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Author Topic : Bearded Collie Champions, Show Prospects, and new pups great for your breeding program
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I am making space for my new pups so I have many champions who have finished their championships within the last several weeks; they are currently competitive SOPs.

Fabian and Felix will definitely be able to finish a championship but I am keeping their brother so they need a new home.

And, all of my unnamed puppies are available; most of them will be best as brood prospects and will not be as competitive in the show ring but they would be a good start to your Beardie kennel if you are interested in the breed. If you are interested in an unnamed pup make an offer and tell me what you would like it to be named.

CH Jame B2B Tanzi Standard Day 36 96.30
CH Jame B2B Tanzi Standard Sky 36 96.45
CH Jame B2B Winne Fateful 43 96.25
CH Jame LMAD Tanzi Musicly 36 96.25
CH Jame LMAD Winne Sea Bass 26 96.1
Jame WinneB M1 Fabian 8 96.65
Klios Dream Team 118 96.25

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