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How do you put ypur dogs to show make offer on their page and if youSET IT TO ON AND IT DOES not show whats going on their. thanks ahead of time . encouraged by all the help im getting
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Welcome to ShowDog.

I'm not sure. It may have something to do with you looking at the dog from your own account.

If I put dogs up for sale they do not show as such when I look at them but if I log out or look at them from another account they will show the "Make an Offer" or "Buy now" options.

I looked at a few of your dogs (you have a lot) but don't see any showing for sale.

If you can identify one specifically that you have tried to list it would make it easier to provide advise. There do not appear to be any for sale that could be yours.
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This is how I do it.

Choose "place up for sale"
Pick a price
Be sure Y is selected for "requires approval".

Then in the call name box I put for instance "offer $1" or whatever.

If you select 'quick sale' instead of "place up for sale", no one can make an offer.

When someone looks at the dog, on the right under "This Dog is For Sale" is a link to 'make an offer'

Replies in this thread : 2

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