Redbone Coonhound Merit Dogs

Merit Name Date Achieved
Bronze Sire Ch Fieldstar Paint The Town 12/28/2012
Bronze Sire Ch CCR Here Comes Trouble 10/1/2012
Bronze Sire Ch Red Fern Hammer 6/6/2010
Bronze Sire Ch CrimsonTales Scorpio 4/9/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Fieldstar Cause To Paws 4/9/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Fieldstar Hells Gate 1/30/2008
Bronze Sire Ch PPR Snow And Ashes 1/30/2008
Bronze Sire Ch N.O.C.H. WOW! 1/30/2008
Bronze Sire Ch CnM Prince Arthur 1/30/2008
Bronze Sire SPD Tabasco 1/30/2008
Bronze Sire CnM Whata Surprise 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam Lost Hill Life Is A Highway 8/10/2020
Bronze Dam Ch Fieldstar Wise Decision 3/29/2019
Bronze Dam Ch Fieldstar Just Naked 12/7/2018
Bronze Dam Bombyx Alegría 5/17/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Woodwinds Steals Your Heart 4/4/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Fieldstar Under Attack 12/8/2017
Bronze Dam Ch Fieldstar Edging Out 10/31/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Fieldstar Dream Huntress 3/17/2015
Bronze Dam Ch Willow Lake Honey Brown 2/5/2015
Bronze Dam Ch BiscuitsnBows Red Sky 4/5/2013
Bronze Dam Ch CCR Lasting Effect 10/1/2012
Bronze Dam Red Fern Blue Waters 6/27/2012
Bronze Dam Red Fern Kady 8/10/2011
Bronze Dam Ch Fieldstar Catch Me 7/7/2011
Bronze Dam Ch Fieldstar Burn Notice 6/11/2010
Bronze Dam Ch Outrigger Nebraska 5/20/2009
Bronze Dam Rocky Mt. Country Poet 3/10/2009
Bronze Dam Ch Riatas Past Anticipation 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Cozzene China Spring 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch CnM Harlequin Girl 4/9/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Starz Something Old 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam Hstaz Red Dress 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam Fieldstar Electric Dreams 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam KaminHaus Connie Jo 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam CnM Keep The Gifts Coming 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Brindabellas Aggie 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam Ch CnM My Way Or The Highway 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Hstaz Shining in the Jungle 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Hartwell Silver Lining 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam Ch CnM Wishful Thinking 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam Brindabellas Kylie 1/30/2008
Bronze Dam Ch CnM I am THE Princess 1/30/2008

Did you know?
In the American Kennel Club, a dog needs 15 points to become a Champion, with each win gaining anywhere from zero to five points depending on the number of dogs competing and the area where the show is held.