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Author Topic : Page returning in a different place
 Halcyon Dreams
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1/8/2020 4:22:26 PM reply with quote send message to Halcyon Dreams Object to Post   

When I used to forever home or quick list for sale puppies the page would always return to my view all dogs page.

Now it returns to the “welcome to show dog” page.

I’m finding it really annoying as I have to then click “view all dogs” to go back to the litter I’m sorting. I’ve tried logging out and logging in again and refreshing pages and clearing caches but it’s still doing it.

Is it just me?
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1/12/2020 12:59:08 PM reply with quote send message to ambertal Object to Post

I get that when I try to put up any male for breeding.
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1/12/2020 3:26:47 PM reply with quote send message to BarStar Object to Post

ambertal -

You are a basic account. Basics can only put CH dogs up for stud.

 Halcyon Design
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1/13/2020 1:39:14 AM reply with quote send message to Halcyon Design Object to Post

My issue fixed itself after two days, I’m guessing it was an issue with my account that went away

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