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Author Topic : The digital currency in the heart of NBA 2K21
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There's also a excellent sense of realness, energy, and everything atmosphere living, with the arenas you perform in vibrant. Crowds seem real and the atmosphere seeps out from the sidelines so much you could almost smell it. It certainly feels a step up from what I saw of the previous version on the Xbox One. Movement feels smooth and easy also, with all the developers having worked ironing out flaws in steps, and it simply feels much more energetic to play. The odd glitch and odd bit of movement from the players kick in sometimes, but that appears to be off the court in timeouts rather than in the play.

Minute to minute, play to perform with, shot to shot, NBA 2K21 is seamless. It's as close to perfect as you can realistically envision a sports sim can be. It is the Michael Jordan of sport sims, but only in the event that you imply Jordan from The Flu Sport.

VC - the digital currency in the heart of NBA 2K21 - is largely to blame for this. Not entirely, and we'll get to additional flaws in time, but the beginning and ending of a massive percentage of NBA 2K21's issues stem from the microtransactions the match is built around.

Show me the money. In our pre-order packs, we have a strong team - Kobe, Shaq, Lillard, Williamson, and Ingram - but once we started buying real packs, the quality of players on offer sunk rapidly. You can have an adequate time enjoying some offline 3v3, making minimal coins, working on your own skills, but to really get the most out of MyTeam, you need to play with online. That means you need to constantly buy - often with actual money, though grinding is possible - fresh players and packs. You can't accuse 2K of neglecting on the court drama, but all roads seem to return to MyTeam, and the chance of gamers spending more actual cash. VC can be got free of charge, but it takes a long time to make even one package which, in this loot box system, could end up being VC down the drain.

Even MyCareer, the game's story mode, is contaminated with VC. Everything your player does earns you some VC, and you can possibly spend this on updating your player or save it to get packs. It is poor design - plus it seems deliberate - that you can utilize MyCareer to create your MyTeam simpler, but to accomplish that long term, you have to attempt to compete at the NBA with a low-level pro whose potential skill points have been spent virtual contracts to make sure that you are able to keep playing with Kevin Durant. You can not change the difficulty down past Guru either, lest you earn too many VC coins and game this system.

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