Golden Retriever Merit Dogs

Merit Name Date Achieved
Gold Sire Ch Brocks Ace of Spades 2/18/2018
Gold Sire Ch GoldRivers We Will Rock You 11/7/2016
Silver Sire Ch Seasar Force the Issue 4/1/2019
Silver Sire Ch Seasar Tetraites 11/6/2018
Silver Sire Ch GoldRivers Wow Factor 11/13/2009
Silver Sire Ch GoldRivers Secret Admirer 6/20/2009
Silver Sire Ch FAF Lasting Mystery 3/10/2009
Silver Sire Ch Stylz Magical Mystery Tour 2/3/2009
Silver Sire Ch FAF Shocking Discovery 5/3/2008
Silver Sire Ch GoldenBs We Love U 4/26/2008
Silver Sire Ch TIs Moon Striker 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch StormWarning Waiting To Strike 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch TIs Party Down 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch Summers Perfect Gentleman 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch Rebeshe Golden Shadow 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch Foxys Hes Scandalous 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch Wrongful Ways 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch GoldenBs Take Me To The Top 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch GoldenBs Stairway To Heaven 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Seasar Forcer 5/4/2020
Bronze Sire Ch Seasar Titus 4/11/2020
Bronze Sire Ch Seasar Vespasian 12/11/2019
Bronze Sire Ch Seasar Germanicus 10/19/2019
Bronze Sire Ch Brocks Genie in a Bottle 9/7/2019
Bronze Sire Ch Seasar Verus 3/11/2019
Bronze Sire Ch Seasar Caligula 1/29/2019
Bronze Sire Ch Brocks Perfecto 11/18/2018
Bronze Sire Ch Seasar Brute Force 11/16/2018
Bronze Sire Ch Brocks Great Reveal 9/25/2018
Bronze Sire Ch Seasar Star Force 7/17/2018
Bronze Sire Ch Seasar Gravity Force 6/23/2018
Bronze Sire Ch Kleenex Perfection Imagined 6/9/2018
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Full Of Pizzazz 4/29/2018
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Can Sparks Fly 4/16/2018
Bronze Sire Ch Brocks King of Hearts 2/17/2018
Bronze Sire Ch BarStar Hearts On Fire 12/20/2017
Bronze Sire Ch Rivacre Misery Business 12/14/2017
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Get Out Of My Town 12/4/2017
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers This Is My Town 11/21/2017
Bronze Sire Ch BarStar GoldenBs Foot Traffic 10/2/2017
Bronze Sire Ch BarStar Thy Kingdom Come 8/24/2017
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Show Me What U Mean 8/5/2017
Bronze Sire Ch BarStar Have Mercy On My Heart 7/6/2017
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs Away To The Island 7/3/2017
Bronze Sire Ch Brocks Enough of Fame 6/18/2017
Bronze Sire Ch BarStar Finish The Question 5/24/2017
Bronze Sire Ch Brocks Han Solo 5/16/2017
Bronze Sire Ch BarStar Show Me A Good Time 4/25/2017
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Thats How U Do It 4/24/2017
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs Finish Line 3/25/2017
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs Parade Time 3/9/2017
Bronze Sire Ch Guisachan Show Me the Island 3/3/2017
Bronze Sire Ch BarStar Celebrity Gossip 2/6/2017
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers It Is Show Time 1/30/2017
Bronze Sire Ch BarStar Overnight Celebrity 10/17/2016
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Get Your Crush On 10/6/2016
Bronze Sire Ch BarStar Smooth Criminal 10/6/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Bexstars Shock Rock 8/29/2016
Bronze Sire Ch SeaRays Top O The Day 6/6/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Artistri Beach Cruiser 5/18/2016
Bronze Sire SeaRays Blueprint 4/4/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Bexstars Blue Suede Shoes 9/5/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Suprim de la Rêverie 8/13/2015
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Joy To The World 7/10/2015
Bronze Sire Ch CVs Eclipse Of The Heart 3/26/2015
Bronze Sire Ch CVs Ring of Fire 1/24/2015
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Whats All The Fuss 10/14/2014
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Take The Cash N Run 7/3/2014
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Captain Fantastic 6/24/2014
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Flip Side Turn 2/23/2014
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers One Step Ahead 1/17/2014
Bronze Sire Ch Foxxs Double Take 12/27/2013
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Look Before U Leap 11/5/2013
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Look At Me Now 9/15/2013
Bronze Sire Ch Stargoldz Laughing Out Loud 6/10/2013
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Great Balls Of Fire 3/27/2013
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Zippity Do Dah 11/7/2012
Bronze Sire Ch GoldCamps Futurama 9/4/2012
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Front Page News 8/26/2012
Bronze Sire Ch DarkMagics Eclipse Award 5/14/2012
Bronze Sire Ch Millbrook Do The Moonwalk 3/24/2012
Bronze Sire Ch Grove Guilty As Charged 3/1/2012
Bronze Sire Ch Millbrook Laser Focus 2/24/2012
Bronze Sire Ch JustGoldz Rockin The Moon 11/19/2011
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Cool Hand Luke 10/29/2011
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Daddy Cool 9/29/2011
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Rock DJ 7/26/2011
Bronze Sire Ch Wolf Point Straight Ten 4/3/2011
Bronze Sire Ch Wolf Point Romanian Boy 3/21/2011
Bronze Sire Ch Wolf Point Simpatic 12/18/2010
Bronze Sire Ch Riviera`s Perfectly Good Boy 10/26/2010
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Now Thats Groovy 10/23/2010
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Phenomenon 6/17/2010
Bronze Sire Ch Everdales Follow Your Dreams 6/8/2010
Bronze Sire Ch •£eander• Imagine That 5/29/2010
Bronze Sire Tulalee Fantastic Four 5/16/2010
Bronze Sire Ch Everdales Sizzling Pepper 4/17/2010
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Hot Chilli Pepper 3/19/2010
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Wild N Wow 2/19/2010
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Blue Sunshine 2/6/2010
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Wild West 11/17/2009
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Summertime Blues 10/25/2009
Bronze Sire Ch GDK Love Boat 6/20/2009
Bronze Sire Ch Fierce! Romancing The Stone 4/7/2009
Bronze Sire Ch Kools Unbelievable Shock 3/21/2009
Bronze Sire Ch Fierce! Johnny B Goode 3/1/2009
Bronze Sire Ch Stylz Risky Business 1/14/2009
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Bad Boyz Tour 1/5/2009
Bronze Sire Ch Everdales Sparkling Thyme 12/14/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Tears Stud Muffin 10/23/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers So Good So Right 10/18/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Everdales Hes The One 9/19/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Diva Blue Explosion 9/4/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Sundowners Just Desserts FAF 8/23/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Diva Explosive Discovery 8/13/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldRivers Goody Two Shoes 7/11/2008
Bronze Sire Ch PowerPublisher 4/9/2008
Bronze Sire Ch P4D Strike At Night 4/9/2008
Bronze Sire Ch P4D Studmuffin 4/9/2008
Bronze Sire Ch TIs Take It Easy 2/27/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Rigalis Rhyme Thyme 2/25/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Tangwyn Out of Print 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Tangwyn Been Liberated 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch StormWarning Midnight Escapade 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GGK Wicked Winner 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch TIs Guilty As Charged 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Tangwyn You Might Like It 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Tangwyn Golden Memory 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch StormWarnings True Dimensions 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch StormWarnings Moment of Truth 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Rosewinds Turning Heads 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Rosewinds Million Dollar Baby 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenPark World Class 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs Shine Like The Sun 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs Maximilian 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs Dirty Dancing 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Ellz Golden Liberation 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Double Down 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch TIs Bad Boy 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch K-9`s Sunny 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs This Ones For GTS 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs Perfectly Blessed 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs Let Your Light Shine 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs Always With You 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Foxys Triple The Nightmares 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Chyna Magic Eight Ball 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch TIs Party Down To-Night 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch StormWarnings Touch The Void 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs On Strike 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GoldenBs Immortal 1/8/2008
Gold Dam Ch Brocks Titania 11/7/2016
Gold Dam Ch Celtics A Stitch In Time 1/8/2008
Gold Dam Ch Rebeshe Golden Sand 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Brocks New Romantic 10/15/2018
Silver Dam Ch Brocks Seek and Destroy 8/18/2017
Silver Dam Ch GoldRivers Artistri Beach Ball 7/11/2016
Silver Dam Ch Brocks Maleficent 2/24/2016
Silver Dam Ch Brocks Fairy Godmother 12/5/2015
Silver Dam Ch Brocks Midnight Tango 8/3/2015
Silver Dam Ch DarkOak Esprit 5/24/2011
Silver Dam Ch GoldRivers Chasing The Dream 11/29/2009
Silver Dam Ch Closed Case 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch GoldSprings Summer Celebration 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch GoldenPark Heaven and Earth 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Celtics Amethest 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch RAs princess yuna 5/17/2020
Bronze Dam Ch RAs roman queen 3/17/2020
Bronze Dam Ch RAs roman princess 1/18/2020
Bronze Dam Ch BarStar WhenIWithMyBaby 11/25/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Love Interest 9/12/2019
Bronze Dam Ch BarStar IntoTheSea UandMe 4/29/2019
Bronze Dam Ch BarStar One Hundred Years 4/23/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Jolene 4/17/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Imagine 4/14/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Muse 4/13/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Hera 3/19/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Dukes Dreamshot 3/5/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Juno 1/27/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Whitegold Hold the Sun 1/15/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Dukes Silver Scar 1/5/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Dukes Rabidtooth 12/28/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Venus 12/11/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Seasar Final Fantasy 10/12/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Cassiopeia 9/28/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Misty Morning 9/20/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Seasar Gladiatrix 9/15/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Kleenex Perfecta 8/26/2018
Bronze Dam Kleenex Humming Bird 6/13/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Hula Dancer 12/23/2017
Bronze Dam GoldRivers Stamp N Stomp 11/10/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Secret of my Success 11/8/2017
Bronze Dam Ch BarStar Say You Wont Let Go 9/21/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Leading Lady 8/15/2017
Bronze Dam Ch GoldenBs Hula Dancer 8/14/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Zipline Hushed Whispers 5/20/2017
Bronze Dam Ch BarStar Island In The Sun 5/16/2017
Bronze Dam Ch SeaRays Glass Slipper 5/2/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Originals Seek and Destroy 3/27/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Shooting Star 3/14/2017
Bronze Dam Ch GoldRivers Jukebox Smash 1/16/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Happy in the Dark at Whitegold 11/19/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Artistri DontRockTheBoatBaby 10/6/2016
Bronze Dam Ch BarStar Bebopin Rocksteady 9/12/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Originals Trip The Darkness 7/16/2016
Bronze Dam GoldenBs Dance For Candy 6/24/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Queen of the Nile 6/23/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Dark Crystal 3/27/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Queen of Darkness 3/10/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Heart of Darkness 12/2/2015
Bronze Dam Ch GoldenBs Ruby Slippers 11/22/2015
Bronze Dam GoldRivers Pizza Slice 10/29/2015
Bronze Dam Ch GoldenBs Simple Things 10/4/2015
Bronze Dam Caress Me de la Rêverie 9/4/2015
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Crystal Ball 8/25/2015
Bronze Dam Ch Chanel de la Rêverie 7/21/2015
Bronze Dam Ch Whitegold Sunburnt Country 7/20/2015
Bronze Dam Ch Jolie Noele de la Rêverie 6/7/2015
Bronze Dam Ch Riverlodge Hooray at Whitegold 3/16/2015
Bronze Dam Ch Brocks Gloriana 10/26/2014
Bronze Dam Ch Angel Devine de la Rêverie 9/17/2014
Bronze Dam •SiPr• Just Dance 5/29/2014
Bronze Dam Ch GoldRivers Hip Hip Hooray 2/15/2014
Bronze Dam Ch Everdales Joking Around 1/12/2014
Bronze Dam Ch Prophesy !Exclamation! Mark 12/8/2013
Bronze Dam Ch Everdales White Gold 5/15/2012
Bronze Dam Millbrook Go For Gold 3/13/2012
Bronze Dam Ch Everdales Celebrity Gossip 12/22/2011
Bronze Dam Ch GoldRivers 2 Cool 4 School 9/9/2011
Bronze Dam Ch GoldRivers Cool As The Moon 9/4/2011
Bronze Dam Ch Everdales Straight Ahead 7/19/2011
Bronze Dam GoldRivers Addicted To Luv 3/26/2011
Bronze Dam Ch GoldRivers Queen of Them All 1/29/2011
Bronze Dam Wolf Point Follow The Light 12/4/2010
Bronze Dam Ch Wolf Point Big Smile 9/24/2010
Bronze Dam Ch Wolf Point Blossom 9/22/2010
Bronze Dam Ch Everdales Sizzling Sun 7/9/2010
Bronze Dam Ch Everdales House Of Blues 3/12/2010
Bronze Dam Ch GoldRivers Totally Hot 12/21/2009
Bronze Dam Ch GoldRivers Jewel Heist 12/20/2009
Bronze Dam Ch GoldRivers Perfect Mix 11/7/2009
Bronze Dam GoldRivers Love Potion 6/5/2009
Bronze Dam GoldRivers Boat Party 4/9/2009
Bronze Dam Ch Rigalis The Thyme Has Come 2/6/2009
Bronze Dam Ch Fierce! Shock And Destruction 1/4/2009
Bronze Dam Ch Rigalis On Tour 12/22/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Fierce! Back In Business 11/23/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Rigalis Image Is Everything 10/23/2008
Bronze Dam Fierce! Road Head 9/17/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Karrsons Shocking Turn 8/24/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Tears Wicked Booty Shake 8/23/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Rigalis Shockin Awe 8/11/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Foxys Blast From the Past 6/13/2008
Bronze Dam Foxys Turn It Up 5/24/2008
Bronze Dam Ch TIs Shes Wicked 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch GoldenBs Dancing Flames 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch GoldenBs Enchanted Dreams 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam StormWarnings Dont Touch 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam GoldSprings Dream of Me 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam GoldenBs Honky Tonk Crusader 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch TIs Striking Sapphire 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch TIs Simply Sinful 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Rebeshe Yellow Honey 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Double The Surf 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Chyna Super Power 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Celtics Volkswagen 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam TIs Star Dancer 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Gladis Amazing Investment 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Daybreaks Never Too Late 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Rebeshe Caroline 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Gwendolyn 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Foxys New Beginings 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Double The Pleasure 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Doubles Lucky Strike Out 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch TIs Carolina Star 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Tangwyn Step In Time 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Summers Fairytale Ending 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam TIs No Way 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Picards Stargazer 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam GoldenBs Burning Lights 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Whitegold Falling Star 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch TIs Striking Star 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Tangwyn Miss Behavin 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch GoldenBs Dancing Stars 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch GGK RainMist 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Celtics Osgiliath 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Gracie 1/8/2008

Did you know?
In the United Kingdom, the international championship show Crufts was first held in 1891.