Keeshond Merit Dogs

Merit Name Date Achieved
Silver Sire Ch DenKees To Catch a King 6/15/2017
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Eye of the Dragon 4/20/2022
Bronze Sire Ch Bizzydog Under Pressure 11/23/2020
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Captain Sisko 7/17/2020
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Welsh Tenor 3/29/2020
Bronze Sire Ch Arkay3 Daily Grind 11/4/2019
Bronze Sire Ch Shelhond Spy Ghost 9/8/2019
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Prince of Wales 7/30/2019
Bronze Sire Ch Rivere Make A Memory 6/22/2019
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Midnight Hunter 8/23/2017
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Wild Irish Warrior 1/23/2017
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Silver Sovereign 1/16/2017
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Wild Irish Rover 12/6/2016
Bronze Sire Ch AusWolf Wings of the Storm 11/22/2016
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Ride the Wild Storm 8/19/2016
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Storm of Fire 6/8/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Rhythmn And Blues At Carons 5/21/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Winterhearts Blow Me Away 2/17/2016
Bronze Sire Ch Analeyn Hazardous Game 11/24/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Winterhearts Mind Your Step 10/18/2015
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Faramir 9/13/2015
Bronze Sire Ch DenKees Broken Dreams 8/21/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Gypsy Winds Get Lucky 5/15/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Winterhearts Slenderman 5/1/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Analeyn Interstellar 3/3/2015
Bronze Sire Ch Analeyn House Of Cards 11/21/2014
Bronze Sire Ch PPKees Point Blank 5/11/2014
Bronze Sire Ch Bizzydog Blown Away 1/6/2011
Bronze Sire Ch SilverDogs Holy Smokes! 2/21/2009
Bronze Sire Ch Kools Angry Face 1/30/2009
Bronze Sire Ch Arkay3 Smokin Hot 9/29/2008
Bronze Sire Ch MissKees Weird Science 6/5/2008
Bronze Sire Ch SilverDogs Smooth Operator 5/21/2008
Bronze Sire Mysticwinds Blue Soul 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Petbes Pride in Blue 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mysticwinds Mighty Argus 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Kindreds Rune Wolf 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Mysticwinds Dusky Blue 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Quilteds Mighty Mouse 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mysticwinds London Fog 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch SS Solid Gold 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mysticwinds Paxton 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Mysticwinds Oliver Twister 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Foxwoods I am the Best 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Mysticwinds Sweet Sequoia 1/8/2008
Bronze Sire Mysticwinds Foster 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch DenKees My Secret Love 12/12/2019
Silver Dam Shelhond Irish Ghost 7/26/2019
Silver Dam Ch AusWolf Thunder and Roses 3/7/2018
Silver Dam Ch TKs Forevr N Always 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Double Dee Gurl 1/8/2008
Silver Dam Ch Moondreams Fire Rose 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Midnight in the Snow 5/12/2022
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Butterfly Dancer 4/5/2022
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Love Come to Me 1/1/2022
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Louisiana Dancer 12/16/2021
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Sally Red Shoes 12/16/2021
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Puss in Boots 12/11/2021
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Love Shows The Way 10/1/2021
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Dancing with Magic 6/19/2021
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Voodoo Queen 5/2/2021
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Piece of My Heart 4/19/2021
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees A Song for Quiet 3/6/2021
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Tempted Tigress 1/30/2021
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Wild Country Countess 12/1/2020
Bronze Dam AusWolf Little Ghost Lassie 12/30/2019
Bronze Dam AusWolf Lady Sailor 11/16/2019
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Lady Carlottta 11/4/2019
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Gemma Claudia 9/18/2019
Bronze Dam DenKees Charlene 6/19/2019
Bronze Dam AusWolf Finding Grace 6/15/2019
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Irish Tempter 12/2/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Shelhond Pale Moon Princess 11/28/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Under Irish Stars 8/15/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Social Climber 7/20/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Viking Hostage 7/12/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Crossed in Love 7/10/2018
Bronze Dam DenKees Starcrossed Girl 7/5/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Pale Moon Rising 6/10/2018
Bronze Dam DenKees Irish Bride 5/25/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Fallen Dancer 5/16/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Phantom Kiss 5/12/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Dawn Delight 5/9/2018
Bronze Dam DenKees Fallen Lady 4/7/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Rose in Winter 4/2/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Maid of Ireland 4/2/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Cherry Delight 2/27/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Shelhond Shes A Step Warrior 2/25/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf The Captain*s Lady 2/10/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Elizabeth of York 2/9/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Reluctant Bride 2/8/2018
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Ruby Red Cherry 1/5/2018
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Classy Girl 12/20/2017
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Diamonds are Wild 11/23/2017
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Maid of Honour 10/25/2017
Bronze Dam DenKees Faro*s Daughter 10/25/2017
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf Runaway Heiress 10/15/2017
Bronze Dam DenKees Jewel Hunt 10/8/2017
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Dance Little Lady 10/6/2017
Bronze Dam AusWolf Huckleberry Lass 7/30/2017
Bronze Dam Ch AusWolf To Catch a Queen 7/5/2017
Bronze Dam DenKees Sovereign Dragoness 2/25/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Shelhond Shes A Step Forward 2/13/2017
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Dragoness in Flight 2/1/2017
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Irish Colleen 1/15/2017
Bronze Dam DenKees Mad Mol 1/11/2017
Bronze Dam AusWolf Lone Jewel 12/27/2016
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Celtic Dragoness 12/12/2016
Bronze Dam Shelhond Shes A Step Ahead 9/28/2016
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Carmen Sandiego 9/12/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Shelhond Dangerous Money 8/12/2016
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Stormy Kiss 6/23/2016
Bronze Dam Bearcub Black Friday 6/4/2016
Bronze Dam DenKees Song for a Storm 2/19/2016
Bronze Dam DenKees Celtic Mystery 10/28/2015
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Star Dreaming 6/19/2015
Bronze Dam Ch DenKees Star of Venus 6/2/2015
Bronze Dam Analeyn Blank Space 3/14/2015
Bronze Dam Ch SilkenWolf Dancing Queen 6/17/2011
Bronze Dam Ch BDs Golden Ticket 12/5/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Arkay3 StandingRoomOnly 7/21/2008
Bronze Dam Ch SilverDogs Mystical Wonderland 5/29/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Kools Irish Dreams 4/27/2008
Bronze Dam Ch SilverDogs Looks That Kill 4/15/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mysticwinds Summer Solstice 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch RKs The Trouble with Tribbles 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mysticwinds Witchy Ways 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch DarkSun Diamonds Are Blue 2/10/2008
Bronze Dam SDKs One or Another 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Moondreams Larkyn 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam MissKees Pride and Joy 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Moondreams Gypsy Moon 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch MissKees Geisha Girl 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch KH Faerie Dust 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Kisskees Gaia 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Starfleet Always 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mysticwinds Dog Star 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Mysticwinds Dark Mystery 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch KH II Eclipse 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam SS Snow Queen 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Mysticwinds Merriment 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Starfleet Janeway 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Starfleet Home at Last 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Star Kennels Personal Lover 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam SAKs Cashing In 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam MissKees Butterfly Rain 1/8/2008
Bronze Dam Ch DD Midnight 1/8/2008

Did you know?
The two largest American dog shows after Westminster are the National Dog Show (which is televised on Thanksgiving Day by NBC, usually after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.