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Author Topic : Meet The Breeds (Suggestions Welcome)
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I've decided to do a feature on one breed per month. It will include their RL purpose and origin, plus lots of information on This will be a way to showcase rare breeds.
You are welcome to suggest a breed, if I don't get suggestions the breed will automatically be the one who wins BIS at the SDWC.
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That sounds fun. I like to look back at past year national winners and top dogs in the breed
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Great Dane
It’s been generally accepted that the Great Dane isn’t Danish at all, but German, and its roots there as a boar hunter are hundreds of years old, perhaps even older. Some think the breed’s name was coined by the French naturalist, Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon who called the large dog, “le Grande Danois,” or Great Dane when he saw the breed while traveling in Denmark in the early 1700s and assumed it was a native breed of that country. The name stuck. top dogs:
Best of Breed 39
Best in Group 6
Best in Show 2
All Beaten 4,529
Grand Points 114
Owned and bred by Gallaxy
(How do you post photos on here?)
GCH Lightnings Smoke on the Water
#1 Great Dane
Best of Breed 18
Best in Group 4
All Beaten 2,401
Grand Points 112
Owned by Brinn2
Bred by LightningBSD
Suggestions open for next month...

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