South African Boerboel Merit Dogs

Merit Name Date Achieved
Bronze Sire Ch Maeve Natural Ruler 4/16/2022
Bronze Sire Ch GooseCreek Feeling Courageous 3/23/2022
Bronze Sire Ch GooseCreek King Of Nature 12/11/2021
Bronze Sire Ch Akalore. Matriarch 9/13/2021
Bronze Sire Ch GooseCreek Dun Forgotten 1/4/2021
Bronze Sire Ch DM Smart Alec 6/28/2020
Bronze Sire Tomorrows - Prince of Mayne 2/15/2017
Bronze Sire Ch DS Dance Of The Druids 7/21/2008
Bronze Sire Ch Biltong Just Now 6/10/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Maeve Cross Paths 3/21/2022
Bronze Dam Ch GooseCreek Forbidden Desires 11/5/2021
Bronze Dam Ch Akalore. Superstition 11/2/2021
Bronze Dam Ch GooseCreek Dun Read Stories 6/23/2021
Bronze Dam Ch GooseCreek Past Suggestion 5/11/2021
Bronze Dam Ch GooseCreek Dun Got Angry 4/3/2021
Bronze Dam Ch GooseCreek Questionable Past 1/26/2021
Bronze Dam Mamba Out In The Wild 9/15/2020
Bronze Dam Subzero Silver Smarts 4/20/2020
Bronze Dam Tomorrows - Silent Alarm 4/18/2018
Bronze Dam Ch Tomorrows - Bring Me To Life 5/2/2017
Bronze Dam Tomorrows - Interstellar 2/20/2017
Bronze Dam Ch KPOPK Feeling Good Tonight 4/23/2016
Bronze Dam Basalts Tiara 2/17/2016
Bronze Dam Ch Zones Preobrazhensky 12/9/2015
Bronze Dam Ch Ilexs Sassafrass 7/10/2015
Bronze Dam Ch Trojans Farewell 12/8/2010
Bronze Dam Ch JAZ Hell Ya 7/24/2010
Bronze Dam Ch Trojans Triton 1/27/2010
Bronze Dam Ch Trojans Bolina 8/25/2009
Bronze Dam Ch Purplepaws II Mariah 6/6/2009
Bronze Dam Ch Springbok Try Given 8/22/2008
Bronze Dam SC Follow The Sun 7/24/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Purplepaws II Heaven Sent 7/3/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Springbok Naas Magic 6/5/2008
Bronze Dam Ch Purplepaws II A New Beginning 5/2/2008
Bronze Dam Ch WoodCo Shining Blue Gerbil 4/9/2008

Did you know?
Since its centenary year in 1991, Crufts has officially been recognised as the world's largest and most prestigious dog show by the Guinness Book of Records, with a total of 22,973 dogs being exhibited that year.