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Author Topic : A Conundrum
 Just About Farms
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Does anyone have an explanation for the following:
I bred a 99.9 dog to a 99.85 bitch and got the following SOPs:
The sire is a champion and bitch is fully sessioned. COI on puppies is 13.33%. The breed was Doberman Pinscher.
 Comet Poodles
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7/4/2019 7:57:54 PM reply with quote send message to Comet Poodles Object to Post

It looks like the dams sire, Europe Irish Moonshine, was deleted from the game so there is a lapse in the pedigree resulting in the low SOP dogs. I forget why this happens occasionally, I'm sure someone else on the board knows.
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7/4/2019 9:10:46 PM reply with quote send message to Emily.Rose. Object to Post

Wow. That really sucks. I've been having some weird numbers lately too, but nothing that weird. Luckily Comet Poodle was here to save the day! Thanks!

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