
Fawn Particolour CCchDDkkSpSw
Fawn Particolour CCchDdkkSiSp
Fawn Particolour CCchDdkkSpSp
Fawn Particolour CCchDdkkSpSw
Fawn Particolour CchCchDDKkSiSp
Fawn Particolour CchCchDDKkSpSp
Fawn Particolour CchCchDDKkSpSw
Fawn Particolour CchCchDDKKbrSiSp
Fawn Particolour CchCchDDKKbrSpSp
Fawn Particolour CchCchDDKKbrSpSw
Fawn Particolour CchCchDdKkSiSp
Fawn Particolour CchCchDdKkSpSp
Fawn Particolour CchCchDdKkSpSw
Fawn Particolour CchCchDdKKbrSiSp
Fawn Particolour CchCchDdKKbrSpSp
Fawn Particolour CchCchDdKKbrSpSw
Red CCDdkkSS
Red CCDdkkSSi
Red CCDdkkSSp
Red CCDdkkSSw
Red CCchDdKKbrSS
Red CCchDdKKbrSSi
Red CCchDdKKbrSSp
Red CCchDdKKbrSSw
Red Brindle CCDDkKbrSS
Red Brindle CCDDkKbrSSi
Red Brindle CCDDkKbrSSp
Red Brindle CCDDkKbrSSw
Red Brindle CCDdkKbrSS
Red Brindle CCDdkKbrSSi
Red Brindle CCDdkKbrSSp
Red Brindle CCDdkKbrSSw
Red Brindle CCchDDkKbrSS
Red Brindle CCchDDkKbrSSi
Red Brindle CCchDDkKbrSSp
Red Brindle CCchDDkKbrSSw
Red Brindle CCchDdkKbrSS
Red Brindle CCchDdkKbrSSi
Red Brindle CCchDdkKbrSSp
Red Brindle CCchDdkKbrSSw
Red Brindle Irish Marked CCDDkKbrSiSi
Red Brindle Irish Marked CCDDkKbrSiSw
Red Brindle Irish Marked CCDdkKbrSiSi
Red Brindle Irish Marked CCDdkKbrSiSw
Red Brindle Irish Marked CCchDDkKbrSiSi
Red Brindle Irish Marked CCchDDkKbrSiSw
Red Brindle Irish Marked CCchDdkKbrSiSi
Red Brindle Irish Marked CCchDdkKbrSiSw
Red Brindle Particolour CCDDkKbrSiSp
Red Brindle Particolour CCDDkKbrSpSp
Red Brindle Particolour CCDDkKbrSpSw
Red Brindle Particolour CCDdkKbrSiSp
Red Brindle Particolour CCDdkKbrSpSp
Red Brindle Particolour CCDdkKbrSpSw
Red Brindle Particolour CCchDDkKbrSiSp
Red Brindle Particolour CCchDDkKbrSpSp
Red Brindle Particolour CCchDDkKbrSpSw
Red Brindle Particolour CCchDdkKbrSiSp
Red Brindle Particolour CCchDdkKbrSpSp
Red Brindle Particolour CCchDdkKbrSpSw
Red Irish Marked CCDDkkSiSi
Red Irish Marked CCDDkkSiSw
Red Irish Marked CCDDKKbrSiSi
Red Irish Marked CCDDKKbrSiSw
Red Irish Marked CCDdkkSiSi
Red Irish Marked CCDdkkSiSw
Red Irish Marked CCDdKKbrSiSi
Red Irish Marked CCDdKKbrSiSw
Red Irish Marked CCchDDKKbrSiSi
Red Irish Marked CCchDDKKbrSiSw
Red Irish Marked CCchDdKKbrSiSi
Red Irish Marked CCchDdKKbrSiSw
Red Particolour CCDDkkSiSp
Red Particolour CCDDkkSpSp
Red Particolour CCDDkkSpSw
Red Particolour CCDDKKbrSiSp
Red Particolour CCDDKKbrSpSp
Red Particolour CCDDKKbrSpSw
Red Particolour CCDdkkSiSp
Red Particolour CCDdkkSpSp
Red Particolour CCDdkkSpSw
Red Particolour CCDdKKbrSiSp
Red Particolour CCDdKKbrSpSp
Red Particolour CCDdKKbrSpSw
Red Particolour CCchDDKKbrSiSp
Red Particolour CCchDDKKbrSpSp
Red Particolour CCchDDKKbrSpSw
Red Particolour CCchDdKKbrSiSp
Red Particolour CCchDdKKbrSpSp
Red Particolour CCchDdKKbrSpSw
Sable CCDdKkSS
Sable CCDdKkSSi
Sable CCDdKkSSp
Sable CCDdKkSSw
Sable CCchDDKkSS
Sable CCchDDKkSSi
Sable CCchDDKkSSp
Sable CCchDDKkSSw
Sable CCchDdKkSS
Sable CCchDdKkSSi
Sable CCchDdKkSSp
Sable CCchDdKkSSw
Sable Irish Marked CCDDKkSiSi
Sable Irish Marked CCDDKkSiSw
Sable Irish Marked CCDdKkSiSi
Sable Irish Marked CCDdKkSiSw
Sable Irish Marked CCchDDKkSiSi
Sable Irish Marked CCchDDKkSiSw
Sable Irish Marked CCchDdKkSiSi
Sable Irish Marked CCchDdKkSiSw
Sable Particolour CCDDKkSiSp
Sable Particolour CCDDKkSpSp
Sable Particolour CCDDKkSpSw
Sable Particolour CCDdKkSiSp
Sable Particolour CCDdKkSpSp
Sable Particolour CCDdKkSpSw
Sable Particolour CCchDDKkSiSp
Sable Particolour CCchDDKkSpSp
Sable Particolour CCchDDKkSpSw
Sable Particolour CCchDdKkSiSp
Sable Particolour CCchDdKkSpSp
Sable Particolour CCchDdKkSpSw
White CCDDKbrKbrSwSw
White CCDDKkSwSw
White CCDDkkSwSw
White CCDDKKbrSwSw
White CCDDkKbrSwSw
White CCDdKbrKbrSwSw
White CCDdKKSwSw
White CCDdKkSwSw
White CCDdkkSwSw
White CCDdKKbrSwSw
White CCDdkKbrSwSw
White CCddKbrKbrSwSw
White CCddKKSwSw
White CCddKkSwSw
White CCddkkSwSw
White CCddKKbrSwSw
White CCddkKbrSwSw
White CCchDDKbrKbrSwSw
White CCchDDKKSwSw
White CCchDDKkSwSw
White CCchDDkkSwSw
White CCchDDKKbrSwSw
White CCchDDkKbrSwSw
White CCchDdKbrKbrSwSw
White CCchDdKKSwSw
White CCchDdKkSwSw
White CCchDdkkSwSw
White CCchDdKKbrSwSw
White CCchDdkKbrSwSw
White CCchddKbrKbrSwSw
White CCchddKKSwSw
White CCchddKkSwSw
White CCchddkkSwSw
White CCchddKKbrSwSw
White CCchddkKbrSwSw
White CchCchDDKbrKbrSwSw
White CchCchDDKKSwSw
White CchCchDDKkSwSw
White CchCchDDkkSwSw
White CchCchDDKKbrSwSw
White CchCchDDkKbrSwSw
White CchCchDdKbrKbrSwSw
White CchCchDdKKSwSw
White CchCchDdKkSwSw
White CchCchDdkkSwSw
White CchCchDdKKbrSwSw
White CchCchDdkKbrSwSw
White CchCchddKbrKbrSwSw
White CchCchddKKSwSw
White CchCchddKkSwSw
White CchCchddkkSwSw
White CchCchddKKbrSwSw
White CchCchddkKbrSwSw

Did you know?
The first obedience title is a CD, or "Companion Dog", which is earned through competition in the Novice obedience class.