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Author Topic : Third Row Production Sims
 Eternal Night Kennel
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I was looking at all the sims that they had. I signed for all of them back in the day and I went to check on all of them and notice that most of the sites are either shut down or doesn't let me log in. I also enjoyed the other sites when I was active. Is ShowDog the only sim that's up and running for this company?

Edit; Will the other sites come back?

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ShowHorse is still active. There are few of use but we are trying to leep thingd going snd male it more interesting to lure back former players. We'd love you have you back! If you are interested in SH, give me a shout. I'll help you get started.

ShowRabbits is still going too as I believe ShowCattle is also.

ShowDog has the most active accounts with 960 at this time. ShowCattle has 825, ShowHorse 46 and ShowRabbits 32.

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I play show cattle and show dog.

I really like show cattle because there's always competition when showing in the breeds I'm involved in- It motivates you to keep breeding them better.

I have a basic show rabbit account but I ran out of coins so I can't do anything until someone buys some of my rabbits and I doubt anyone will because they aren't that great and they are oolllldddd, haha

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