Irish Wolfhound Merit Dogs

Merit Name Date Achieved
Gold Sire Ch AUB Upto no Good 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch Juniper Jake 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch AUB Allen 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch Raythens Silver Moon 1/8/2008
Silver Sire Ch GBKs Avoral 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Flapjacks From The Heavens 10/13/2018
Bronze Sire Tireachan Drummer Boy 4/10/2017
Bronze Sire Ch Chittery Ready To Rumble 5/6/2013
Bronze Sire Ch Solimars Cool World 10/11/2012
Bronze Sire Ch Solimars Glad You Came 10/5/2012
Bronze Sire Ch Mystic Lake The Wedding Date 9/24/2012
Bronze Sire Ch Solimars The Hunger 9/21/2012
Bronze Sire Ch Solimars Eight Seconds 4/22/2012
Bronze Sire Ch Solimars A Wicked N Wild Wind 3/26/2012
Bronze Sire Ch Solimars Game Changer 3/8/2012
Bronze Sire Ch Solimars Coin Toss 12/20/2011
Bronze Sire Ch Brubaker Horatio Hornblower 10/19/2011
Bronze Sire Ch DarkOath Taste of Fear 10/14/2011
Bronze Sire Ch Solimars You Can Kiss It 12/30/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mystic Lake Tall Order 7/20/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Solimars My ExBestFriend 7/10/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mystic Lake Pictures of You 6/23/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mystic Lake A Knights Tale 6/21/2008
Bronze Sire Ch New Era Black Beard 4/9/2008
Bronze Sire Ch SWKs Can You Believe It 4/9/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mystic Lake Torchwood 2/28/2008
Bronze Sire Ch SI Black Pearl 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Moonscape Deja Vu 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GGs Gaeth 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Excaliburs Scar Your Mind 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch SI Gladiator 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch NRF Comet 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch MTs Carraig 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Moonscape Twist Of Fate 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch KKs Thor 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mystic Lake Mind Games 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch CQK Crown of Zeus 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch REDGE Detour Of Honor 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Moonscape Turbo Charged 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch GBKs Thunder 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Ballyvaughns Colin 1/8/2008
Gold Dam Ch GBKs Strawberry ShortCake 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Solimar All New Sensation 7/17/2017
Silver Dam Ch Solimars Blow The Man Down 1/2/2012
Silver Dam Ch KKs Athena 4/9/2008
Silver Dam Ch Otherworld Cherryh 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Mirage Dreamland 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch New England’s Wanna Have Fun 11/6/2020
Bronze Dam Ch ESAN Pandemia 7/8/2020
Bronze Dam Ch FlapJacks Lost in the Fog 4/21/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Achill Cladach Ghainmheach 4/3/2019
Bronze Dam Ch FlapJacks Up In Flames 12/7/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Achill Turas Rúnda 11/11/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Flapjacks Flipping 5/16/2018
Bronze Dam Ch FlapJacks Bury The Hatchet 12/17/2017
Bronze Dam Ch FlapJacks Solar Eclipse 12/1/2017
Bronze Dam Achill Sioc Maidine 10/7/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Solimar Give Me The Good Stuff 7/1/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Flapjacks First Frost 3/7/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Spytes Darling Im A Nightmare 8/27/2015
Bronze Dam Ch Carrick Sympatico 10/7/2012
Bronze Dam Ch WRBs Wilful Child 10/5/2012
Bronze Dam TLC`s Destined For Greatness 6/29/2012
Bronze Dam Solimars We Are On 5/10/2012
Bronze Dam Ch Seaimpin Shadow In The Light 11/24/2011
Bronze Dam Ch TLCs Lady Shay of Cottonwood 10/20/2011
Bronze Dam Ch Solimars 5 Seconds To Glory 9/26/2011
Bronze Dam Mystic Lake U F O 1/3/2010
Bronze Dam Ch Solimars Kiss This 6/25/2009
Bronze Dam Ch CD IMA Showstopper 7/1/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Charms Eight Kisses 6/26/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Solimars Treasure Hunt 5/24/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Madra Risque Honor 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Mystic Lake Acid Burn 4/5/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mystic Lake Lookin For Trouble 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam Ch NRF Coronation 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch NRF Belle of Troy 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch NRF Banner 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch GGs Quilty 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Excaliburs Nuclear Exchange 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Ballyvaughns Kelley 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Ballyvaughns Keely 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Ballyvaughns Irish Lass 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch AUB Walk on the Wild Side 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam MissCs A little bit of Me 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam IWish Lilitu 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Moonscape Hijynx 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch MoonRises Temptation 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch MK Anam Cara 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch GBKs Hestia 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Foxfire Mandinka 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Danepaws Magnolia 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Excaliburs Srytë 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Danedoms Lotus 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mystic Lake Lady Diana 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Moonscape Minerva 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch MissCs Ancient Moon 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mirage Silver Lining 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mirage Irish Aphrodisia 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch KKs Truffles 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch IWish Trebuchet 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch FF Diamonds And Pearls 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch REDGE Detour To Fame 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Otherworld Luna 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch New Era Cabaret 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch MTs Phoenix 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Moonscape BB Winner 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch MissC Ancient Dreams 1/8/2008

Did you know?
A specialty show is a dog show which reviews a single breed, unlike other dog shows, particularly conformation shows, which are generally referred to as "all-breed" because they are open to all breeds recognized by the sponsoring kennel club.