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Author Topic : Shih Tzu Color Genetics
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Does anyone have a clear list of the Shih Tzu color genes and genetics? I feel like the color page is missing something because I can't make heads or tails of it.
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My RL dog is a black Shih Tzu but I've given up trying for black.

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I think the only thing missing from the table is what causes Silver. Everything else makes sense (I believe)

look first at the E locus

ee are your red and gold
if there's a C or Cch the dog is red
chch the dog is gold

Ebr is brindle
(its dominant to red/gold.....
so ebr/e is a brindle)

If the dog is EE or Ee (carries red/gold) or Eebr (carries brindle)
the dog will show "color" (Black, Blue, Liver, Sable)

Black (BB or Bb) with (DD or Dd)

Blue (BB or Bb or bb) with (dd) (Blue also covers brindle - ebrebr will show as a blue dog)

Liver (bb) with (DD or Dd)

(In black and liver ebrebr will be Brindle)

Sable dogs are AyAy (BB/Bb) (DD/Dd)
- AyAy with bb will be Liver, AyAy with dd will be blue

"and White" - a dog with SiSi is "and white"
Ssi and SS are both solid colored dogs.

which leaves Silver....
I believe its like a Grey gene - GG and Gg both display as Silver and covers all other colors

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10/7/2020 9:32:56 PM reply with quote send message to Mignon Kennel Object to Post

that was me...

so the issue we have with black is the current sop dogs are all ee (red and gold)

I see you have a Blue on the Stud dog list - so we're also possibly missing "D"

You could maybe breed the Blue dog to a current SOP red/gold to see if you might get a black
one of the red/gold/silver dogs could be hiding a "D"

There are some hidden studs too.. maybe some genes hiding here
95.25 Gold
95.75 Silver
93.50 Gold
95.05 Liver - this dog has the "D" - but he looks to be bb dd

most likely we need to get a couple of blacks and just keep breeding to a top sop and keep the best black and repeat

we could actually do Black and White
first gen is Ssi - keep 2 - one goes to a top SOP dog and the other to another Ssi dog

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10/8/2020 5:56:07 AM reply with quote send message to residential5 Object to Post

I'm mainly trying to figure out silver. In the chart, it's clearly NOT ee but it can be a bunch of other things, many of which seem to be covered by other genes. So IDK? I see there was some controversy because the genes were initially entered wrong by Jeff but I can't find the info on how it's made.

I have modern liver, we're missing current SOP B, D, ebr, and parti.
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I started to do a little research on your problem - just curious. Anyway I stumbled upon some old ShowDog posts from 2008 or so and got them back on your Shih Tzu breed forum. Silver is mentioned in there somewhere.

There are three separate threads - I boosted them all up.

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For anyone that is curious, Ive determined that the G gene exists in the breed but isn't listed on the genetics page. This greys out only melanin pigment (black, blue, liver) so isn't visible on ee dogs.

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