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Author Topic : SD Collie Club - Monthly Top Dogs and Recap
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This post will be used to maintain a monthly record of

Top 20 Collies
National Specialty Winners
SD World Cup Breed Winners
and Monthly info on breed stats...

a second post will be created for discussion.
(So no "chat" on this post please)
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JUNE 2020

As of June 30 2020
Collies are shown with 15 Breeders, 267 Dogs in Game and we had 1,643 Entries this month.

>> TOP 20 DOGS << also listed Collies in Top 30 All Breeds, Top 20 Herding
1 GCH CH ESAN Extravagant 598 #20 All Breeds #3 Herding
2 GCH CH ESAN Luxuriously Spoiled 519 #15 Herding
3 GCH CH ESAN Poetry In Motion 427
4 CH Alibi West Coast Sun 270
5 GCH CH ESAN It Will Last Forever262
6 CH Alibi Run For The Roses 233
7 GCH CH Alibi Bubbles N Champagne205
8 GCH CH ESAN Silky Stunning 184
9 GCH CH Alibi Magical Storm 177
10 CH Alibi Colours In A Storm 148
11 GCH CH ESAN Ringside Gossip 136
12 CH Your Huckleberry 135
13 GCH CH Esandar Luxury Edition 133
14 CH Esandar Modern Girl 117
15 CH ESAN Magic of Luxury 101
16 CH Wavelength Shine 96
17 CH Ranger Royal Icing 94
18 CH Esandar Silent Echo 93
19 GCH CH ESAN Cream Icecream 84
20 CH Alibi Affirmed 80

BINS > GCH ESAN Outlander (98.85 Mah & W / R Dog) - Owner/Breeder: ESAN

Best Opp > CH Alibi Run for the Roses (98.70 Tri / S Bitch - Owner/Breeder: Alibi
WD > ESAN Blue Marble (98.80 BM&W/S Dog) - Owner/Breeder: ESAN
WB/BOW> DaMi Spice Road (98.70 Tri/R Bitch) - Owner/Breeder: DMTwo

SD World Cup
BOB: Bronze GCH ESAN Extravagant (99.05 S&W/S D) Owner/Breeder: ESAN
BOS: GCH ESAN Ringside Gossip (99.00 M&W/R B) Owner/Breeder: ESAN

GCH ESAN Extravagant (99.05 S&W/S D) Owner/Breeder: ESAN

GCH ESAN Luxuriously Spoiled (98.90 S&W/S D) Owner/Breeder: ESAN *305 Grand Points

Sunflowers Marymo (98.25 Blue Head White/R B) -Owner/Breeder: SunflowerStar - NEW BRONZE DAM
Gold GCH ESAN Luxuriously Spoiled (98.90 S&W/S D) -Owner/Breeder: ESAN - NEW BRONZE SIRE

Congrats to all!

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Did you know?
A specialty show may be regional or national. A "Best in Show" win at a national specialty show is tremendously prestigious, indicating that the winning dog or bitch triumphed at a contest which attracted entries from the most serious fanciers of that breed in the country or continent. Some specialty shows attract international entries.