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Author Topic : My Dachshunds
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I bought Dachshunds in June: Gamble on Heads and Nothing Less.

Game on Heads had a 10 head, 10 FQ, but 17.7 show shine. This is a great example of how the show ring doesn't make a dog more worthy for breeding than its fellow non-showing dogs if genetic quality isn't there.

I bred GOH (who was aptly named) to Nothing Less, and in her first litter she produced Double or Nothing and High Roller (both gambling terms). I bred her to him again and got Poker Face.

They're all within 0.25 SOP of each other and GOH's corrected SOP was 98.15.

Poker Face - still showing at time of writing
BOBx8, Grp1 x1, BISSx1, BISx1, 948 beaten
Not shown very much though

High Roller - Aged out
BOBx8, Grp1 x1, BISSx1, 673 beaten
Also not shown a lot and bred a couple of times

Double or Nothing
September 2019 International Best in Show
Gold Grand Champion
BOBx58, Grp1 x10, BISSx7, BISx5 (big shows)
Never bred. Two hundred dogs short of All-Time List.

This was such a good breeding I don't know what to do with myself! I also feel proud of not hitting that Breed button for 4 months.

Now the females are bred to a relative of GOH thru Skyhaven Perfect Gait with lots of fresh blood.

High Roller did produce for me a splendid female whom I hope will show well for me, Rum Absolute, who is 3-0-3-3 Perfect Gait. Poker Face also gave me Heading for High Tide (whose name is a combination of his relatives' names) from Rum Absolute who is 2-0-0-3 Nothing Less/GOH who will likely also do well in the ring.

Thanks for reading my brag!

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